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  1. Anybody pre-order this and are still waiting on it? I'm actually pretty pissed...not only is it taking forever to show up, its also $30 cheaper in stores. Remind me again why I pre-ordered?
  2. Alright, call me a liar, but they were there. I have the downloaded from iTunes. Perhaps they've taken them down? I've searched through everything, and there are also a few more things missing that used to be up there, including the 'On Home Ice' documentary that CTV did leading up to the games on the selection of the men's team. Well...at least you should still be able to find: - Team Canada: Gold Medal Hockey Special (Women's and Men's GMGs) - Daily Highlights (2-3 Min highlight packages from each day) - Team Canada Men's Hockey Games (Full-Lenght versions of all 7 of the Men's Games)
  3. You can download the full opening and ceremonies from iTunes for $3...as far as I can tell they're completly uncut. The Canadian Men's hockey games and the Women's Gold Medal game are up there too. I'd ordered the NBC disc a couple weeks ago, and it arrived yesterday. I wasn't expecting too much as its only a 1-disc DVD..and I was right. Its basically a cut down version of the OC and then 5-10 minute highlight packages for each day. Total run time of about 3.5 hours. Hoping my CTV box set (blu-ray) is there for me when I get home from work today...
  4. I just logged onto the store, and their graphic says that shipping of the DVD set started May 14th.
  5. Got my cheque today. It came in a rather run of the mill envelope.
  6. Sucks that its delayed...but I'd rather wait the extra two weeks and get something worth owning.... My money on the other hand....gimmie now please!
  7. Yah, no cheque for me either as of yet....
  8. I'd ordered my copy through the Vancouver2010 store...arrived Monday. Its pretty decent, though I found each page to be a little cluttered....too much squished in. Worth picking up regardless....
  9. I know its available for download...but has anyone come across a 'hard copy' yet?
  10. We've lost a few as well. I tend to agree that I think at least some of this has to do with OBN capacity issues. We waited 2.5 hours to get off the mountain after the Men's Moguls. Otherwise - you can't tell me that for $1.5 million (lost ticket sales) you can't find a solution to this problem. I gotta think that $1.5 million would buy you an extra set of grandstands, or a way to solidify the standing room area. 4'x8' peices of plywood could do wonders if the issues is people falling between hay-bales....
  11. Ended up deciding against doing the CBC interview...didn't want to be part of a negative story. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be there when history was made....the Men's Moguls and Alex Bilodeau... So increadible: Write-Up on the Blog
  12. I know I'm being (I'll try to catch up), but just thought I'd mention that I'm about to head up to the CBC to do an interview over our cancelled SBX Tickets
  13. Hey Folks. No time to write it all out again, going to hit the town...so: Day 1 Preview Day 1 Mid-Day (w/ Pics) Day 1 Summary and Day 2 Preview (w/ Pics)
  14. My Opening Ceremonies Well then, here we are…the start. I suppose the best way to kick things off would be a bit of an introduction. My ‘actual’ name is Scott..and I’m from Toronto, ON. I’ve always been big into sports, especially those of the winter variety. Growing up I played just about everything, but eventually I settled on my two primary passions: Hockey and Curling. I still curl two-three times a week, and play a little shinny whenever I get a chance. I suppose you can’t get much more Canadian than that! Given my love for these two sports, my interest in the Olympics is just a natur
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