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  1. Maybe.....?????...... Azerbaijan (Baku), Bulgaria (Sofia), England (London), Germany (Munich), Hungary (Budapest), Italy (Rome), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Portugal (Lisbon), Republic of Ireland (Dublin), Russia (St Petersburg), Spain (Madrid), Sweden (Solna), Turkey (Istanbul), Final: Budapest
  2. DUBROVNIK, Croatia (AP) Turkey believes it is "top of the list" to host the 2020 European Championship final, after Istanbul lost the 2020 Olympics race. UEFA President Michel Platini pledged his conditional support in January for Istanbul getting the elite final and semifinals hosting package, Emre Alkin, the Turkish Football Federation general secretary, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "We are on the top of the list, without doubt," said Alkin, who expects "three or four, including Turkey" of UEFA's 54 member countries to compete for the final package. "Spain is ready but reluctant to bid. Germany says, 'If you are very positive, I won't bid. Not to break your heart,'" the Turkish official said on the sidelines of a four-day summit of UEFA stakeholders. The Hungarian federation announced at a news conference with Platini last week that it could stage the final in a renovated national stadium in Budapest planned to hold 65,000 fans. "Hungary likes to have it. Why not? They have the ability and the capacity. But in seven years? It's too much money," Alkin said.
  3. Hungary will pitch Budapest to host the 2020 European football championship, which will be held for the first time in 13 different countries, the country's football association (MLSZ) said Tuesday. "The MLSZ has agreed with the government to bid for hosting rights at Euro 2020," association president Sandor Csanyi told a joint press conference with Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Michel Platini, president of football's European governing body UEFA. Ahead of the September 12 deadline for confirming bids to UEFA, Csanyi said a new 65,000-seat national stadium in Budapest, due to be completed by 2017, would be presented as a potential venue. He did not say if Budapest would bid to host group matches, or the semi-finals and final: two possible options for candidate cities.
  4. Budapest 2021 New swimming pool by Danube capacity: 19 000
  5. New National Stadion in Budapest-Hungary Open: 2016 Capacity: 67 000
  6. Today news: new stadium is built in Debrecen. Will be ready in 2014
  7. My dream: 2020 Croatia-Hungary Budapest Pécs Szeged Debrecen Győr
  8. My dream: 2020 Croatia-Hungary Zagreb Rijeka Split Osijek
  9. Debrecen Aquaticum Termál és Wellness Hotel Grand Hotel Hotel Lycium Hotel Campus
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