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  1. Incredible as the Bogota 2015 committee might be a two hour flight at the very most from that meeting in Curacao. Basically you can say they might have indeed conceded the Bid to Toronto considering 20 votes are in the Caribbean and there is certainly a Canada and probably an American Vote coming to Toronto 2015. That would make a majority right there as there are 42 votes . Who knows Mexico and the Central American Countries might indeed vote for Toronto as well. Could it be some signs of Financial weakness for Lima and Bogota ? I wonder if St Pierre Island has a Vote LOL. Jim jones
  2. The Solution is very apparent stop the building of Venues by picking bid cities with much on the ground at the time of the Bid. That would favor a Rio for 2016 . Jim Jones
  3. Rob to me it seems you can see two very apparent things with the victory of London over Paris. A. London is building a new Stadium with an athletics Legacy Promised B. Paris would not . I don't think the win is just that simple but lets say you divided the final vote 50/50 with the exception of one voter Lamine Diack which way would he vote to decide and who would win ? Well London of course as Lamine Diack is the President of the IAAF and it is in his interest to expand the venues his sport can be hosted. Now have a 50/50 split in voting with the exception of IOC members that were in Athletics and you have 11 additional IOC members who would probably have the same interest as Lamine Diack. I frankly don't think Lamine Diack , Frankie Fredericks or the others with Athletics Careers in their pasts have in mind what Dick Pound or Jacques Rogge talk of in regards to being conservative when it comes to the Olympics. It is certain that they probably don't care if a city or country goes bankrupt with a Stadium or the Games . If London is offering a new venue in the world for the IAAF post games then most likely they will pick up those votes compared to Paris. Then you have people associated with that group of voters . There is little doubt an aquatics centre and a velodrome would be built in most bid cities as the capacities and the specialized nature make building new needed in many cases. The interests of the Fina People are usually served better for legacy then IAAF simply because what does one convert an Aquatics Centre to post games? Athletics is largest background of IOC Members who were former Athletes . It could indeed be close but IAAF former Athletes and the President of that body make up over 10 percent of the vote. THe IAAF has no leverage with cities to install Athletics Stadiums that require about 35 percent more floor space then most of your professional team field sports and thus their only power to get those venues can lay with the Summer Olympics. Going to Paris does not expand IAAF's footprint. Same would go for New York for 2012 and Moscow for that matter. New york would convert to NFL football and Moscow would probably just use an existing stadium. You would think having the stadium would have the opposite effect as reducing risk but the IAAF based in Monaco would have little in touch with the realities of Joe Blow in England that would end up paying for a new stadium with Tax Money. Heck Taxes while I live in Monaco What are taxes ? with the Chicago 2016 bid basically scraping the track and much of the grandstands post games I can see that not being a selling point to the IAAF block. Tokyo may indeed have the inside chance with that group thou an expansion of the JV stadium for Rio 2016 might prevail. The key may be as simple as retaining the tartan surface if you are the only one to do that or be the only one building a brand new surface to be retrained post games. We could see the 2016 decision come down to new or retained Tartan surfaces. Jim jones
  4. Hey now thats the spirit of the crazy jim jones
  5. baron how silly of you . The Cars will be stuck to the rails when the torch is lite and Mega Barbara Streisand comes rolling out of the Whistler Mountain side . Jim jones
  6. Say Rob I was wondering with this Sponsors digging left and right headline , we are talking one sponsor possibly and I note that London just signed up a tier one sponsor the other day. Are tier one sponsors not also the world wide Partners which Nortel is indeed not an IOC Worldwide partner? Now from Beijing to London on the summer olympics worldwide partners Manulife , Lenevo , Kodak are being lost but that was really par for the course anyways as the UK are a Mature market with little growth for their products . I am sure London will sign up more and create new world wide partners as lenevo has been replaced by Acer I believe. Anyways another post from yellowvest that is idiotic and generally should nopt raise peoples blood pressure. Jim jones
  7. Trolls AH Trolls . it is like the saying one countries terrorist is another countries freedom fighter. Personally YellowVest's agenda gets old after a while. But Hey I have an agenda not unlike everyone here. I can't see where Yellowvest has much in the way of common sense in regards to the Flame inside the Dome but I do find it entertaining to say the least. how incredibly naive the Vanoc committee and bombarder would be. As to You Mr. X. you have a pro games agenda and for good or bad that is you. You would have loved to see Halifax in the same basic position with the 2014 commonwealth games that Vancouver finds it self with the 2010 winter games today. People in Halifax are pointing to Vancouver and saying that could have been us with 2014. Vancouver Begging Steve Harper for half a billion and Stephen Harper saying no absolutely not. You have signed the guarantees with the IOC and now you have to come good for the short falls. I would say the Anti 2010 games people in Vancouver like Chris Shaw must really be enjoying the news that has come out in the last week. I personally felt that it might be possible for Vancouver to pull off record profits but that is tempting too much with a 7 year time frame from awarding of the games to closing ceremonies. If you didn't have a yellow vest or these other people you class as trolls then you would have a very boring mutual admiration Jack off club for the a one sided lovefest of the Olympics and other Sports Festivals. Consdering Rob created Gamesbid.com during the time of the Salt lake city Bid Scandal and brought to task the IOCs direction i think the man certainly does not want a one side blind lovefest of sports festivals. Personally I know I raise some blood pressures but if you can been passed off as an expert on Sports Bids and then not know the difference between a Fifa World cup Stadium without a IAAF running track around the pitch and a REAL IAAF Class one Stadium then you are indeed no expert . I go to very extensive lengths to know these things . As too hurting feelings . if your feelings are wrapped up in this then you are indeed an idiot. I usually make a statement one day in response to a bunch of stuff and then go back to business and other interests checking in days and sometimes a week or more later . I am not like some addicted to the Gamesbid.com forum because in many cases you have people on here for five years BSing . Jim jones
  8. Well considering that the Vancouver Housing market has been like San Francisco's or much of the Us West Coast a City government could still on these units until they did indeed get the price they wanted . North Vancouver on Waterfront in a couple of years will grow in value. In the Meanwhile as they sell off single units at the asking price they are getting huge tax revenues. This cannot be compared to Montreal 1976 at all. Hardly a new venue was complete this far out from the Montreal Games where as pretty much all the venues are complete for Vancouver 2010 and with relatively small increases in price from original estimates. There are no huge cost increases here just ability to finance on the developers part. There is a Deadline to get the athletes village done but the nature of a housing development is you have many possible tenants and then possible buyers afterward. The city could easily Occupy to Capacity the Athletes Village Post Games with Renters while having the units go for the ultimate asking price for the Complex being 1.1 billion. The contract with the developer includes the provision that the City can take full ownership of the Development if it looks like the Developer cannot compete and that is without any legal recourse for the developer. this is a big number to bandy about but it is certainly not like Montreal where you have a Stadium costing 500 million at the time of the Games then escalating further to over 1 billion post games. These units can be completed without drama the onyl thing preventing it would be a total turning of the back from the City and perhaps the Province. they can forget Stephen Harper for money as they drew the line in the sand with the last bailout. Jim jones
  9. Baron Baron Baron If I have told you once I have told you a million times stop being the eternal optimist . The Caverns underneath the Stadium will become Slave labor camps for painting lead base paint onto Toys for the Rest of the World. In General I agree the IOC is self-delusional in believing the legacy promises will be self sustaining. That is why I think the tokenism for China of Staging the Games is worth it for the coming out party of a nation arriving but a London ???? Like you said another Sucker host nation is born. The Evaluation and choice of any city to host a sports festival to me should be . HOW many venues of the international federations standards do you actually have . The city with the most venues Hosts . It is great to say hey the environment will be improved Beijing because of the games but that I bet is only temporary and it is probably business as usual in Beijing now. Jim jones
  10. I would not say you have asked a dumb question at all actually just the exposure you would have to it is not as great . It is not as simple as crowds declining for Baseball either because overall attendance continues to keep pace with what it always has been. What you have with expansion of the baseball with more games available and Baseballl Teams play many more times in a season then Football teams despite the NFL expansion at the same time. It is easier to fill 65,000 to 80,000 seat for 10 Home games for the NFL then it is 45000 seats 60 home games for the average MLB team. The vast majority of NFL Games are on Sunday Afternoons . 17 weeks of NFL you have at least 8 or 9 games on Sundays . Mondays you have one Game and the ladder part of the season you have single Thursday night games in addition to the Sunday and Monday games. You can have 2 or 3 weekday games for a franchise for a Baseball team and a Weekend game if not more. Then you can also have double header games which are two games in one day back to back with baseball. Double Header games are typical to make up for rained out games earlier in the season. They are becoming fewer as domed stadiums are built. The thing people desire in a baseball stadium is the look of a stadium of the 1940's and 1950's which were typically smaller then the 1960s and 1970s stadiums called Cookie cutter stadiums. Cookie cutter stadiums are basically like the Melbourne Cricket oval or Maracana . A big circular stadium.The desire for Premiership fans to be close to the action is like baseball fans in the same way. The new stadium for the Texas Rangers Came complete with Structural I Beam pillars in the Cheap seats like was typical of the old stadiums even in the main seating. These Beams would have some with blocked views. The Old Yankee Stadium had this in the until the mid 1970s until they renovated and removed the pillars Ironically. Cookie Cutter stadiums were designed for dual use American Football and Baseball. Shea Stadium in New York is like a Cookie Cutter stadium and hosted the NY Jets in the 60's and early 70's. The compromise never has either tenants fans happy. The fans too far away for Baseball , The football team having to play their first or season games across the Baseball Infield areas which have dirt for sliding areas. If you had the traditional sliding areas and infield for baseball on a Football field then the dirt can extent the width of the football field at one end of play. Not the greatest on the goal line or for the field goal kicker to have the ball placed in. This would be for the Month of September as the end of the baseball season the grounds keepers would sod the infield dirt areas. Cookie Cutter stadia in America included Busch Stadium, St Louis, Three Rivers Stadium ,Pittsburgh, Fulton County Stadium , Atlanta, Riverfront Stadium ,Cincinnati , Oakland's Stadium, Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia. All had both the NFL and Major League Baseball Tenants. Even Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles and Candlestick Park in San Francisco had the Cookie cutter type idea but were more like Shea Stadium . All those stadiums except Dodger's stadium have lost both the NFL and Major League Baseball Tenants with the two leagues getting purpose built stadiums for their sports. Even a Small city like Cleveland had a compromise stadium built in the 1930s to host both football and baseball. Cleveland replaced Memorial Stadium with Jacobs Field for the Cleveland Indians Baseball team and Cleveland Browns stadium for the football team. The last of the Two Tenant Stadium in North America is Toronto's Rogers place formally know as the skydome. The Retro 1940's styled stadiums came first with the new Cominsky Park in Chicago but more famously with Baltimore's Camden Yards. You have the feel of the old parks but also have the modern trappings that make money. The inner concourse levels are like Shopping Malls. You don't have wooden chairs like the old days . To be fair to baseball your storied franchises like the Yankees , Red Soxes, Dodgers, Giants , Cubs are going to have every game pretty much sold out. The Expansion teams well they are generally the ones you see lower attendance for in smaller parks. Toronto's problem is that they have the last of the cookie cutter ideal at the time that American teams were going the way of the retro stadium. The Argos CFL team could not support the Rogers Centre being a lone tenant. You could run a video of any mid season game outside of the big name clubs from the 1970's and you will basically find the same thing plenty of empty sections in a Cookie Cutter stadium or even smaller stadiums . A big problem is that the front sections are Are Box seats usually bought for seasons tickets by corporations. If it is an afternoon game on a weekday then most likely no one has the time to come out from an office. Most games between expansion clubs in mid season draw poorly . If the Red Soxes, Dodgers or Yankees come to an expansion clubs stadium then you see huge crowds in mid season. There are more afternoon games now because you have more teams to make a larger schedule with longer traveling distances then the 1940's and 1950's. The Travel distance of teams in that era was only as far west as St Louis and as far south as Washington DC. Now it is Miami to Boston or Toronto to Seattle to San Diego and places in between. Even with Jet travel that is still a great deal of area to cover. It would be like having a premiership league from Ireland to Berlin and then expanding it geographically to Scotland to Spain to the Ukraine to Moscow and the season is 100 games per team between April and the end of September. gives you an idea of the scale of baseball in America compared with Premiership. It is not to say anything negative about sports in England just two very different beasts. The footprint of English football would be about the area between Chicago Washington and Boston . Jim jones
  11. Lets Face it there is a great deal more movement of Teams in North America then there is in Europe so a Status quo will tend to hang around in regards to stadiums but I agree with Rob that Clubs in the Uk have become aware that they generally have to upgrade or build new stadiums . They have been since the mid 1990's . Canada is a matter of Teams don't have a choice of relocation . No city has mega dollars to relocate a CFL team to there city so the Status Quo will continue. As to the Bc Place nothing will get accomplished to put the stadium in a World Class position and neither the opening/closing ceremonies or the BC Lions really require it. Vanoc needs to get the athletes village finished as the top priority. in regards to corporate suites and Club seating it is not needed for either tennant. Say what with the swearing here ? I can get hot under the collar with some here at times but dropping the F bomb what with that ? Jim Jones
  12. I agree with you on the Emirates Stadium and what I mean is but it is a recent trend in the UK from the mid 1990's on. Basically you have a case of many ownerships in Premier League having the thinking of "what is not broke don't fix" . Hillsborough and incidents showed the system was broke at that time. Because Sports teams in the UK are so much of the city's name the Club owners don't have the type of card to play with the local governments on new stadiums or redevelopment. I rarely hear the name of Manchester United being the "Red Devils" . I think also you have the influence of foreign control come into play with premiership teams. American Owners for Man U among others certainly brings in new ideas. I am sure English clubs get their fair share of Tax money but the America Sports Franchises are king of extortion for a new Stadium or Arena. The hanging on for Stadiums in the UK reminds me of the Boston Red Soxes for Major League Baseball and Fenway Stadium . The Same can be said for the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. Ironic that people think Corporate Names for a Stadium is something new when Wrigley Stadium is so very old and the Wrigley Chewing Gum Family owned both the Team and the Stadium. Ironically George Steinberner .owner of the New York Yankees threatened to move the team to New Jersey. That would be like moving Manchester United to Liverpool . The ploy worked as incensed Manhattan Islanders would pressure the city to make the new yankee stadium happen at most any cost. Perhaps absence of Club Seating is the difference between North American teams and UK teams . There can also be different tax laws that make Club seating a thing to be sold in America and not in the UK. Basically in regards to Championships it is indeed not the City's Championship but the franchise's in North America. I am very sure the Baltimore Colts packed up the Championship stuff and took it to Indianapolis just like the Cleveland Browns packed decades of stuff from that city when they relocated to Baltimore which did the same to Cleveland as Indianapolis did to Baltimore. I wonder with the NFL awarding a new ownership group the Browns name after Baltimore received the Browns and changed the name to the Ravens if the new Browns got things back . Confused I certainly AM. i know one thing the Brown's didnt win any championships so there probably was not much . Even the Montreal Canadians at one point threatened to move of the island of Montreal if they didn't get better commercial taxes on their new Arena . Jim jones
  13. The thing is with Canada and Stadiums is there is no business model outside of Toronto that warrants a new stadium. And the CFL in Toronto certainly does not warrant building a new stadium for. If the Buffalo Bills were to relocate to Toronto then a new stadium would be built and demanded actually. The Highest Profit for a CFL team is 650,000 CDN dollars a year for the Edmonton Eskimos and most others just make their payrolls which are modest compared to other major pro sports leagues in North America. 650,000 is the salary of most rookie players in the NHL fort eh first three years. most five years NHL players make what an entire CFL team has for a Salary Cap. The Priority in Canada has been the National Sport Ice Hockey which you have newer Arenas for the Canadian Teams pretty much across the board. If a city does not keep up then you end up like Quebec City or Winnipeg losing your franchise to a US city. Bc Place is now twice the age of the average stadium in NFL football or Major League Baseball. BC place is the second newest stadium in Canada for the CFL and it is now over 25 years old. You compare that with a Texas Stadium opened in 1971 that BC place opened in 1983 and BC place is getting into that zone that it would be replaced if it was in the NFL. A Rectangle as Rob has said is a Rectangle but respectfully Rob that is the thinking that had England with the inventory of Soccer stadiums it does for age until recently. The mindset in Canada and the UK is much different from the United States in regards to pro sports where the Team owners play civic and state governments against each other to get new sports places. The big thing is the states is getting more money per customer rather then shear capacity. you do that with the offerings of Club Seating and Corporate suites among other things. You would never have a case of Manchester United saying OK city council we need a Billion dollar stadium and if you don't fund it we move to Newcastle because they will build it for us. The Baltimore Colts could have the glory years of going to the superbowl with Johnnie Unitis but the owner could then spirit the team off to Indianapolis in the 1970's for a new Domed stadium Rent free practically. England has clubs with a century of staying in one place and Canada for the CFL has no place for teams to move to. In the states even boarding counties and bedroom cities will poach a team from the larger city . Phoenix lost the NFL Cardinals ,who they took from St Louis, to the bedroom community of Glendale it is still now the Arizona Cardinals. with the CFL and premiership league you have a status quo holding pattern over decades. The CFL the problem is declining interest in general as many other things compete with it in Canada. Premiership league in England does not have to look over the shoulder at a Possible National Football league team coming into the largest market or the NBA or the spread of NHL Hockey in Canada from the Traditional Toronto and Montreal Base. Until the Millennium Stadium there was hardly a new stadium built in all the the UK including for the last hosting of the World Cup in 1966. It is the stuff around the rectangle that is modernized. Club Seating , Skyboxes , Meeting and Hospitality suites , The Concourse levels, food services . With the CFL you are looking at the majority of stadiums that are much older then BC Place. The opening of CFL stadiums by City and Opening year are as follows Calgary 1961 , Regina 1940 , Winnipeg 1953, Hamilton 1930, Montreal 1915 Ottawa when it has been in the CFL 1917 Edmonton 1978 , Toronto 1989. With Winnipeg they talk of a new stadium but they need federal and provincial money which so far is not forthcoming. I would not doubt the David Asper offer of 40 million dollars to be meet with 40 million by both the feds and province will not be met. A modern Stadium is really in the eye of the beholder. The ironic thing about the Texas stadium is that much of the financing came from the team issuing bonds . In order to get seasons tickets you had to be a bond holder. I think i read it was 150 dollars in 1969 and the bonds came up for maturity with a 50 dollar profit for 40 years. The demand for season tickets in Dallas would be totally beyond the capacity of the stadium and anyone moving from the area could sell their bonds back to the Team for them to be marked up . Jim jones
  14. Yeah the reporting of the incident a could of years ago was not enough for Yellow Vest. Thing is there is nothing news worth about a air inflated dome colasping . It happened to a few in the past , The Carrier Dome in Upstate New York , The Pontiac Silverdome and the Fargo dome all had the same thing happen and I am sure there are more. As your thought that the Vanoc or Pavco people are doing nothing about the Dome I take it you sit on the Board of Directors of both of those bodies LOL. I thought you said you were too busy getting your PhD on how an Olympic Flame Burns at 4000 degrees or higher then the melting point of all the metals used for the Olympic Calderon LOL JiM Jones
  15. Absolutely right Baron . The big disadvantage for the Winter Games is being in the thick of the Network Tv season offerings. America Idol actually did better ratings on the nights they were head to head against the Torino 2006 Games. The Summer Games don't have that type of Problem Especially When NBCs Dick Embersol told the IOC and Beijing 2008 that a September or fall Summer Games is no good to them . In August they don't go against the start of the NFL football season. The Winter Olympics are generally having a greater growth of Worldwide Audience then the Summer Games including in Latin America which an ABC ESPN Disney could take huge advantage of . ESPN has a Latin American Network.
  16. Yeah NBC does not want the Olympics RIGHT. if you have Time Warner, CBS and Fox all in the Running for that franchise then NBC is certainly not dropping out of the Picture. General Electric who owns Universal NBC Sold huge amounts of Medical Imaging Equipment to the Chinese on the back of the 2008 games. GE certainly sold a few times the huge broadcast fee they paid Beijing and the IOC for the 2008 games which recorded the largest TV ratings for the United States Market for any Olympics including Atlanta 1996 or a Home Soil Olympics. With The Olympics naturally comes Advertising from Some of the IOC Worldwide Partners like Coca Cola and McDonalds. I am sure I saw the Asian Worldwide Partners advertising on NBC during the games as well. jim jones
  17. personally I think anyone putting down 5000 dollars on a Visa Card for Olympic tickets and not paying for them with the next statement has got to have rocks in their head. If someone is in Dire straits with 5000 dollars worth of Tickets they should be able to call the Vanoc people and have the tickets resold thru them right now. If it is the Case that they can't do this for 6 months then they should not have made the purchase in the first place. Thing is I don't know why there is any second party ticket reselling period with todays technology. Rfid tagged ticketing was used for WC 2006 and the person buying the tickets had to show up in person with ID. The Ticket's Rfid Information had the buyers information so the Tickets could not be transferred to scalpers or Agencies. Same thing went on for Beiijing didn't it ? jim jones
  18. Denver stepping in would be totally Ironic because when Denver tossed the 1976 games back to the IOC in 1972 British Columbia was asked by the IOC if they would be interested in hosting the 1976 games since they did bid for the Winter Games Coming last in the Vote. The probable reason to go with Vancouver as a Backup was the increasing of Tv rights for a north american held games. The government had changed in the province to the Socialists and they said no. http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/topics/1373/ Too funny Jim Jones
  19. I agree with you Kendegra . If this was dominated by American Idol , Eurovision Song contestants and something as popular from Asia (The continent not the Prog Rock Band of the 1980s) it would not be a reflection of the host country that pays the Bills on this show. Ultimately it should be about the host country welcoming the world to the games for the opening and thanking the Athletes and the World for watching for the closing. To spend billions on the games without promoting what the country is would not be good. I have no problem with artists from outside Canada taking part . It is if it becomes dominated by the outside world, which the Birghtman- Domingo piece certainly did not do at Beijing 2008, then like Kendegra says "what the point of having it in Canada?" Sarah Brightman and Placido Domingo I thought were great for Beijing 2008. They were fantastic even thou neither artist I am a fan of . They fit the Olympics Bill. Who knows Canadian International Duets could be interesting . Celine Dion and Placido Domingo , Chris Cornell and Nickelback , Byran Adams and Coldplay . those may be odd pairings but those are just off the top of my head. A Western Canadian Olympics will also most likely have the Cliche Country and Western music section LOL. jim jones
  20. Do you know of any outdoor 375 metre Velodromes made of Concrete in the golden horseshoe area ? I am sure knowledge of the requirements would really help Toronto 2015 LOL. Jim jones
  21. I am not really surprised David Foster was not approached on one hand simply because he has done so much including the last Canadian Winter Olympics. He takes the right attitude that there is plenty of Talent in Canada but I personally can't think of anyone in Canada with that vein of music that is typical Olympics. Could it be up to a Bob Rock , Brian Adams or Mutt Lange ? I can't see it. Basically if you are looking to Celine Dion you are looking at David Foster producing and co writing for the most part. Maybe with a Celine Dion we will have a Jim Steinman production as he did pen a song for her. It would be interesting to have BAT OUT OF HELL Jim Steinman doing IOC theme music for the 2010 games. Steinman certainly has a big sound based around the Piano like Foster but his work takes influence from Bruce Springsteen and the E street band . People know Foster Too well for his pop works but Foster also produced a great hard driving rock album in the 1980's by the San Francisco group "the Tubes" . The Albums was called "The completion backwards principle" . IF you didn't know Foster produced you would never guess by listening to it as it is as far from Foster as you can get. His role at that time was not as dominate as if would become later on when he was the Go to Producer. Maybe it is time for a Rick Ruben or the Dust Brothers to really radical change the musical landscape of the Games. Somehow Chris Cornell, Audioslave and Neil Diamond come to mind in a very twisted youth culture approach. All artists Ruben has produced. jim jones
  22. On the scale of the Pan Am Games Montreal is fine . A velodrome for the Pan Am Games has been an outdoor temporary facility until recently rio 2007 built way beyond a Pan Am Games. Olympic Stadium does need a third tier for the Pan Am games as it has 10000 more seats for a main stadium then Rio 2007 had and Rio was the largest stadium built for the Pan am games. Most times 30000 seats would do for a Pan Am games. Saputo Stadium now takes up the room that the warm up track had for the Olympic Stadium. New pools for the Fina world Championships in 2005 are there as well at Saint Helen. The so called downsizing of the 1976 Olympic pool is correct but that was basically the plan anyways. 3500 permanent with 6500 temporary seats for the Games there is probably not much preventing 6500 seats from going into the old Aquatics centre again. Most of the Venues for the 1976 still exist with the exception of the Montreal Forum which was replaced by the Bell Centre. Unirpix was the Jarry Park Baseball Stadium and is probably a largest tennis venue today then what was used in 1976. There is no way that the Olympics will ever be staged in Montreal Again. The Citizens of Montreal and Quebec are probably being reminded of the governments huge folly when they open up the paper and read of London 2012 troubles. The folly between the two olympic cities has parallels and it is only time that increases the scale of lessons not learned. Jim jones
  23. The new CBC hockey night in Canada Theme Sucks. If they could not buy the rights like TSN/CTV/ESPN did then the CBC should have gotten Stompin Tom Connor's Song "The Good Old Hockey Game" and who knows DOA Nickelback could have done a rocking Cover of that song like Stompin tom suggested. Who Knows Bubble's of the trailer park boys could do some guitar work LOL Jim jones
  24. Not quite at all. I think with the possible exception of the long track oval in Richmond all Venues are completed and opened in an operation phase. This is more then one year before the 2010 games . In Spring 1975 Montreal barely had the roof started on the Main Stadium beyond the Concrete structures. Montreal the Stadium was not completed but was complete enough to have competition in . The tower and retractable roof were not installed until about a decade later. Vancouver 2010 for this Canadian Citizen has been run very very well and I am not a big supporter of Canada hosting any more multi sport games Beyond what we had prior to Vancouver winning the bid. We have done our share with 2 winter Olympics , one Summer Games , Two Pan Am Games and Four Commonwealth Games. If we are awarded all I want to see is realism in staging the games and basically Calgary 1988 and Vancouver 2010 have accomplished that . Montreal I remember as a seventeen year old and it was a disaster from many standpoints. For Vancouver 2010 a 100 million dollar shortfall for the Athletes Village on North Side of Vancouver Harbor ? Well that is not a big deal compared with the folly of Montreal which was a 1.5 billion dollar affair in 1970 dollars that caused Montreal to eventually become Canada's Second City to Toronto. Montreal 1976 eventually brought the separatists to power in Quebec and the Canadian Dollar going from 1.01 Us to bellow 70 cents at points in the 1980's and 90's. The city of Vancouver can do the financing as a bridge financing . They will get the money back sitting on the Athletes Village to a time when the real estate market improves . A cousin of mine has a house in greater Vancouver and the Value has basically doubled in ten years as of a few years back. Vancouver City can wait and recover 100 million in a short time for harbor front Property. You are probably looking at a property that will sell off for 100's of million of dollars and actually increasing in value as Vancouver real estate does. Jim jones
  25. I think they are dependent on the word from the Australian Commonwealth Games Association . The ACGA are to render a decision on November 29th to whether Australia will go ahead with a bid. Perry Crosswhite the CEO has said in the past it may be too soon in the awarding cycle to think 2018 and that may actually be a wise choice as Australia lost to a Repeat bidder for 1974 in a huge way . Australia had a former Olympics City as their Candidate being Melbourne thrashed by Christchurch New Zealand by a 36 to 2 margin. Adelaide is certainly out until a new government comes in because the current state Government is not supporting forwarding a bid. Gold Coast and Perth have made the noises for bidding on 2018 but hardly anything has come across the net lately on those two cities or any others for that matter. Jim jones
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