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  1. And yet us Canadians still have to pay for the tickets... *sight*
  2. I tink Jennifer Heil could well be it, but then again, Freestyle Skiing is a very volatile sport...
  3. Verry impressive stuff. You need to go to China to se those kind of things ^ ^. And they don't need to bother with peoples opignons, either...
  4. I had frogot about Hicham El Garrouj... I wase so happy for him when he won his double gold medal, I don't tink many athleats were more deservant to win those events that him.
  5. Favorits moments for me: 5. Chantal Peticlaire finaly going to the Olympic (altought only in a demo sport) wining the 800 meter in wheelchair. 4. Marie-Hélène Prémont wins a silver in femal mountaine biking, just a great race. 3. Karen Cockburn geting her second Olympic medal, a silver in Trampoline. 2. Kyle Shewfelt wins Canada's first ever gold medal in artistic gymnastic; just a fantastic routine! 1. Lori-Ann Muenzer wining the women track sprint, arguable the most memorable canadian Olympic moment since, well, as long as I can remember... Her victory wase truly amazing, and I still r
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