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  1. We are displaying the beauty of our city aren't we? And i think most would agree that a skytrain would be detrimental to such beauty.
  2. I beg to differ as a municiplity with a population below 75,000 Port Moody is either the third or fourth most livable community in the world according to an international body in 2003, and is also the best planned municipality in the world with a population below 75,000.
  3. I hate to be NIMBY but, the idea of a sky train through port moody would destroy its quaintness. Port Moody is a small sea side municpality (mind you getting larger all the time) with lots of single detached homes. The route that would be taken passes by many of the homes, A sky train would surley take away many views, increase noise, and be one more place for vandalism. Values of homes would be depreaciated and to be honest i dont want a big old elevated train dominating my small suburb just like most residents.
  4. Because like i said earlier, Pop acts are all very similar. Most are prefab acts that can do well in Canada the USA and Britain. They are marketed purposely to appeal to a large demographic and once again are better representation of the Music industry than a nation. Further more, aside from first Nation Music (whitch i hope is included) Canada has little national music style. So, a selection of artists with many genre's represented would better parallel Canad's "cultural mosaic". As an example, Alexisonfire had the top CD in Canada for a while Beating out Christina Agulara (SP?). In the USA they are basicaly unknown. Bands and acts like them are a better choice, Popular Canadian acts that are Popular in Canada.
  5. I remember reading at one point Vancouver was the neon capital of the world, more than Vegas.
  6. Are you sure you guys arn't thinking about the municipality of whistler formerly being called Alta lake?
  7. Considering calgary is the same size as New York with a fraction of the population that does seem strange. Calgary really does need to cap thier urban sprawl though, it is becoming the Atlanta of Canada.
  8. i would hope that Vanoc stays away from pop acts, as they don't really represent Canadian music as much as the music industry. I think it would be awesome to See a show started east coast with Classified, move to Quebe'c with Sam Roberts, then go a little hardcore Ontario with Alexisonfire, Manitoba could give us some BTO? unfortunatley I don't know who could represent Saskatchewan or alberta (someone wanna help me out?) and then finish her off in Vancouver with maybe Sarah McLachlan. It should also include some native music and you have to get bagpipe in thier somewhere. Of course there is so much canadian talent i would love to see including: Billy Talent, K-os, Bedouin SoundClash, Metric (even though emily went solo), Death from above 1979 (even though they broke up), and others. I think the line up should show mant Genre's not just one. My Line-up has some Indi, Punk, Hip Hop, Old school rock, and some what i would describe as contemporary Pop.
  9. A large reason the Transit system was changed to lrt rather than skytrain is because the majority of the people in Port Moody did not like the idea of our small town haveing a quite visible eyesore and speeding up the urbanization process. Many felt there was a need for more transit infrastructure and this was an acceptable comprimise.
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