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  1. So....who wants to explain me the epic fight between the two events? Which one is organized by whom? What is the real thing behind this? Why we still don't know the host for Euro Games 2019? Is the event born and died in Baku? Thanks
  2. Seems that Universiades are in trouble again. FISU took away 2013 Winter Universiades to Maribor, Slovenia, and it's looking for another host city/country. It's because crisis: slovenian government decided not to economically sustain the project anymore. http://www.fisu.net/...?idProduit=2157 Do you think Universiade will survive? Does this sporting event still have sense? Or still have sense bi-annually?
  3. cesco_82

    Barcelona or Zaragoza 2022?

    please do not compare turin winter sports tradition with barcelona one turin is culturally and inherently linked to its mountain
  4. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    at least we were 2nd after Athens------- :cheers:
  5. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    what are you referring to?
  6. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    President of CONI Gianni Petrucci communicated to Rogge the bid intention for Roma 2020, following the decision of CONI National Coucil.
  7. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    can you go deeper in this? what do you mean? ca yo compare with other bids? thanx
  8. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    Latin-to-latin? This does not seem a serious problem. Europe in 2018 would be indeed. Rome project is really fascinating. Although "improvable". I do have to admit Italy this time is moving really fast...I hope this will be a plus!
  9. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    no rome did not publish it yet anyway the site is www.2020roma.it
  10. cesco_82

    Roma 2020 Bid

    www.2020roma.it Two main clusters +1: - Stadio Olimpico/Tor di Quinto zone - norther Rome; - Roma Fair - souther Rome; - Tor Vergata - easter Rome; More details comin'...