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  1. Or an even heavier hammer then sending it to Melbourne would be to threaten to send it to places with the Required IAAF Class A Stadium . Edmonton or more embarrassing for The Indians An African City Be it Johannesburg . Abuja, Dar El Saleem . LOL Considering Abuja will have all Roadworks for their failed 2014 bid while Glasgow Cancels Rail projects they are indeed further ahead LOL JIm jones
  2. Are you still on that 4000 degrees thing . I have said it before if the Flame was 4000 degrees the cauldron itself would melt no matter what metal you used except for Tungsten. Carbon Steel metals at 2870 degrees and Cast Iron at less then 2000 degrees. Aluminum at 1200 degree F. There have been Cauldrons of those materials and not of tungsten or some of the other rare metals. Universal Studios in LA have an indoor Ride for the Movie Backdraft with Exposed fireballs and they accomplish this with mist water curtains shielding the audience from the heat . You show yourself to be a one tracked moron frankly . jim jones
  3. I can't see Pele Lighting the Cauldron if Rio was awarded 2016 . Pele never competed in a single Olympics . Now Oscar Schmidt would be a more likely candidate having scored over 1000 points in Five Olympic Basketball Tournaments being the all time highest scorer in Olympic Basketball while playing for Brazil. This included play in the Moscow 1980 games which Brazil did not boycott and the Barcelona Games which American Pros like Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson and Larry Bird all looked forward to Playing the Brazilan Legend of Basketball. Oscar Schmidt was the driving force of the Brazilian Team that beat the 1987 Pan Am USA team that included the 1992 USA Dream Teams David Robinson. In the Final on Pan Am 1987 Oscar Schmidt scored 42 points in the Final half for Brazil to Upset the US for the Gold Medal in the Heartland of America Basketball Indianapolis, Indiana Jim jones
  4. Problem for this guy is the government and LOC have basically put him in this situation to begin with. No other place on earth can I say, from personal experience , makes such a fine art of passing the buck of responsibility to other places . Bangalore Techs I worked with for Microsoft would always duck and hide from calls hoping the call would be shifted to Canada. Yeah this guy should feel beseigned but generally speaking if you can't get it done in the capital of the nation then the country certainly has some problems. The thing I see with Test Events in regards to Manchester 2002 was that they held for Athletics a Localized Test Event that had amatuer Athletics from across the UK as opposed to a world Championships that field hockey seems to be on tap for in New Delhi. Test events should really about testing your support systems , volunteers and operational aspects to Id problems to be fixed before the big show. Really a World Championships for a test Event seems a bit much and would it not itself require a test event ???? LOL. jim jones
  5. Well looking at Rob's Observations it may make sense considering his support and involvement with PyeongChang 2018 but I think he who communicates the bid may play out in the end in this case. Canoc was very unimpressed with Bogota and Lima not taking maximum of 4 hours flights to CuraƧao to present their cases while Toronto 2015 came in full force with long flights with some team members who could answer questions in Spanish , English or French . Canoc has a huge block of Votes for Paso. If you can't run a bid campaign then generally it does not instill confidence to run a Games. The South American Cities may have thought of making that faux paus up lobbying at the first Caribbean Games in Trinidad and Tobago but those games as we know were canceled. It is a wonder Toronto 2015 did not have a crelo Speaker with them for Canoc's AGM for 2009. As to the thought of being over qualified Paso also would want to remember what happened with Rio 2007 in Regards to Capital Projects going to the final hour and Santo Domingo in 2003. Then there was the Abandoned twice staging of the 1986 games by Santiago Chile and Quito, Ecuador. Mike Fennel I am sure would rather not oversee paint drying in Lima in the 11th hour like the case was in 2003 and 2007. Paso with only one Candidate city for 2011 being in Latin America probably does not want to repeat having a North American City Turned off by the vote for 2007 and then not have a North American Candidate in the next round . Repeating in South America could indeed be the end of North American Hosting of the Pan Am Games . The Paso Vote being delayed beyond the 2016 decision may be a sign of Quid Pro Quo going on . Votes from Canada for Rio 2016 of Votes from Brazil for Toronto 2015 . That may help both bids win . Jim jones
  6. I think from what I am seeing of Guadalajara's new venues Mexico is going to be fine and comparable to Rio 2007, Toronto the only thing that i see as a weakness is the spread of the games footprint . There will be a point at which the scale will be more realistic . Lets Face it with Toronto and Rio you have two cities that are looking to stage the summer olympics in the future. Jim jones
  7. Well I have noticed and hey whats new . Brisbane 1982 I watched a clip that Aborigines were being prevented from Peacefully marching down the street to the main stadium in Protest of the Games. The Local politicians wanted to cover that up of course. Incredible in the background of this speaker was a Shell oil service station which was Ironic. Shell later on would be much of the problem in regards to the Niger Delta and the killing of peaceful activist Ken Saro Wiwa. Hey atleast Bamboo keeps with New Delhi being a Green Games LOL Jim jones
  8. Really these inter South American relations don't matter when it comes down to it . Toronto is the largest Media Market that the Pan Am Games would be hosted in for North America since Chicago 1959. The Rotation is clear. North America is due in 2015 and Toronto is certainly a Candidate well above Indianapolis or Winnipeg. The extent of the Media Market Toronto is actually in this day and age is well beyond Chicago in 1959 considering ENG TV and sports speciality Channels that did not exist in 1959. The Caribbean is certainly behind this as are two south American countries who were stood up at Canoc 2009 by both Bogota and Lima. Toronto I am sure could count on the US and maybe a good part of central america. Jim jones
  9. all that is good to say but it really does not mean votes automatically . Peru and Colombia I am sure have good relations with many nations as well but we are talking sports Admins making the choice based on what they feel may be best for their athletes. A Sports ADmin in Chile could think keeping his or hers athletes in SA in 2015 may be better . You never know. The big thing I think that could have been two turning points is the CANOC meeting Bogota and Lima stood up less then a 4 hours flight away while Toronto 2015 flew half a hemisphere practically to present their case to the Caribbean, some South America and Central American Delgates with votes. The second turning point is this plead from Lima for Toronto to step aside. Generally I think that would be not looked to positively by all the delegates . Jim jones
  10. Well Grouse mountain and the view of the city in the background for a studio would be like a Studio from the hills around Corcovado above Rio . an America Networks Dream Shot for a Background . Natural topography blended with the fact you are near a major shipping port and city. The CBC had a similar Studio view of Sydney Harbour in the background for their studio location in 2000. This helps draw viewers into to something they don't see on TV very often . Beijing 2008 even thou you had an incredible peice of architecture in the venues in the background I felt was not as compelling to watch the studio segments . I don't know what Chicago, Tokyo or Madrid would ahve to offer to Counter a Corcovado Mountain view. Jim jones
  11. Mike Hooper has said no city is on standby and that it has been rumors circulated by the Aussie press. Mike Hooper is the CEO of the federation . Austin Sealy another executive member of the federation has said if they cannot stage the games in New Delhi then they would cancel the games . It is very clear the games will be staged in New Delhi or not at all. You would be looking at everyone being on notice right now especially broadcasters and media. Jim jones
  12. A picture I saw of the Venue with Players on the court has an Indian Soldier with an Automatic Rifle strapped across his chest inside the Arena. That to me seems very extreme but may be what the Indian authorities feel is needed. if it is that bad that you have to have a soldier inside an indoor venue the the threat must be very serious . It would not be a great environment to compete in. I think Rob it is as simple as someone emailing the high commission with the location the English Athletes were staying at for the tournament which would scare the hell out of anyone consisting the Hotel bomdings in Pakistan and India in the last year or so. The Commonwealth Games you have a different thing thou. Mike Hooper has said if it is a security lock down of New Delhi that is needed both the Indian Government and the Federation are prepared to do that . They don't want it to come to that because it would totally spoil the games atmosphere but Athletes and Spectator Safety is most important. The Federation is going to have the games staged in New Delhi despite rumors spread in the Aussie press. Jim Jones
  13. Mike Fennel and Mike Hooper recently have said that the manpower and activity has been stepped up markedly . The pictures posted in Feb of this year certainly don't show a clear picture of what is going on in August in New Delhi. They are talking about a vast majority of these venues ready by December and an Athletes village completed in March of 2010. That would be a relief to Mike Fennel who oversaw inspections for PASO for Santo Domingo 2003 and Rio 2007 with stadiums coming down to only being ready in the month proceeding the Games. The Term the Paint still drying was used in regards to those two Pan Am Games . Manchester in the middle of 2001 was endangered of being canceled according to the government ministers in charge at the time . Go to Manhcester 2002 the good the bad the ugly and you will find the article under exhibit I where you will find news of the UK cabinet ministers aid in charge laying out the option of canceling the games in 2002. Carter was commissioned by former Home Secretary Jack Straw before the last general election to prepare a report on the funding of the games. The result of his investigation is a strongly worded letter to the British cabinet in which he says, "In order to stage an adequate Commonwealth Games an additional finance of 114 million pounds is required and I would add a further 10 million pounds to this. "Looking further the choices are relatively simple: either cancel the Games or secure an adequate level of funding to deliver an adequate event." Again no one is without problems or drama staging sports festivals unless you are South Korean or American for the Olympics. Jim jones
  14. I think rob they got a more directed threat to the British Team proper then the general event itself. When it is the high commission itself making the warning then it is a sign that it is more pointed then the event in general. Think of it have any other countries done the same ? This is a World Championship and Britain is engaged in the region with military action at this time. Then there is the past colonialism in the region and the fact that attacking the British Team would have the greatest media impact of any of the possible teams. Just the British pulling out has made for a story on BBC world news. If the Americans were in to badminton they might be the target of the threats. again you say not reflective of the efforts made on the part of the organizing committee which is true but a committee or government can only do so much anywhere in the world. I am sure the same type of threat communication was made in regards to Englands cricket players that had them pull out recently. A threat that would scare off a team could be as simple as insider information into where they are staying and communicating that to the high commission saying do not come we know where you live during your stay here , remember the Marriot in Pakistan and the Hotels in Mumbai . With these single sport events you don't have a totally sealed athletics village . New Delhi 2010 you are probably looking at a secure compound fortified Huge Difference. Nothing is totally safe anywhere of course. Jim Jones
  15. Well I watched the report on the BBC World and the decision by the English Badminton authorities was totally right. It is not only the issue of a Security threat alert but how this puts the Athletes in a frame of mind to compete. Recently Mike Fennel has stated he is impressed with the security planning for New Delhi 2010 saying nothing is being spared. The Games are going no where they will be held in New Delhi. If you really examined things in regards to security threats all Sporting events have those threats , it is only who the threats are directed at . White English Badminton Players would tend to stick out in an Indian City like Hyderabad and looking over ones shoulder 24 7 while you are in a city does not make for a good competitor. Jim Jones
  16. Are you yellow vest orange Vest ? It is very simple why they would move a National Championships to Calgary. Because Calgary like Vancouver has the Facility . By the Way on the Fastest ice it is true and lets face it you have to qualify for the Olympics with a certain time standard . That would indeed be easier to achieve at Calgary then Richmond . Could you imagine our skaters put out of taking part in the Olympics because a true IDIOT like Towerguy3 insisted on skating on a slower surface. You don't win medals by risking sub qualifying times at any of your events if you can control that. In Canada's case we can easily. The Canadians would be fine for qualifying I have no doubt but why indeed tie their legs denying them the best facility for times in the country being Calgary. It is the Altitude at Calgary that has the conditions for ice making that makes those times consistently the Worlds Fastest. You have two things achieved here A. They skate on the Fastest Ice in the World in Calgary B. you have the Vanoc people with the building to get Games overlay in place. Pretty Simple objectives that some people don't indeed seem to fathom Jim jones
  17. I agree with you Mo rush for a games overlay with a completely new venue ? what would an overlay for this be Bunting, TV lighting and Cable runs ? Bunting would take longer to produce off site then to install on site. Cable Run trenching or Hang points would be built into the design. The Hang of Tv Lighting could be done in a short time with a building having the consultants saying we need hanging points here here and here. This is no like a Pacific Colosseum where you are taking an old building and having to do structural and engineering Changes for a games in 2010 when the building might have had its last renovations over a decade ago or more. The richmond oval is a Building that has been completed and is operational with the speed skating event for the 2010 games as the reason for the building. jim jones
  18. Another point lost would be that Calgary would have slightly faster ice then Richmond because of elevation . this would also be an advantage for training of Canada speeskaters. Jim jones
  19. Well extending the hand of Help to the president of Paso in regards to a Guadalajara hosting having its troubles in his own nation may get Toronto the votes needed to put them over the top. Toronto is certainly easy for the Americans and Canadians of course. The Caribbean I think can be swept with the long standing sports development relationship that has existed between Canada and much of the Cairbbean . No one in that huge group was impressed at all with the no show by Lima or Bogota for the annual meeting of Canoc. Toronto seized the opportunity with both hands. Steve Stoute the president of the Caribbean Olympics Committees association is fully behind the Toronto 2015 bid. The play the Premier made could certainly make in roads into the central american countries. Toronto takes the Caribbean , North America and countries down to Panama and it is Toronto 2015 a hosting reality. Who knows also about the realm of Quad Pro Quo. Rio 2016 could be getting some help from Canadian IOC members in exchange for Votes for Toronto 2015. This could be the reason a vote for 2015 has been delayed until after 2016s vote . Jim jones
  20. and how many world records were set ? THe only events you would really possibly see problems would be long distance running and endurance events like triathon and road cycling. Hey anything you cast a desenting voice on an Olympics London will not live up to for the pure spectacle of . Jim Jones
  21. Plus all those islanic Dictators to the west of China burning women and children at friday prays Jim jones
  22. Steve Stoute's Endorsement should carry a great deal of weight . There are few people around as long for sports festivals as Steve Stoute as he started as a cycling coach at Kingston 66 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. The man has been to pretty much every games since then as a sports administrator. Jim jones
  23. Consider that by 2015 or sooner the Toronto Fc could be looking as expanding their stadium and Government money could come easier if it is tied to the Pan Am Games. The same company that owns the National Hockey Leagues most successful franchise for finances being the Toronto Maple Leafs also owns Air Canada Centre , the NBA team Toronto Rapters , Toronto FC but the city owns BMO field home of FC. Bmo field is sold out for every FC games thou it is only 20000 seats. The Stadium can expand and probably will. A Pan Am Games might have the FC on the road for two weeks but they may end up with more seating and revenues before the Pan Ams are staged and maybe after that. No franchise in Toronto is in danger of losing money backing the Pan Am Games bid. The Owner of the Hamilton Tiger Cats Football Team has pledged money for the Athletics Stadium if the bid is successful. jim jones
  24. Problem is Kendegra many in Europe have Duplicity Running in their DNA and Blood Stream . Europe and European are historically the most destructive creed on the planet all for their own Business interests . Seals are killed at will in the North Sea. They are killed many places . Problem is for Canada is it is not a public display and it would not matter anyways because it is do as I say adn not as I do. The Snow Job we are feed about Germany in Regards to Green Energy in Canada is absolute BUNK. 60 percent of all electricity in Germany is produced by Carbon Admitting Fuels . 65 Present of Canadian electric Energy is produced via Failing Water over Turbines and another 20 percent in Canada is Nuclear. Yet David Suzuki has people in Canada brain wasted with a guilt trip that is totally false. Canada by percentages has the greenest energy production on the planet and is the largest exporter of green energy having Hydro power exported to the US . It seems certain europeans see it fit not to allow female athletes gender equality rights that are law in Canada while a SEA RAT is so important . jim Jones
  25. A. your right in regards to the gesture B. Your Orange Juice from Florida for these people in the North 20 bucks a litre. with a ratio of 200 seal per every person in that part of the World there is no problem with the population C. Newfoundlanders have many of the same problems are Inuit in their outport communities adn they have to take what they can get. Seal, Crab, Lobster, Moose. D. What would be a Humane Way of Killing the Seals ? Perhaps use the method to Kill the Beotnik Indian Tribe on Newfoundland that the british used . Smallpox in Blankets ? Europe has nothing to talk about considering a Genocide or Muslims occuried in Bosnia in the 1990's While you cried for North Americans to send troops to intervene. As Too European settlers in Canada ? my ancestors were from Scotland and they were the only cred of people on Earth Displaced by animals Ever . The British Wool company drove my ancestors to Nova Scotia to make way in Scotland for Sheep. NewFoundlander until 1949 were indeed British citizens mostly Irish escaping the potato famine. Jim jones
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