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  1. Same comment as I made on the thread about Greece getting the WOG. Hosting winter sporting events more often than never would be the first step to take. Beside, Croatia and Slovenia both have way better winter sports tradition from the former Yugoslav states.
  2. Both fairly sensible changes, I think. Some of the games in London where a bit ridiculous considering how tight the schedule is, and I understand that the ITP wants to reduce the number of games the players play as much as possible since, well, Tennis players are a busy bunch.Essentially, I'm all for last set tie-breakers. Two bronze medals? Not opposed to it, but not super keen on it either. Sets a precedent for more sports (Fencing, Badminton, Table Tennis) asking for the same thing. We already have Judo and Wrestling that moved to having two bronzes, how many of those sports do we want on the program? Giving too many bronze medals devalues them.
  3. MLB will just have to schedule around it. Same as the NHL did for the Canucks in Vancouver.Sucks for the Jays but it's not the end of the world.
  4. What a fucking joke. Right decision, but six months late it looks really silly.Talk about incompetence...
  5. <p> Brazil has two winter sports federations, one for skiing/snowboarding/biathlon and the other one for all ice sports (including skating, ice hockey, curling and sliding sports).
  6. The exact same situation exists in Hockey, Curling and Rugby (at least), and all those sports have a system where if one of the home nation qualifies then GB can compete at the games. It's not exactly rocket science.
  7. Not a fan of the triathlon mixed relay. I prefer each gender to have it's own relay, and I'm also not a fan of having the relay be a "super sprint" while the individual event is a longer distance. One word: disgusting. The Olympics is the pinnacle for women's Football, and denying the British women the chance to participate because a bunch of old farts are running scared is just unacceptable.
  8. I may be wrong, but isn't Sailing the most expensive sport to stage?
  9. My gut says Modern Pentathlon and two of Badminton, Boxing and Taekwondo. Sailing and Equestrian would also both be possibilities, IMO. Personally I would be quite gutted to see Badminton out of the core list.
  10. I disagree. The event was won on the track, but it took a lab to find a cheater. Valeri was the winner amongs the clean athletes, so she deserves to celebrate.
  11. Men's 4x100m relay: Gold: Jamaica, new World Record (36.84) Silver: United States Bronze: Trinidad and Tobago Canada was third, but was disqualified for running on the lane in a bend.
  12. Wouldn't mind using venues in Montreal for Football, to be honest. They have two good stadiums that can be used and it's not terribly far from Toronto.
  13. Beyond all hope Canada managed to salvaged something from track and field. Results from the men's high jump: Gold: Ivan Ukhov of Russia Silver: Erik Kynard of the United States Bronze: Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar, Derek Drouin of Canada and Robert Grabarz of Great Britain. After Dylan Armstrong failed to medal and both Felicien and Lopes-Schliep failed to even qualify even a bronze is a minor miracle and a major relief.
  14. The Commonwealth Games are really not a good indicator since a lot of the sports (such as shooting, wrestling and weightlifting) in which India does okay have really shallow fields. Anyway, first time since I've been old enough to follow the Summer Olympics (Sydney 2000) than Canada has actually performed well in the first week. Generally we'd fit right into this thread at this time of the week
  15. Other problem against those two: AFAIK there is no women's Futsal and Beach Soccer world cups.
  16. England lost on penalties - what's new? I kind of wish Rooney would have scored on that bicycle kick, though. Would have been goal of the tournament material.
  17. Harsh. Sochi 2014 wasn't such a bad election (But the rest... ya >.>)
  18. I discovered a fun game: find a friend that likes politics, tell them to look up Sepp Blatter and look for their reaction. First reaction I got is "How the **** is that guy still president of FIFA? O.o". Second reaction I got is "I still don't understand how that guy is still the president of FIFA". I swear, its a fun game. The question is not whether or not there is something rotten within FIFA, its just how rotten it is. And MrCatra, get over yourself. Many British members here had problems with FIFA way before the 2018 vote, I distlincly remember a few of them publicly stating that they had mixed feelings about the bid because they didn't want their country to get too involved with a corupt organization like FIFA. So saying that the "fat brits" are hating on FIFA because they lost 2018 is nonsense.
  19. Considering Qatar just got 2022 I doubt finding big enough cities will be a problem... By FIFA logic we could probably hold the entire World Cup in Nova Scotia (as long as they get a f***load of oil money between now and election time). Essentially I see eleven cities having a stadium each: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Quebec City, Ottawa and Halifax. Toronto could easely have two stadiums if required.
  20. Would be the perfect time to hold the Winter Olympics in New Zealand, eh?
  21. The country that sent the most fans to South Africa was the United States.
  22. I actually think that Canada has a credible shot at 2026 now. CONCACAF hasn't hosted in ages, so I wouldn't be surprised if 2026 came down to a cross-border battle between us and the Americans.
  23. Funny, last time I checked -10 was barely chilly
  24. Putting the CG the year before the Olympics would probably be a horrid idea. Olympic qualifications are in full swing in the summer before the games, and it would be virtually impossible to schedule the games so that they do not interfere with the qualifications of at least one sport. Not just that, but a lot of sports (such as Athletics and Aquatics) have there worlds the odd years, and those events are way more important that the CG (the nice thing about the CG is that it fills a gap in the Swimming calendar for Commonwealths nations).
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