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  1. To be fair to Blatter, my understanding is that has he had his way Qatar wouldn't have happened.
  2. I actually don't think the venue is a real problem for Tennis. Not because it isn't expensive but because so many of the city who could potentially host already have existing facilities. Looking back at the last three cycles, the only cities to make the shortlist that didn't already have a suitable Tennis centre where Chicago and Rio. New York, Paris and London obviously host Grand Slams, but Moscow, Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul also all have very good existing Tennis centres. The thing that is concerning is that host cities don't experiment with building a temporary centre court when they don't have existing facilities. But so far only Atlanta and Athens really got burned by it (and Athens got burned with all of its venues, so...). Seoul, Sydney and Beijing are the other cities that build new facilities and they are all still in use.
  3. Well, that sure sounds like Dick Pound.
  4. Replacing Football would be a bit daft I think. Its a major driver of ticket sales, it isn't too difficult to organize (typically its purely with existing infrastructure) and it allows to spread the games to different parts of the country. In most cases its probably a net positive in terms of money.
  5. I'm not a fan of moving the venue so far away, but I presume that Beijing did something similar with Equestrian (granted it was a necessity due to quarantine laws) and Sailing and it didn't really cause any major issues. Ultimately, as long as it looks good on TV...
  6. Baseball would have a good case if MLB players where available. They aren't and as long as they don't Olympic Baseball is DOA. Also, the "gender equality" line is pure BS. Playing two different sports (with vastly different roster sizes), one for men and one for women, is not equality.
  7. Squash, not Wrestling, is the real victim of the EB's boneheaded move to kick Wrestling out of the games.
  8. If you can't get the MLB on your side I guess a washed out movie star is the next best thing...
  9. Wasn't lightweight rowing also on that list?
  10. I think Slaloming might survive because it does make for decent TV, but I'd be surprised to see Synchronized and Rhythmic both survive all that long.
  11. It might get awkward if one of the teams selects an out player. There aren't too many to go around now, but at the rate we're going its not unrealistic that at least one team will have an openly gay player in 2018.
  12. I feel like the process was about protecting people's sacred cows (I am looking at you, Modern Pentathlon) more than doing anything regarding renewing the program. Not to mention than with the huge outcry that followed Wrestling being dropped it would be shocking to not see it come back.
  13. Well, good try to the Baseball and Softball people, but the fat lady sang.
  14. Well, the velodrome is named after him so...
  15. We make of this that the whole thing is a farce.
  16. Didn't he do the same thing pre London?
  17. The top 10 is a bit more diverse on the women's side, with athletes from Malaysia, England, Egypt, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Ireland and India. Overall it's a really good balance between strong Asian, African and European countries with Canada and Oceania historically producing strong players. Not only that, but it's a sport that is fairly strong in Africa, a continent that is chronically under represented outside of Athletics.
  18. I'm afraid they can't hear morality over the sound of all those petrodollars.
  19. Same comment as I made on the thread about Greece getting the WOG. Hosting winter sporting events more often than never would be the first step to take. Beside, Croatia and Slovenia both have way better winter sports tradition from the former Yugoslav states.
  20. MLB will just have to schedule around it. Same as the NHL did for the Canucks in Vancouver.Sucks for the Jays but it's not the end of the world.
  21. <p> Brazil has two winter sports federations, one for skiing/snowboarding/biathlon and the other one for all ice sports (including skating, ice hockey, curling and sliding sports).
  22. I may be wrong, but isn't Sailing the most expensive sport to stage?
  23. My gut says Modern Pentathlon and two of Badminton, Boxing and Taekwondo. Sailing and Equestrian would also both be possibilities, IMO. Personally I would be quite gutted to see Badminton out of the core list.
  24. Wouldn't mind using venues in Montreal for Football, to be honest. They have two good stadiums that can be used and it's not terribly far from Toronto.
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