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  1. Oh bloody hell, they are bringing back the stupid pair events...
  2. Yeah, but this is the goddamn Comonthwealth games. For most events it is a very poor predictor of how things would shake up if there was a full field. Looking at the medal count is also pretty silly because of how much the program fluctuates from game to game. Nearly half of Scotland's gold medals come from events that weren't there in Delhi and won't be there in Gold Coast City. A ridiculous amount of Indian medals from 2010 where from events that aren't there in 2014. There is no cause for excitement or concern looking at the medal table of the Comonthwealth games. Individual performances can be a good indicator in some event (especially events like athletics, swimming and weightlifting where you can compare the performances with athletes that competed elsewhere). But the overall performance is pretty much meaningless. It's a fun event, but much of it shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  3. Hey guys, we're behind Scotland and India and if things keep going like this we'll end up behind Wales. ...guys? (Seriously, you guys where pessimistic even by "team Canada" thread standards)
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Olympic_medalists_in_cycling_%28men%29#Tandem It was basically held in the same format as the sprint competition. It hasn't been held at the Olympics since 1972.
  5. Eh, I'm okay with this for the Commonwealth games. It doesn't have the cachet of the Olympics so you have to have sports that the host nation will have an interest in. Nobody cares that much about which country does well at those games. That being said, I am 100% against having "optional" sports in the Olympics for that very reason: sports selection has a very strong effect on the medal tally and it should not be skewed towards the host.
  6. Kinda disappointed they don't have a women's tournament yet - luckily it won't be men's only in Rio. I can't believe that I got exited by the Uganda - Sri Lanka game. Close Sevens games are really exiting. Should make for fun watching in Rio.
  7. It's a cheap way to re-use the Gymnastics venue, I guess.
  8. What makes you think that? There is no Commonwealth country that is anywhere near being a Rhythmic Gymnastics power. Alexandra Orlando cleaned up in Melbourne (won all six events) before going on to finish18th in Beijing.
  9. Nah, Lima is well known around the world as the Tulsa of the Andes.
  10. Facts fly in the face of your statement
  11. I like the third place match. More often than not it's more entertaining than the finals.
  12. Very unfortunate to see Neymar out for the tournament. The Brazil - Colombia match was also very unfortunate in general. Neither team came out looking good and the officials just didn't stay in control. Hopefully none of the other matches will be this, err, cagey.
  13. I've been entirely unimpressed with Brazil so far, while Colombia has been stellar. I think Colombia will end the host's sufferings party. France - Germany is a toss-up as far as I'm concerned. Germany has played better opposition but France has performed incredibly well. I'm giving a slight edge to France on this one. By all logic the Netherlands should walk over Costa Rica. Of course there hasn't been much logic so far (see: Costa Rica) but I'm sticking with the Dutch. Argentina - Belgium is the other toss-up, IMO. Both teams look to have played bellow their potential so far, despite winning all four games. I'm going to go with Belgium simply because I want them to win
  14. Well, FWIW the artist's impressions look really nice. Hopefully the venues turn out to look just as good.
  15. Too many people on Gamesbids live under a bridge. While some of the members that aren't treated well by some are fairly inane it doesn't excuse the conduct and it makes it hard to have decent discutions on here. Unrelated, but when I saw the thread I was expecting somehing to find something more clever.
  16. Disapointing from both Greece and Japan. Ivory Coast and Columbia clearly deserve to get out of group C.
  17. As I said, my predictions are flawless. Everyone knows England can win. They are in the hardest group of the tournament (hence why Costa Rica will be in the finals) so once they get out of the group it will be easy to dispatch of Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon and Algeria. The only way the Netherlands wins is if they play the Netherlands in the finals. (My serious predictions: Germany, though my heart says Belgium)
  18. Here are my predictions: Group A: Croatia Netherlands, Cameroon, Mexico, Brazil Group B: Australia , Netherlands, Chile, Spain Group C: Japan, Cote d'Ivoire, Colombia, Greece Group D: England, Costa Rica, Italy, Uruguay Group E: Switzerland, France, Ecuador, Honduras Group F: Iran, Bosnia, Argentina, Nigeria Group G: USA, Ghana, Portugal, Germany Group H: Algeria, South Korea, Russia, Belgium R16: Croatia Netherlands Japan Costa Rica Switzerland Bosnia USA South Korea Australia Cameroon England Cote d'Ivoire Iran France Algeria Ghana Qfs Croatia Costa Rica Bosnia South Korea Cameroon England Iran Algeria SFS Costa Rica South Korea England Algeria F Costa Rica England I am the god of Football predictions.
  19. IIRC Seoul was a disaster due to the weather.
  20. The US got absolutely bailed out by the new events. More than half their gold medals came from Slopestyle and ski half-pipe.
  21. Nice lineup. Either England or France could be a huge boost for women's football in Europe.
  22. A bit annoyed at Canada getting the shaft as far as qualifying for this puppy is concerned, but oh well. Seriously, we had to be the only team in all of the Americas to only get one shot at it.
  23. Hey, don't want to pay? Don't bid. There is no city in the history of the Olympics that was forced to host. Period.
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