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  1. A good idea where ever it was first thought of and where it was first put into action. You think of it you might have one to three event days in a major sports venue and the rest of the week the venue sits empty. Glass Curtain walls are becoming fairly common with stadiums so why not use that space seven days a week. Jim jones
  2. 40 Billion is the Official figure and with Chinese Labor . The realistic cost in terms of labor costs for what China did to Beijing for the Olympics is estimated at triple that 40 billion . You don't move steel plants and other heavy industries and not pay a huge price. jim jones
  3. From Mike Hooper CEO of the commonwealth games federation Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper said yesterday the federation was relying on guarantees from the organising committee and all levels of government that environmental concerns had been addressed and the village would be delivered on time. "We have to rely on the assurances we're given," Hooper said. "There's no alternative. We have openly said that time is no longer our friend. There's no time for procrastination, we must take decisions and move forward, and I would like to think that all stakeholders have got that message." Hooper dismissed reports suggesting that Melbourne was on standby to host the games should Delhi fail to meet its deadlines. But with Delhi's Games organising committee due to deliver its next progress report in May, he said the federation would be looking for clear signs that it was on target. The Talk of Melbourne being on stand by is just that Talk . Jim jones
  4. Well in regards to New Delhi and the Commonwealth Games Federation lets face it . This was their Third Bid Attempt and they had lost the bid for 1994 to Victoria Canada. If the Bid did not go to New Delhi representing the largest population in the Commonwealth and the second largest in the World for a city of Hamilton with 600,000 people in a province of 12 million in a country of 32 million called CANADA again I think India could certainly walk away. Having India walk away from the Commonwealth Games would certainly Kill the largest sales pitch a Hamilton 2010 committee or committees in the future would have that the games reached 2 billion people or what ever they claim. Australian TV pays about 30 million dollars for TV rights while India's State Broadcaster a mere 425,000 dollars for 2006 down 25,000 dollars for Manchester where India paid 450,000 dollars US . That is one ten thousandth of a cent per each citizen in India. Hamilton's bid ironically did not score as high for the Federation's Evaluation Report. Hamilton even omitted Track Cycling from their bid. The talk of Melbourne Stepping in is very hard to fathom . You are looking at taking over MCG again , No Athletes Village and a population that didn t fill the venues completely in 2006. Austin Sealy of the Federation has said they will just not bother having the games in 2010 if India can't stage the games. I was reading some stuff on Melbourne 2006 and believe or not no air conditioning was installed in the Athletes Village and Teams had to go out and by electric fans. The Canadians Bought 100 electric fans. Melbourne was certainly run smoothly but lets face it if Melbourne can get away with that type of thing perhaps running out of Cash for the Athletes Village then New Delhi will probably do the same. Both India and Australia carry the greatest weights for the Games Fortunes which are slim in terms of hard cash. If a country wins a bid and then put down the 40 to 80 million to the federation then I am sure hell or high water the games will not be taken away unless you have a civil war or something. Kuala Lumpar certainly could stage these games easier then Melbourne but no one wants to rescue the games if you have hosted them and spent around 2 billion to stage them and then had revenues less then 200 million. Most politicians would not like to be reminded at the ballot box I am sure. Jim jones
  5. Well like I have said before the law is the law but when MY cousins, who could not give a toss either way about the olympics, can't put a sign on their Lawn or Buildings unless it meets Jacques Rogge's Approval then it goes way too far. If Nike was to come to them and say we will give you x amount of dollars to display over sign on your building why shouldn't any citizen paying taxes that Funds the Olympic Circus be able to take full advantage of that ? These people can show up for as many protests as they like because thank god that is still within constitutional rights of this HOST COUNTRY. Also in our constitution is gender equality which is shamefully be rejected in regards to Female Ski Jumpers. When protester do break the law for violation under the criminal code then they should go to court and then to jail IF convicted. Professional Protesters I would say Hardly simply because no one is paying them to protest they can be on many types of social assistance. This Hemisphere has the shame of having Students KILLED for the Olympics in 1968 in Mexico City because the Government there Denied Basic Human Rights of protest and decent. A Sports Festival is nothing compared to the Rights that every human should have but seem to get lost with this chase for a fantasy Called the Olympics. A Fantasy that the ills of the host will be cured. Jim jones
  6. I agree with you Rob it is a very unique flame but I also see a similarity to the Melbourne 2006 Queens Baton for the Commonwealth Games. Very Space age http://www.news.co.sh/images/Photo/QueensB...513_075sent.jpg Jim jones
  7. Gee Maybe this is a sign for Canada's Own the podium program for Vancouver 2010. LOL Jim jones
  8. Yeah well that is indeed a tear jerker. The Olympics comes to town and your kids will not enjoy it like they should . But hey they can be reminded of the Olympics that even their children will be paying for far into their adult lives. If you want to commit a crime against any of these people expressing themselves then you should go to Jail just like they should go to jail for the same. The Homeless where lied to for Expo 86 and they have been lied to for the 2010 games. When Vancouver can get past this complex to host these events that do little for the citizens but disrupt peoples civil rights then you can think of actually doing something for all the Citizens of Vancouver. THe Olympics comes with massive debt and a big set of White Elephants post games for what ? two weeks . Yeah the symbolism of burning the Barcelona 1992 flag is not lost on me . The Games of Juan Antonio the cabinet minister of Spanish Dictator Franco. Jim jones
  9. So lets think of this . Canada is a Democracy with Freedoms including Freedom of Association , freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and Freedoms to protest and speak yet you Mr. X feel that these persons rights should be taken away because you are a mindless cheerleader on the other side of the coin? Who gives a Rats ass about what the World would think about this ? Are the Europeans going to be offended that some don't like the Olympic Franchise in Canada ? BIG DEAL. I don't see anyone Tackling Wheelchair bound Torch Relay people like we had in London or Paris last summer? I don't recall any mandate in Canada given to elected officials that could come on my Cousins private property in Vancouver and force them to take down any sign that the Government being a puppet of the IOC and Vanoc did not like. If my Cousins what to put F U Vancouver 2010 they should be able to do that on THEIR PRIVATE LAND. Until the IOC starts paying their taxes or buys their land at a market price they should screw off. This is why the IOC is going to have a hard time in the future very simply because Free Societies don't take kindly to Abuse from 110 persons who are accountable to no one and then can turn our cities in to their play grounds for their Worldwide Partners. Who is Paying the Bills Here. The IOC or the Canadian taxpayer ? I have no tolerance for the Olympic Protesters who do damage to property but lets call a spade a spade here . I also have no tolerance to anyone who gives Jacques Rogge and Company domain to go onto any private property in Regards to anything while the olympics were in Vancouver? Sounds like to me that you have something like Beijing 2008 or Berlin 1936 where Citizens rights were thrown out the window. IS this what you support Mr. X ? Because indeed if you do then you are a mindless follower yourself. Maybe you should take a time out and go find your binkkie. Paint on the Olympic Clock well it has been dealt with before , They screw off the plexi panel and replace them . BIG deal It is on a piece of property with Public Access paid for by no one but the people of Canada who have every right to decent to the hi jacking of their city , province and country in the name of McDonalds and NBC through their Proxy the IOC. How many IOC members are Royalty, Former figures in dictatorships and generally unelected in Democracies ? There are a good amount of those in the IOC. Jim jones
  10. Boris reminds me of Jeff Daniels character from Dumb and Dumber. Jim jones
  11. Using the concourse levels as a shopping mall is what Cities with stadiums in Brazil are starting to do. you have a Game on Sunday and an empty parking lot for the rest of the Week if you don't have other tenants. I don't know with the open parts of the outside of the Bird Nest if this can be done. The Brazilian Idea Started in Joinville seems to be a model that could sustain a Stadium. Certainly with an architectural Icon like the Birds nest you could have a draw for a Shopping area. Thing is even China can't have a billion dollars stadium sit gathering dust or Rust in this day and age. Jim Jones.
  12. I really wonder if we will see bids from Lima and Bogota ? You cant find a thing on them and they did stand up the CANOC meeting in Curacao . I wonder if they have thrown in the towel ? The news on the 2015 is dominated by Toronto 2015. Jim jones
  13. well considering some of these construction companies are choking on these contracts, like Multiplex, the Backhanders may not be there in the future. London 2012 is now saying they don't think all the contractors will survive the Capital Works for the Games. That certainly is a great way to to ruin an economy by first leveraging future generations with Debt and then cutting them off from making incomes via Construction trades. I use London as the example but the same thing happened in a smaller scale with the 2007 Rio Pan Am Games. I just watched a program on the building of JH Stadium and it seems the Contract had to be re-awarded as the original constructor went bankrupt. My cousins in Vancouver are in the Construction business big time there and actually turned down Olympic work. They have enough standard commercial work that does not have the risk or hassles. ONe of my Cousins in fact had his company for project management for a Pavco Project way before an olympic bid and has the reputation to be asked for BC Place. Problem is there are only so many companies doing this work and you have one fall it becomes a warning sign to the rest of the industry which is very connected compared to a decade ago. More companies lose it all over building sports stadiums then one may realize. jim jones
  14. Mr. X I don't think Vancouver has done a good job and yes things like the thinking on their feet with the Alpine athletes village have been born out of innovation. Much of the Problem I believe with Whistler for the Athletes Village was the availability of land for a permanent set of Buildings . The IOC should be looking to what is done on that score to what can possibly be done in the Future. Billions and multi billions on Athletes Villages at some point will not be making the returns. The Technology exists for a temporary village and is being used in Whistler. The best olympics in my mind are the ones that bring innovation to the table and Vancouver has been heads and shoulders in that regard. Without the financial crisis we would not be talked a bail out with regards to the village and we would also see the developer make a huge return basically borrowing the development to the LOC in exchange for the land to make their money back . Now it is very doubtful that return will come soon. jim jones
  15. Well you hit it right on the head squarely . Germany certainly wasn't a country that arab terrorists would think of in regards to support of Israel but they attacked in Munich and Killed Israeli Athletes . This probably could of and would happened in any host city that year planet wide simply because it was the focus of world media attention and striking there certainly gets attention. Vanoc's estimate flies in the face of what Torino 2006 spent . When Bid and Local Organizing committees can actually start from the last hosting then they will have more accurate estimates . 175 million was a huge under estimation . Even Salt Lake City was a Billion dollars on security Jim Jones
  16. Interesting they would use Christie projectors inn such a quantity because a DL 2 catalyst could do the same without hanging 63 projectors . I actually thought it was Catalyst DL 2s. I have actually used the Christie Projectors on board Queen Mary 2 for ordinary movies and powerpoint. Jim Jones
  17. a tower could be put up in a few DAYS with the right plan. Stageco is a company from Belgium with divisions all over the world. They do many of the temporary works for the olympics since at least 2002. They do huge stages for the Rolling Stones , Bon Jovi, U2 . an erector set truss system could be put up in days with the Fabrication work going on and many places. They could even have it rise from a concealed location to burn right outside your apartment window yellow vest 24 7 for the duration of the games LOL. Considering the brilliant concealment of the Calderon in Beijing anything is possible. Jim jones
  18. But lets face it that Burnaby concept could be done with the roof going on Post Games for Legacy and storing a Velodrome for future games. 3500 to 7000 seats in a velodrome is really a waste in many places . You put down the temporary track , put down leyher scaffolding grandstands and remove them post games . you then install the Dome . If it was winter you would hosting a track cycling event as part of the Pan Am Games then a roof would of course be required. really there is little venue money outside of sports Festivals to justify having 3500 empty seats for years on end. Moncton, New Brunswick is actually doing much of the same with the IAAF World Juniors in regards to having a 8000 seat grandstand and buying the Leyher Scaffolding to increase the capacity to 20000. Post Games they store the Scaffolding in case they have a Large outdoor concert , a CFL Exhibition Game and a perhaps the Francophone Games which Moncton can bid on as a city within one of the Francophone games territory Teams. Moncton post 2010 will have the venues for those small games. jim jones
  19. If they were to go outdoor temporary from the company in Penn State that did Atlanta 1996 and Doha 2006 Velodromes then you could always have an inflatable roof post games with the stands gone but track cycling having a legacy effect from the Pan Ams. They could also think of using that track again relocated to Hamilton for a Commonwealth Games or Toronto for an Olympics. The sooner Bid cities start taking bold dramatic moves like this the better. A 40 to 50 million dollar velodrome for 3500 persons to watch indoors does not make much sense when these events are in the Summer. The Days of Architectural statements for Games while a host nation is burdened with white elephants should be over. Jim jones
  20. Well Apple I don't know if it is a new found confidence that Toronto 2015 may have a take or leave proposal as potentially the last man standing or if actually having common sense to the scale the Pan Am Games deserves. If lets say Hamilton was to get a 20000 seat stadium out of this for the athletics competition and then have the Ti Cats come into add 5000 to 10000 seats it would be worth it for Hamilton . On the other hand with no purpose built Athletes village and both Track Cycling and Aquatics with temporary venues they could save the amount of money to build a 30000 seater for athletics just on those three elements alone. The ADT Center Velodrome in Carson California is a 100000 sq foot building and it cost 15 million to build in 2004. an Aquatics Venue and an athletes village can both be the real big ticket items depending on how far you want to go with it . Outdoor Temporary cycling is what the Pan Am Games has had until Rio 2007. If the Toronto bid keeps that in mind and knows Lima or Bogota is not going to go indoors and expensive with that venue then why bust the budget on that one venue? jim jones
  21. Actually Ruling Czar I have a friend in the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees and they understand the scope of the venue placement and that Toronto is the top bill of the Ticket to be marketed. They also see a country in Canada that has delivered sports development money to the Caribbean for a long time in the past. They were absolutely not impressed with the No Shows at their conference in Curacao. Bogota and Lima are not selling their bids all of a sudden. Some in the Caribbean actually favored going to South America for closeness. Not anymore. That huge voting group that includes Two countries on the South America continent has Toronto 2015 traveling to the Southern Caribbean and Acapulco Presenting their case with bid personal that can speak English, French and Spanish in some cases. Bogota and Lima could not see fit to send their bid personal via direct flights that were 2 hour and 3.5 hours to Curacao. Toronto in the Bid campaign has their bases very professionally covered. Lima does not even have a bid website and Bogota 2015s website you can't even switch to the English version. The Problem that big voting block is going to have is the two South American City's Commitment to staging a Bid Campaign let alone staging the actual games . If there is again a no show in Port of Spain for the first Caribbean Games by those candidate cities then Toronto will secure the Games simply because Toronto will shown up for every important conference to press their case while a huge voting block would have a collective slap in the face twice in one year from two cities that could get to Trinidad and Tobago and Curacao very easily. April I believe is the Bid lodging and we may indeed see this ended before the Caribbean Games in July If Toronto is the bride left standing at the alter alone . Right now it seems hard from Lima and Bogota to recover. Colombia in the past gave up on hosting the Fifa World Cup in 1986 so their history and this no show is not encouraging especially to the Mexicans who had to jump in to stage the world cup in 1986 on an emergency . In the CANOC group is Guyana , Suriname, Belize and Bermuda . Those Four not Caribbean Island nations are important votes. Votes that the two South American Cities would have to depend on to win the election. IF the Caribbean Islands nation vote totally for Toronto then there is a huge hill for Bogota and Lima to Climb. Add Guyana , Suriname, Belize and Bermuda and it looks to be impossible. Canada will vote for itself and the Us is likely to vote Toronto 2015. right there could be the numbers to win especially with a split vote in South America for their candidate cities. Jim jones
  22. First of All I am not a games hater . far from it . I am realistic. Considering that I know the place that a Bronze Medalist from the Calgary 1988 Olympics Lived in. I know that Athletes don't need the Ritz Carlton. He would have certainly been a horrified to think his Block in Halifax would have less of a real estate value then what is being spent per one suite for the 2010 village. further down from that is Daniel Igali who I know and he certainly didn't come from a luxury apartment but from the creeks of the Niger Delta . You have the rich kid athletes and then you have many more who are not of any means but they athletic talent bringing them out of very hard environments. The problem is not even the IOC but the host cities have put themselves out on a ledge to be knocked off with changing events in the World . We would not be talking of this with regards to financing if Vancouver's hosting was in 2008 . Maybe it is my age or having watch the citizens of Quebec with a great decline with the place Montreal was prior to the Olympics. As to the Roof Being finished Well what Opening Ceremonies have been held indoors ever ? Canadians being progressive does not mean that they should be in debt to stage these things . No one anywhere should when you really think of it . I don;t think Athletes should live in Cardboard Boxes but I think you can be unrealistic in the opposite direction . The Alpine Village for the 2010 games are basically mobile homes or Shipping containers converted. Post Games they are to be given to communities across BC for community Centres . That is a more realistic legacy benefit . A Rational Sane approach is what I would like to see because this business model cannot continue to grow . People are going to go Nimby on the games if we continue to have these problems. Vancouver will be a great event on the order of Calgary 1988 or Expo 67 i have no doubts about that . Jim jones
  23. the Demands of the IOC in regards to an Athletes Village are really getting to be a little bit much to bear. This is housing for maybe 30 days costing about one million dollars per unit or around 250000 dollars per athlete. I love the games and to see countries development from staging the games of international image but this is out of line with what is sensible and reasonable. Winter sports athletes I know for the most part are from the rich industrialized nations of the world but I am sure most if not all don't need coddling that we see here with IOC demands. Yes I know what these things are worth in regards to real estate and that actually Vancouver 2010 has been well managed and could still have a profit in the end but this is not the right message to be sending to attract future hosts. The Hosts include the taxpayers who have the risk hang over their heads sometimes for generations. If Vancouver has just this as a risk holding over from the games they have indeed dodged a great bullet. The picture for Sales is not bad and they can certainly wait years for the prices to rise to get the investment back . I corrected a general games hater comparing this to Montreal 1976. Athletes Villages are generally something with multiple selling opportunities of many pieces where as stadiums and venues don't have that possibility. The possibility also exists to rent these unsold units while waiting for sales post the Winter Olympics. Jim Jones
  24. Well yes you are right that Mar del Plata and Cali don't have a fame factor but I think with the Golden Horseshoe it is really a deal of putting the most known of the Golden Horseshoe Cities as the Candidate City . It would be similar to a City 60 miles down the road from Rio and all the communities including Rio in the region having venues for the games . If you had Harri Barra 2015 people first ask where is that . Oh it is in Brazil 60 miles outside of Rio. with Toronto or Rio there is not explaining where it is at. Hamilton 2015 people might think it was in the Bahamas or something . The Games can certainly be in Smaller places still but unlike what was stated here the Pan Am Games does not need a 50000 to 100000 seat stadium . It just happened that Rio had that for 2007. Maracana was not built for the Pan Am Games JH stadium was and it only had 45000 seats for 2007 which is the largest stadium to host the games main event. A 30000 seat athletics stadium in the golden horseshoe area would due. Toronto the city will not be building venues for this. They have a great deal covered with the inventory at hand. Prior to Rio 2007 30000 seats in the Dominican Republic for 2003 and less for track in Winnipeg for 1999. Winter Games well tough one LOL. jim jones
  25. Here is the problem thou. Hamilton does not have an internationally recognized profile in South America or the Caribbean.Hamilton 2010 certainly suffered in that department vs New Delhi India for the Commonwealth Games Bid. Toronto is very well known in the South America and the Caribbean . You have Venues from Hamilton on past Toronto towards for Kingston . PASO does not except a region for a Title of a bid for the Host it only accepts a City. With Rogers Centre, BMO field, the ACC and the Arena the Toronto Marlees play in as probably venues there is enough there to have this titled a Toronto 2015 bid. Where would the Brazilians fly into for 2015 ? Hamilton ? If you have Athletes housed at York University then they are in greater Toronto and certainly there are going to be more places outside of Toronto proper hosting events for this bid. Jim jones
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