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  1. So....who wants to explain me the epic fight between the two events? Which one is organized by whom? What is the real thing behind this? Why we still don't know the host for Euro Games 2019? Is the event born and died in Baku? Thanks
  2. ^^ i'd prefer Singapore too. And I do agree with you, Rei. Torino had its problems on Olympic Village and Finances. I think that expecially the first one can be improved very much in the final bidbook. I hope they'll work very hard and try this, although i'm not so confident on Torino winning.
  3. ^^ if the CIO will follow the spirit they presented the YOGs with, the main aspect they'll follow it'll be technical. or better, just technical. no new venues, excellent accomodation, easiest way of moving people, best cultural program made for young people... the intention (at least that) YoGs'll be an educational moment, more than an economic one, hopefully only educational. i do agree athens and turin are doing a silent but constant and strong work. debrecen proposal to me it's very poor and with no charme.
  4. after a quick view it seems the less compact till now, isn't it?
  5. ^^ torino singapore athens moscow are the questionnaires viewable somewhere?
  6. no doubt that - Turin - Athens - Singapore - Moscow will get the shortlist. And I really think the hard fight is between Torino and Athens.
  7. Here I begins discussion about Toino2010 Summer YOGs. The Venues are all built, only it misses a Young Olympic Village...but there it comes the news: http://rassegnastampa.comune.torino.it/ora...08/64727555.pdf (hope some of you can understand italian)
  8. TORINO is officially in the race: the italian olympic committee gave its support to the bid. http://www.ansa.it/site/notizie/awnplus/sp..._121102927.html
  9. why? don't you know Torino is maybe one of the few cities in the world that could host WOGs and SOGs? and that it's considered a sort of sport's capital in Italy? almost every venue is already built, Oval, PalaIsozaki, etc are already there from 2006Wogs and they can be used for every sport. There's plenty of stadia for football. There's a river and lakes around for rowing or kayaking... As the IOC wants there'll be nothing to be built and it'll be very cheap. GO TORINO!!!!
  10. tomorrow torino is going to present to the CONI it's bid for the youth olympic games 2010. if the italian olympic committee will accept it, Torino will officially candidate and enter the YOGs race. http://rassegnastampa.comune.torino.it/ora...07/63002850.pdf
  11. for the winter ones i do see: -torino (WOGs and Universiades) -almaty (very good job in 2014 bid)
  12. will it be another "mine is longer" topic? i hope not coz i'm fed up with that---
  13. hey dude no prob i'm not the one who can be offended so easily...eheheh btw my sentence was like "who said that?!i'll kill him!!!" LOL
  14. who said that? i do want it! and maybe be lucky again 4 us...!!!!
  15. As we already discussed b4 here's coming out that EURO is a second level event, just for "little" States..i am not so sure about that, but it's an interesting point to discuss about.
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