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  1. Looks unlikely there will be a medal in four-man: after the three Canadian teams came down they are 8th, 9th and 10th out of ten teams.
  2. Its sort of interesting to contrast Germany and Canada in that regard. 6 of the 8 German gold medals come from events that where held at the Calgary Olympics and all 8 of them come from sports that where held then. Canada, meanwhile, has nine gold medals but no gold medals from events that where held at the Calgary Olympics - only the golds in women's bobsleigh and women's hockey come from sports that where held back then.
  3. Five of the Russian gold medals come from athletes that where not Russian citizen in 2010. In addition, Volosozhar (two golds in figure skating, pairs and team) competed for Ukraine in 2010 but I'm pretty sure Russia would have won those two events without her anyway.
  4. I would also much rather see the Canadian men lose the the Americans than to see the Canadian women lose. Basically the only American women I'd like to see with a gold medal are Julie Chu and Jessie Vetter.
  5. That's nice to know. The emergence of China, Japan and Korea has done a lot of good to Curling.
  6. So much for Stormer Steira's reputation for finish fourth...
  7. So, I think the Dutch just broke the team pursuit. In the men's semi-final, Poland threw the race to the Netherlands to save energy for the bronze medal race. In the women's semi-final, Japan threw the race to the Netherlands to save energy for the bronze medal race. I don't think I've ever seen two teams that gave so little effort as the Polish men and the Japanese women. They looked like they where doing a training run. In the semi-finals of the Olympics.
  8. The furor is over the PCS, not the TES (though, even then, apparently the technical caller, who is married to the head of the Russian skating union, was fairly generous to the Russian skaters while being stingy with everyone else).
  9. Rumours are that they have positive tests from 2006 and/or 2010 to announce after the games.
  10. Norway had something like 18 world champions coming in. They definitively had the best odds of breaking Canada's 14 gold medal mark. Also they didn't even medal in either cross country relay, which is basically a national tragedy.
  11. There is an outside shot at a medal in the parallel slalom tomorrow.
  12. That felt surprisingly safe for a 1-0 game. Time to avenge the, err... 1994 Olympics, was it? Both the bronze and gold medal games should be good.
  13. We probably lost four to six medals to falls, including some gold prospects in there. Three medals is the worst Canada has ever done in Short Track.
  14. Watching the Canadian short track team this year would be enough to make anyone unable to love and trust, it was a pretty traumatizing experience
  15. 3 medals in short track, one gold, one silver and one bronze. Quite disappointing. We probably lost at least three medals due to falls.
  16. Godamit, what the hell is wrong with the Canadian short track team? That's at least the fifth unforced fall while in a qualifying position...
  17. Ya, all season the shooting has been a problem for the Canadian women. Either way, 8th is a good result for them, a medal would have been a minor miracle.
  18. Man, Erin had a good run going before she straddled :/
  19. Ceremonies is an obvious one. You can use a stadium for cross country sprints (Sapporo 2007 did that), you *could* use it for hockey if you're willing to hold the tournament outside (not sure that the iihf would like that) or you could use it for medal ceremonies.
  20. Ding ding ding, looks like we have a winner: Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle. The good news for Germany is that the best result they will lose is 4th in the women's mass start. Obviously she will not be in the German relay today. http://www.faz.net/aktuell/sport/olympische-winterspiele/eilmeldung-biathletin-sachenbacher-stehle-bei-olympia-positiv-getestet-12813620.html
  21. Canada 1-2, just like in the test event! Sad David went down, would have loved to see her win a medal.
  22. Nordic Combined is a long term project. It being in the games by the mid 2020s is probably realistic.
  23. FIS: Mixed team ski jumping: heavily dislike this idea. IMO would be better to focus on adding women's individual large hill right now, and later work on establishing a women's team event. The depth in women's ski jumping is increasing rapidly. Team alpine: I very much dislike the team parallel format used for this event. I really wish they would come up with something better. Heck, IMO even their old heat/point based system was marginally better. Racing in parallel over a course that barely takes 20 seconds is completely divorced from what alpine skiers do in their regular events. Dual Moguls: too similar to moguls IMO. Big Air snowboarding: do not like. Big air is heading towards becoming exactly like aerials, but on a snowboard, with a smaller jump and with a sketchier judging system. Also, ya, the judging in big air contests tend to be a bit odd. Women's Nordic Combined: obv won't be in the games in 2018, but nice to see the FIS is finally starting to develop it. ISU Mass start speed skating: inevitable. Might even replace the 5000m/10000m at some point (not sure how I'd feel about that). There is room in the schedule so why not. 3000m short track: well, the Koreans will be happy. Not sure how that will fit in the schedule now that there is a team event in figure skating, though. They are floating around the idea of having a mixed team pursuit in long track. Can't overstate how stupid I think that is. Curling mixed doubles: I like, especially if they hold it before the "normal" curling competitions as a way to introduce people to the game. Bobsleigh/Skeleton Team event: call this petty, but I can't get behind an event that is part of two disciplines at once. In general I'm not a fan of replacing team events with mixed team events.
  24. The team pursuit isn't an event I'd be comfortable calling. For all we know the Dutch men will fall in the quarters and France will end up winning gold.
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