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  1. The altitude of Bogota could be a real concern for some athletes... Agreed.

    Except for a Scottish Nut case who has his nose in the business of a games that does not concern the Children of the Sheep. Athlete Baw Haw Haw Haw Haw . The only workout he does is running his mouth about things he is complete ignorant to IE what is an IAAF class one certified facility and how a stadium gets that stamp from the IAAF.

    Jim jones

  2. Sadly, we all know you are meaning it in a bigoted way. Of course, you will deny this since you know you are on the verge of being banned but everyone else knows what you mean.

    Again, why were you banned twice in the last few weeks Jim?

    Back to the topic Child of the Sheep


    Jim jones

  3. Jim - Read people's posts. I have stated, in plain English that altitude improves sprint performances but can hinder endurance performances. Why are saying I never? Here's my quote again for you thicko:

    So why are you saying I know nothing but then repeating what I said? Idiot.

    Jim, I am an athlete. I have competed internationally. Don't tell me I know nothing about sport because I know more about athletics than anyone on this forum.

    Here's a little tidbit from wikipedia (a basic website to accommodate your intelligence level):

    Coversely, the reverse can be true for endurance events.

    Jim, that was possibly the most silly post you have made. You say I am lying but then repeat what I said. Learn to read made.

    you never get the point . no one goes out that says Gee I am going to risk putting an athlete in a situation that is rare in the the course of his or her's career .

    that is the bottom line . Yeah you can have some record broke or you can have Ron Clarke in the process . Unless your athlete has run mountain races or long durations which would not be the case of a sprinter then they would pass on voting to put a sprinter in that position . Jamaica , Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba , St Kitts and other Caribbean Nations would vote for a Toronto or Lima simply on the basis of avoiding bogota.

    Jim jones

    Jim jones

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  4. Yes. But it wouldn't be such a huge problem if the athletes arrive at Bogotá earlier and adapt to the climate. Plus, the possibility of more broken records is quite seductive IMO, specially for the PanAms

    It is hard adapt to altitude that quickly especially if you are from a Caribbean Island living at sea level most of your life. Broken Records at the pan am games might be restricted to Pan Am Games Records which are generally far off the mark of World Records. The competition is generally not there as American's send a C team of Athletes and many teams send B grade competitors who are young and in development. You are not going to have a Usian Bolt running at altitude in Bogota or even any of the Semi finalists of the 2012 olympics or the 2016 olympics for the Americas. Those people qualify at national meets with world standard times in the olympic year after the Pan Ams. Risking an Athlete at altitude can mean huge loss of money to the athlete the National Association and his or hers management.

    most athletics competition in the world is done bellow 1500 feet above sea level except if you are into Alpine or Nordic skiing events. 5000 feet above sea level is quite high for athletics. Records where broken in Mexico City 68' but again you do have the Worlds best at the olympics. How much is altitude and now much is the actual olympics is hard to determine. it is not uncommon for new world records to be set at the SOG's

    Bogota would erase any serious Competitiors who would be able to make assaults on a World Record because of altitude risk of how these athletes will react to less O2 is probably a big unknown to their coaching staff. Ron Clarke in 1965 set 12 world Records in 44 days in Europe as a runner but he nearly died in Mexico City from Attitude sickness running the 10000 meters .

    You have someone who was strong enough to do so much competition in 1965 at reasonable Altitudes and then nearly die during the 68 games having a heart condition from 1968 onwards.

    jim jones

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  5. Well, they could argue that Mexico City hosted the PanAms twice and the Olympics without major problems.

    Ron Clarke a very good high ranking middle distance runner from Australia nearly died running at altitude in Mexico city 68' .

    no major problems ? Gee i think nearly killing a man is a major problem.

    Jim jones

  6. True.

    High Altitude can be good for sprinters or people in short, dynamic events where speed is required but it is bad for endurance athletes. Marathon runners, who already wok on oxygen depth, will find it hard to cope with thinner air.

    Man Again you have half a clue . Sprinters at high altitude you don't have much of an effect on them as durations are short for their events but who would want to risk a career on what the unknown is for each individual. The Jamiacans are unlikely to say . Hey lets travel 6000 miles to live in an athletes village a mile high in mid european Athletics Season risking our pay checks on the Pro Circuit in Europe or even our entire careers . We are talking sprinters who generally can command appearance and endorsement fees into the 100's of thousands and millions . Lima or Toronto would get those votes on concern for what Bogota would do to the sprinters in the Caribbean Nations whos teams are generally made up entirely of Sprinters.

    Middle distance runners ,unless you are born at altitude ,can have a grave impacts on their health running at altitude > IE Mayor Ron Clarke of Gold Coast Australia who was a great middle distance runner who nearly died at the Mexico City Summer Games of 1968 at altitude. Kenyans and Ethiopians have dominated distance running for decades simply because of the Environments that generations of their families have lived in at High Attitudes.

    Conditioning and Modern training has advanced many middle distance runners to cope somewhat but the advantage of multi generations of a family living at altitude cannot be conquered in a sleeping chamber as the Australians have tried . Once the Kip Keino of world started to emerge out of the high grounds of eastern africa it became clear .

    Jim Jones

  7. Everyone, this is a racist comment made by the bigot Jim Jones.He is trying to hijack the Delhi thread.

    Jim Jones has stated "The Child of the Sheep" meaning that Scottish people are subhuman - he is saying Scottish people are animals. RACISM.

    Do not stand for it as people like Jim are sick, depraved human beings who live their sick fantasies through the cowardnoce of the internet where they promote hatred and racism.

    Well apparently the screaming infant knows Capitalization and upper case letters . Do you know what I actually mean by Children of the sheep ? There is not defining it because I invented the term .

    Jim jones

  8. Go have your squabbles elsewhere - this is about Delhi

    So where you do think a federation or the athletes should go on Delhi 2010? The Child of the Sheep would say oh it should not have been awarded to anyone without pale white skin but the fact remains it has been awarded simply because you cannot deny the Largest Democracy in the World the Games in 2010 while China was awarded the only games that really amount to anything two years prior being the 2008 SOG's . The Federation would look totally out of touch with the rest of the world including the Only Games that matter celebrating the youth of the world VS the festival that celebrates our common enslavement that British colonies endured for centuries .

    What was the plan B. award the games to Hamilton which doesn't even come close to being the largest city in Ontario or Canada ? Have the organizers of Hamilton 2010 try to compete with Vancouver 2010 for sponsorship ? You can never go back in History if the history in not wrote. Hamilton would have been different of course but you would have probably had the only parts of the Commonwealth that have population growth being Africa and Asia say . Screw it , New Delhi Rejected a third time . It smacks of mighty white nations ruling over us .

    The Facts are that Manchester itself was in danger of Canceling 2002 games and all they provided for New Venues was basically a New Athletics Stadium .

    Imagine if Manchester had to do what New Delhi is doing for their hosting which is totally overboard ? New Subway Lines , many flyovers , an 80000 seat stadium , a second stadium for Rugby Sevens , an Aquatics Centre , a Velodrome. an actual Athletes village not college dorms . Hamilton would have been committed to match New Delhi line item for line item. Hamilton I am sure presented MacMaster University for an Athletes village but that trumped by the promises of New Delhi.

    The history of an event and how it was staged in the past is totally relevant to it's continued future. That includes a games touted as the "model" by some who are blinded by patriotism .

    I wonder what the excuses will be in 2014 when history is again repeated ? The Ironic thing is the opponent for 2014 seems to be on the path to providing the Transportation commitments for their 2014 bid on time while Glasgow has dropped the ball crying poverty. I have yet to read a single article from New Delhi 2010 press stating that they are cutting back on anything in regards to their games promises . Really for speed and saving themselves for embarrassment they should do like the Scots are doing or Manchester did before them . Put the games in proper prospective that less then 200 million dollars is what you get in return for staging the games while you lay out 2 billion dollars and up. The Exposure is What ? The UK who paid a mere 4 million pounds for Games rights for 2002 ?

    A games no private company in the UK would take Merch on consignment when the Uk last hosted ? A games that the English team had to pay for uniforms for the 2006 games because no apparent maker in the UK thinks there is any value in sponsoring even as goods in kind ?

    New Delhi's biggest mistake was taking these games to mean something a kin to the Summer Olympics. Both Melbourne and Manchester took the view of it being the consolation prize for not winning Olympic bids. Maybe is it foolish pride that has India take that lofty approach for something that has little value even in the White Commonwealth Nations .

    Jim Jones

  9. Jim, you really are a silly man.

    The BNP has nothing to do with this topic nor does an historic event that happened 3 hundred years ago.Stop mentioning silly things as you are making fool of yourself.

    Jim, Delhi is a city in India and this city is hosting the 2010 Commonwealth games. Do you understand this? Your racism against Britain is not acceptable and has nothing to do with the topic.

    Racism against the UK ? Gosh you are the people who cornered the market on racism IE the BNP.

    Jim Jones

  10. He probablt thought the Globe theatre was hosting the opening ceremony!!! :lol:

    It is sad that a grown man would wish to act like such an idiot and hijack a thread about Delhi to spew his vitriol about Britain.

    Well take care of your own backyard and staging on the Commonwealth Games afterall the last time Rob Maxwell and a Japanese mobster were the White Knights Edinburgh had to go to trying to salvage those games .

    Jim jones

  11. Manchester's aquatics venue held in the region of 4000 plus seats so the article's claims were proved untrue.

    Also, it is highly disgusting to say Manchester's last great event was world war two. Are you familiar with how the most famous football club in the world play in their 75,000 seat stadium regularly in Manchester ?

    Jim, you keep trying to convince people to hate Britain and use lies to make your arguments. Manchester 2002 happened 7 years ago and you are still moaning about it. Sad little man!!

    The only reason any news emerges in Britain about finances is that there is a transparency issue in our country which gives the public information. Lots of countries are secretive about such things. I think this shows how Britain is more open about these things. However, Britain also never had the threat of having the games incomplete like Delhi has and hence why the sporting community is worried for Delhi as is the CWG federation.

    Everyone on these forums know you are a racist bigot and hence why everyone laughs at you. Did you see that thread in the general 2016 area where one forum member jokingly suggests that a silly article was wrote by you. The reason they made that thread is because people think you are an idiot and when people see stupid things they automatically think of you. Ha ha.That's you legacy on these forums - you are a laughing stock!

    Excuse me whilst I laugh at you Jimmy!

    Go Dehli and go Glasgow and please send my best wishes to Abuja as I hope they can overcome this troublesome hour of unrest and maybe oneday stage the commonwealth games - if the social unrest doesn't prevent it.

    Well hey considering you call me a racist bigot when it is your country who aired a BNP leader the other night on the BBC with people in violent protest outside the Studio's trying to suppress freedom of expression of a Neo Nazi I take that comment with a grain of salt.

    How long has it been since the Campbells Slaughtered the MacDonalds in Glencoe and yet the Mac Donalds still hold a grunge more then 3 centuries later ?

    Jim Jones

  12. 1. It is not just my opinion, but the opinion of many people that Manchester held an exemplary games. Even the heads of CWG federation have stated this. (Sorry if this dispels your attempts to portray Manchester as a poor host- we'll need to wait until Abuja hosts for a total disater to occur in hosting the Commonwealth games.)

    2. The test event mentioned in the article was not the 'English' athletics trials but rather the AAA's athletics trials which encompasses ALL of Britain. So, the article is wrong.

    3. People not finding their way around a stadium is hardly a failure. Delhi might not even have one completed. That's the difference which people are worried about.

    So Jim, your attempt to belittle Britain again really just shows you up for the sad human being you are.

    Manchester held a great games, Glasgow is going to host a great games and you'll just have sit at home with your momma, in New Scotland, I mean Nova Scotia and watch or maybe you can take a vacation to Abuja for the duration.

    Yeah the opinion of Manchester People really holds water . What major event did they ever host in the recent past ? THe 30th anniversary of Coronation Street ?

    If you go by the schedule for Test events posted for New Delhi 2010 and what happened in that Story you would be looking at the athletics portion of the Games having the Test Event in New Delhi staged 4 months before the opening compared to 5 weeks before the opening. Whether New Delhi actually carries through on that schedule we will see but 5 weeks before the games the venue with the vast amount of events does not spell exemplary staging by any means. Why couldn't Manchester have staged a test event in April ? Stadium not ready ???? Man Manchester only had a Stadium without one end having Grandstands and yet the contractors said back in 2000 they doubted it would get done . The Velodrome and Aquatics Centre was there. Did Manchester add a rail link to the Stadium ?

    Of course hey this is the nation who actually canceled the 2005 World athletics Championships because the Scaffolding Tartan Field concept was shown to be bogus yet Glasgow 2014 depends on that concept to stage the games they were rejected for in 2002. Auckland for a potential 2018 bid does not even entertain that idea . Belittling Great Britain is not difficult as Great Britian has a history of doing it herself.

    If by your mind Manchester was an exemplary then having a Test Event for Athletics for New Delhi in September would put New Delhi in the same league? A month before the games is terrible really .

    Here is a reminder of the concerned on one Barry Maister in regards to Manchester 2002


    Commonwealth Games: Worries ahead says Maister

    5:00AM Tuesday Aug 14, 2001

    By Terry Maddaford


    National Olympic Committee boss Barry Maister has real concerns about cramped facilities at some venues for next year's Commonwealth Games.

    He remains confident, however, that elsewhere Manchester will be ready for the July 25 opening ceremony. He is not so sure about the 2004 Athens Olympics.

    And, he feels the ever-expanding Commonwealth Games are bad news for any New Zealand city hoping to host them in future.

    Maister, the NOC chief executive, president John Davies and selection overseer Bruce Cameron are back from the Commonwealth Games Federation forum and a whistle-stop tour of games' sites.

    There are worries over the venue for aquatic events at next year's Commonwealth Games and about the university accommodation which will house athletes and officials.

    "The swimming venue is a problem," said Maister. "One of the most popular sports on the programme is being staged in a centre which seats only 1500 spectators. They hope to add another 1000 by building temporary seating over the diving pool but even then they are going to be well short of what is needed.

    "By the time the media and VIPs are taken care of, there is not going to be much left for the public. The pool is more a community facility than a competition one.

    "The village accommodation at Manchester University will be cramped and a lower class than athletes expect nowadays," said Maister.

    He has no such concerns about other sports, including track and field, to be held in a new main stadium which will become the home of Manchester City Football Club.

    "They have built the main stadium and some other facilities in a rundown part of the city, which is commendable.

    "The indoor stadium, which will host netball and boxing, reputedly has seating for 20,000, the largest in Europe."

    Maister has other concerns.

    He is worried the games are becoming too big and will almost certainly cost smaller countries any chance of hosting them in future.

    "Looking at what is being spent in Manchester and what is proposed for Melbourne in 2006, there would be no change out of $1 billion if New Zealand were to host them again.

    "There was a lot of discussion about the size of the games at the forum," said Maister.

    "There are already plans to restrict games from 2010 to seven or eight mandatory sports and a couple of team events.

    "The Commonwealth Games are already bigger than the Winter Olympics and next year's games will, with 6000 athletes and officials, be the biggest multi-sports event ever staged in the UK."

    Again go and look to Athletes or sports Admins . Do you actually know any personally ? I do. A city of Manchester who's last great event was probably World War 2 does not have much of a yardstick to compare.

    As much as press will harp on the negative you usually have some good news stories surrounding an event . If Calgary 88 had been a repeat of Montreal 76' in any shape or form I frankly would have said Canada Can't get its act together for Vancouver 2010. We heard the whining of Europeans for 88 and all I have to say to that is we made a huge profit for the third time in the history of the Olympics and that came when it was desperately needed for the very survival of the Olympic Movement.

    With Mr Maister ,who is still the New Zealand Olympic Committee's chair, we have no words from him on New Delhi and with a Louise Martin came the words on the New Delhi Athletes village that New Delhi will have the best athletes village for a commonwealth games so far.

    There is a great difference between what New Delhi is trying to accomplish and what either Glasgow or Manchester ultimately did or will do. THere are no stories of finances being the problems with New Delhi 2010 while the UK games of 2002 and 2014 seem to have that as a running theme. I thought the UK was superior to everyone on the planet ? New Delhi like a Kuala Lumpur 98' or Beijing 08' is an expression of coming into a club of great nations thru a sports festival . New Delhi 2010 still has the jury out on that . Frankly as a supporter of Emerging Economies doing these things I can't see how New Delhi gains those goals via the Capital Phase of these games but really they are not alone in their folly.

    Jim jones

  13. Can Delhi even finish building it's venues on time?

    If they do I can't help but think that they will be rushed and shoddily finished. There won't be any test events or anything so any mistakes can't be ironed out.

    well hey maybe they are following in the Path of Manchester who threw together those Fantastic Games in your opinion when the Turth was the following

    MANCHESTER, June 16 2002 AAP - Manchester's new Commonwealth Games stadium passed its first test this weekend as the English athletics trials went off smoothly.

    There were minor hitches as volunteers and the public struggled to find their way around the unfamiliar 38,000-seat stadium, built with STG135 million ($A387.15 million) of lottery money.

    Several athletes, including Australian pole vaulting couple Victor Chistiakov and Tatiana Grigorieva, were able to sidestep waiting media by leaving the stadium through the wrong exit, while a few athletes were left stranded by the non-arrival of a shuttle bus ...

    So basically Manchester 2002 only tested their Largest Venue 5 weeks before the opening of the Games . New Delhi I think is a mess but others have had similar experiences as well.

    Jim Jones

  14. Can they even get the seating configuration for ALL venues by November 15 ?

    They could have had it before a venue was even constructed as long as they have the building designed in Computer Aid Drafting. Autocad can spit out databases for seat labelling and a Font for the Labelling could then be serialized so you take that cad file database and not have to change the number and letter characters in progression.

    India may be a developing nation but I am sure they are employing this simple technology that is about 25 years old. My Autocad Teacher in College was brought to Auckland prior to the 1990 games to teach in a university there.

    Reading some of the stuff in regards to Manchester they relied Highly on Autocad Files to do Games overlay graphics on and in venues. All Major Desktop publishing and Sign making software packages can take these files.

    Jim jones

  15. I don't have a problem with a long torch relay. I am merely worried that Delhi could be embarrassed by starting a torch relay if the games get cancelled, moved or postponed. I obviously hope that doesn't happen - but it would be embarassing.

    Friendly FYI the Queens Baton Relay . the Olympics has torch relays . The Queens Baton first made its appearance at the 1958 Cardiff British Empire and Commonwealth Games

    jim Jones

  16. Jim - Its not Hoopers Fault


    Can you imagine what it would have been like if Hopper had not been there? He was certainly the GO-TO man in Delhi last week and he knows what is he doing.

    Dont start spinning crap about Delhi when you were not on the ground. The OC is at complete fault for this stuff up. Even the Indian Media are calling for Kalmadis Head, not Hooper.

    You have picked a battle here that you can not win - It is not Hoopers fault, its not the fault of the CGF. You should have seen the pressure they put on the OC during the Assembly.

    Glasgow are well ahead of schedule compared.

    Honestly, Delhi OC Does not even have a Head of Commonwealth Games Realations, they have been promising someone for over two years. Glasgow had someone appointed this time last year and the OC of Delhi 2010 wanted her on loan, Glasgow said no (and rightly so). With 12 months to go they have no one leading a team of staff who are supposed to be the most important for communication to the CGAs. This is not the fault of Hooper.

    The venues are well behind schedule because of the OC 2010 inaction for building. This is not the fault of Hooper.

    The OC is using media propaganda to try and get the "its all right on the day" message across. Hooper is telling the real story and getting shut out like a Mafia controling its stakes. This is not the fault of Hooper.

    The CGF are reacting to the situation, The Government of India is listening. The OC of 2010 is not.

    You are using the "white person is against us" mentality in your eariler posts. This Jim is just Mental and stupid.

    Dont stir the pot on this one cause I wont stand for it - you were not there, you did not see how bad it was. DONT BLAME HOOPER.

    You are right it is not Hoopers Fault that he has sat in New Delhi for two years not coming to a conclusion that perhaps the plug has to be pulled on the New Delhi Hosting of the games . The problem is again politics of staging the games and how the Federation has to bend whether it is New Delhi with their mess or Glasgow Reneging on a huge transportation commitment CONTAINED IN THE BID BOOK.

    This is the CEO of the Federation after all and could certainly bring the board together and Say . We have to find a City with an IAAF Class one Stadium , a Fina Pool , a Schuermann Velodrome , the finances and the Construction industry to rescue the games . GEE I guess he would have chosen , London , Glasgow , Edmonton Melbourne and other places that don't have those for 2010 as well. Gee I wonder who in the commonwealth actually has those venues ????? Austin Sealy who is an actual IOC member sits on the executvie board of the Federation made a Great recommendation for the situation with the Velodrome that would have completed that part of the games by now . His recommendation came at a year ago.

    As to media propaganda in India there certainly is little of that thou the Oc tries to put positive Spin. The no interviews of visiting delegates was one sign of that . The Indian media is not fooled by the diplomatic statements forced out of the mouths of people like Perry Crosswhite.

    Again what is the history of the games . And what is the History of India for Capital construction mega projects ?

    That should be the entire consideration for a host city to stage the games .

    Glasgow and Scotland are as much a frontier as New Delhi on this as the level of what the games has become has increased that much since 1986. If Glasgow was to say we will only hire Scots for our organization of the games they would indeed be in the very same boat as New Delhi to a degree. 700 atlhletes for the Commonwealth youth Games of 2000 is not anywhere compared with the Top tier of the Commonwealth Games Franchise.

    Jim Jones.

  17. Hooper is the CEO

    The President is Mike Fennell from Jamacia (IOC Member)

    Mike Fennell in not an IOC member he is a Jamiacian Olympic Association President and the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation .

    Under F for IOC members are Rene Fasel the President of the body governing International Ice Hockey a Swiss National

    Timothy Fok a Citizen of Hong Kong

    Frankie Fredericks former Athletics Athlete from Namibia

    Jim Jones

  18. OMG let's stay on topic!

    I think Puppy that looking at your three options the only viable option is number 2 (or the unspoken number 4 - the games goes ahead on time!)

    I think there is a lot you can do in a year - but Delhi have a lot to do! I'm trying to think back to Athens where there was also so much to do but they got it done on time. I'm guessing Delhi are way behind even that? What Delhi do have is manpower. Having lived and worked in India for 6 months a few years ago you cannot underestimate the ability to throw workforce at a problem at the last minute. Having said that - I am very sceptical it will all get done on time.

    Thing is games go on in many cases no matter what . Europe was on it's knees post world war 2 yet London hosted 1948 .

    Sports Festivals make adjustments to what is presented to them .

    As to throwing manpower and money into this India has plenty of both but it also takes public support to get the job really done .

    Workers on these sites are having the hardship of not getting paid for months on end by contractors. Whether laborers are going to step up to the plate with that well known in India is another matter.

    The problem seems to be lack of project management and this is why Hooper has been there since 2007 to no effect.

    Jim jones

  19. Your interpretation of history is shared but no-one other than yourself since you are prejudice in your assessment of past Commonwealth games hosts i.e. you created a thread to mock Manchester 2002 when even a brain-dead monkey can discern that Manchester staged an exemplary games but due to hating Britain so much you lie about your assessments.

    Anyway, India's faults are their own. No-one forced the games upon them and no-one has tied their hands up so that they can't build their venues and infrastructure.

    P.S. Please don't mention Abuja or Glasgow 2014 in your inevitable rant but I bet you do!

    Well of course I have to excuse you Hairy Head Wound as apparently you can't read . too many knife wounds on a friday night ?

    For how long did I present the Evidence while all you did what present stupid photoshop mark ups ? Not one Good News story presented in that Thread .

    It is pretty clear without a paragraph of commentary that was not there purposelly on my part that you have absolutely nothing to contribute to my Thread Manchester 2002 the Good the Bad the Ugly. In other words there was no solid evidenced of good only 'oh gosh we staged the games no one watches on earth raw raw from excite folks in the UK.'

    So is it Glasgow 2014's Fault that they Renege on a bid Commitment of a Airport to city Centre Rail Link costing 400 million pounds ? No that is the Scottish Governments Fault or in other words the master of the committee. Or is it Westminster that will not bend over to give funding for major infrastructure projects with threats from a Retard in Hollyrood?

    Again it is pretty clear the UK repeats their ineptness generation after generation in some areas. The latest one from scotland is the SNP leader Demanding 800 million pounds from the either the Labor or Tory parties to be in power in the 2010 elections for the UK. Got a hint for you Cameron's Answer is no . The best Scotland has for political power is 59 seats in the house of commons out of 640 plus seat total or less then 10 percent. The tory Estimate is they might have two seats from north of England boarder and 4 in their very wildest dreams . 800 million pounds is pretty expensive extortion for less then a percentage point of Tory Members from Scotland in the house .

    Yeah I have provided up Glasgow 2014 in a Delhi 2010 Trend but of course hey why not .

    The subject after the New Delhi games I am sure will be Oh no not again . another place that can't stage without sliding back on commitments ?

    It has happened on many occasions with many games all over the earth . Especially in the place that has hosted the most . The White Nations.

    Jim jones

  20. Jim PLEASE Enough about other Games

    The criticism directed to Delhi 2010 is the fault of Delhi 2010. I was there, I saw it, and the CGF are not to blame on this.

    Forget the past, forget what was done and promised before

    This is the fault of the OC of Delhi 2010 and not the CGF, what they did before, who they did it to, how it was done etc. I know you are here to stir the pot but honestly it need to be in the correct forum

    So basically lets ignore history and say it is India's fault ? Please the Federation are Adults who author their own misfortunes time and time again .

    Jim jones

  21. It went all downhill when New Delhi basically brided for votes during the 2010 Commonwealth race.

    well this why you really have to think if you have many electors to the Commonwealth Games host as IOC members or National Olympic Committee executive that the Old Practices of Bribery with the IOc will Still go on with the Commonwealth Games if the Commonwealth Games indeed does not take up the new standard Jacques Rogge introduced to the IOC.

    Visiting candidate Cities for he Federation is still there, th Giving of gifts to electors still there . College Educations well Glasgow UNI has 50 students from Developing Commonwealth Nations as their post "win" package. Draw your own conclusions.

    The Federation corrected the training grant thing hoping Canada would submit a bid. Canada Submitted a bid with the most likely to lose city in Canada Being Halifax.

    I can't even begin to imagine a Halifax 2014 win . Louise Martin was told by a high official in the Federation Halifax in the first round winner.

    If it is that corrupt then the Federation has made its own bed .

    jim jones

  22. Exactly - the CGF has taken a huge risk with Delhi and wants it to work for everyone involved - however internal Indian politics is just bugfuck crazy. They are just as insistent on not losing 'face' as the Chinese.

    I think the Commonwealth Games is not in the position to pick and choose frankly . Manchester 2002 was unopposed with Adelaide, Australia and Johannesburg South Africa

    saying we are interested in bidding and then no thanks when they learn the costs vs benefits.

    Melbourne 2006 basically bullied Wellington to surrender having Melbourne go unopposed . Orphaned bid cycles have come close with the CWG's . It was not unlike 1966 that you had a real international bid competition for the games and then 10 years after those games you had back to back unopposed hosts for 1982 and 1986

    The choice for the Commonwealth Games federation in 2003 was to either Reject India for a third time or place the games in the same nation hosting the Winter Olympics in 2010.

    Kuala Lumpur had the support of New Delhi withdrawing their bid for 1998 thus having Kuala Lumpur Vs Adelaide.

    It must to troubling for the Federation to think that Cities thinking about the games then make their own version of cutting themselves from a short list. Calgary was in the 2014 Canadian Domestic bid and they saw the games were of little use to them. Halifax the winner of the domestic bid withdrew themselves . The Commonwealth Games may indeed never come back to the Americas. It has become a two stadium affair basically and no commonwealth nation in the amercia's hemisphere is going to put that type of efford ino the games .

    It might have been the Pc thing to do picking New Delhi but a year out from Manchester 2002 you can find the Cancellation talk in news Articles for those games as well.

    Barry Maister of New Zealand's olympic committee actually went as far as to criticize The Athletes Accoms(which were college dorms not an athletes village ) and the Aquatics Venue. Thou you have venues badly needing a speed up in New Delhi you still have phase for the Athletes Village in regards to the examples of what the rooms will be . The problem is to replicate that across the entire games infrastructure in time.

    The Commonwealth Games federation will take what they can get as really the life of the games continuing depends on actually staging them no matter what. No city is going to step forward and rescue the games . The costs for that without benefits is way to great.

    Jim Jones

  23. Goodbye Kalmadi??

    Congress for curbing Kalmadi

    New Delhi October 17, 2009

    The slanging match between 2010 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi and the Commonwealth Games Federation bosses is becoming an embarrassment for the government.

    So much so that it wants to take strong steps to curb Kalmadi to ensure things do not go out of hand.

    With less than a year to go for the Games to begin, the sinking feeling in the Congress-to which Kalmadi belongs-and at the Centre is that time is being wasted on needless issues, and that a personality clash between Kalmadi and CGF CEO Mike Hooper could jeopardise the event.

    There is a growing body of opinion in the Congress that it is time the Prime Minister stepped in to tame Kalmadi and salvage the situation before the nation faces international embarrassment.

    Alarmed at the tardy progress on the Games infrastructure and Kalmadi's controversy, a Congress leader close to 10, Janpath suggested that the Prime Minister set up a high-level committee to monitor the Games' preparedness.

    He also suggested the Prime Minister himself head it, or ask Congress president Sonia Gandhi or general secretary Rahul Gandhi to head the panel.

    "The committee could also include noted sports administrators, MPs who are interested and are familiar with sports," he said. "The 1982 Asian Games was a small affair compared to the Commonwealth Games, yet then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had put her son and future Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in-charge of the organising and he did a commendable job." He said Kalmadi's ego clashes with Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit and sports minister M. S. Gill combined with his penchant to annoy senior officials like Mike Hooper have not gone down well with the establishment.

    His seemingly casual attitude towards organising the Games is also a picking point.

    For instance, a few days ago, when Commonwealth Federation officials from 70 countries were in the Capital for the General Assembly, Kalmadi chose to visit his Pune Lok Sabha constituency where Rahul Gandhi was to address election meetings.

    Though he returned the same evening, government sources said it betrayed his causal approach to his responsibility.

    Ever since CGF president Mike Fennel's criticism on Monday of New Delhi's tardy preparation, Indian officials have been smarting.

    Kalmadi took the criticism as a personal attack and waited for the Indian Olympic Association executive committee meeting on Wednesday before deciding to launch an attack on Hooper.

    He also opposed the independent technical review panel that the CGF wants to set up to oversee the preparations.

    He then addressed the media on Thursday demanding Hooper be repatriated to the London office. Kalmadi not only called Hooper an impediment, but also said he is "not useful at all" and that he "has made no contribution in his two years here." Sources said senior government officials are asking why Kalmadi launched a personal attack on Hooper now. If Hooper was not doing any work, sources said, why wasn't it pointed out earlier? Even as calls for Kalmadi's sacking gained ground on Friday, sources said it is not easy to do so as he is the president of the Indian Olympic Association.

    The norm is when a nation is allotted a big Games, it is the national Olympic Committee which contracts with the international federation.

    But ever since Fennell said in August he feared a "partial failure" of the Games, people in government have woken up.

    The latest appointment of Jarnail Singh, a retired secretary in the ministry of overseas Indian affairs, who took over as CEO of the CWG 2010 is being seen as the first step where Kalmadi's powers could be curbed. Insiders also hint at more top-level bureaucratic appointments soon.

    "After all, it is a matter of national prestige and India's stature in the global arena," a Congress source said.

    Senior Congress leader and former sports minister Mani Shankar Aiyar suggested the formation of an apex committee or a special organising committee to supervise all aspects of the Games.

    "I am not the least surprised by the controversy," Aiyar said.

    "When I met Hooper and Fennell in July 2006 in London, they expressed their deep apprehension.

    Kalmadi was present then.

    In 2007, Hooper repeated his concern when I met him on a flight to Kuala Lumpur." Aiyar said that even before he had become sports minister, a group of ministers headed by former HRD minister Arjun Singh had decided to set up an apex committee comprising experts from various fields, including infrastructure.

    "We had roped in excellent people," Aiyar said, "but the Organising Committee refused to cooperate rendering the panel redundant." Calling the Organising Committee unprofessional, Aiyar suggested the special organising committee to be similar to that of the 1982 Asian Games, when the IOA president was removed from all functions and a team under late Rajiv Gandhi and then sports minister Buta Singh took over.

    Aiyar said the legal hassles in removing Kalmadi are minimal even if he is the IOA chief.

    "Even at this stage, an apex committee or a special organising committee can replace the existing OC. There were no legal hassles in 1982." Congress MP and former minister of state for external affairs Digvijay Singh expressed confidence that the Games preparation will be on schedule, but added that India could not manage a pre- Games trial. "A year before the Olympic Games, China had organised a pre- game tournament," he said.

    He said the Games put at stake the prestige of one billion people.

    "Ultimately we will be able to conduct the Games successfully," he said.

    When asked if he agreed with Kalmadi's style of functioning, he said: "I don't think individuals matter. A whole body of eminent people are involved - the Prime Minister, sports minister, Delhi chief minister, bureaucrats, GoM and others." He added: " What matters is the nation, not an individual. After a successful Commonwealth Games nobody will remember who headed the Organising Committee, only the nation will be appreciated. We have one year to go. I am confident everybody will rise to the occasion."

    Courtesy: Mail Today

    Not Surprising really if you watch the video of the exchanges Hooper had with the media in India. The India media personalities on air seem to shake their heads and not at Hooper. I have watched a couple over the last year and to me it is incredible that you see these well spoken journalists in as modern a studio setting as any in the world while they talk about the games construction being behind as they have pained looks on their faces of 'man the embarrassment fro India'

    Hooper carried himself in a polite manner taking interviews and keeping is professional while an official supporting Kalmadi used the Term imperialist games .

    Kalmadi in the India Media Reports was shown to have a lazy attitude towards things .

    Jim Jones

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