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  1. A bit annoyed at Canada getting the shaft as far as qualifying for this puppy is concerned, but oh well. Seriously, we had to be the only team in all of the Americas to only get one shot at it.
  2. There are a lot that I am quite found of. I think every Olympics since Barcelona (with maybe the exception of Nagano) has done a stellar job when it comes to the look. I am not found of Mexico City's look but it was definitively ahead of its time. As far as summer looks go I think I might actually like London's the best. I expected to absolutely hate it but everything ended up looking fantastic on TV and in pictures. For Winter I prefer Vancouver mainly because I'm a sucker for green-blue colour combinations.
  3. Ya, I don't see Slopestyle getting the boot. It got a good reception from the press and its frankly not as dangerous as ski cross or snowboardcross.
  4. Man, your post is really funny. You seem to imply FIFA has an ethics comitee.
  5. Backstrom will get his silver medal in men's hockey because he was found to not be responsible.
  6. There is mention of it in the ISU's rulebook, it isn't an official event yet but they are considering it.
  7. They are apparently developing a short track speed skating version of the Madison. That might actually be fairly interesting.Dito for a team sprint in long track, though I'm not sure how that would work.
  8. No as awesome as you might think:
  9. Ceremonies: Don't care for ceremonies Look: I prefer Vancouver's, but not by a lot. The only things I disliked about the Sochi look are the terrible logo and the cheap-looking podium. Operations: Nothing went wrong, really. Sports: As good as always. Venues: Mixed bag. The ice venues all looked amazing (I'd say only the Richmond oval looked better than its equivalent in Sochi) and the mountain backdrop looked amazing. But some of the venues where quite ugly, specifically the ski jumps and the sliding centre. Crowds/Atmosphere: Nowhere near Vancouver, London or Salt Lake City. Even Turin had more "passion". Sometimes I felt like the crowd only showed up when Russians where expected to win. Lots and lots of empty seats. Legacy: I'll tell you what: this is one bill I'm glad my country won't be picking up. Overall and general comments: They did it. Really, that's all I have to say. All things considered I don't think you could host better games in Sochi. Though maybe the next time the Russians bid for the winter games they could try somewhere a bit colder GamesBids Moments: The enthusiastic team GB support from some member(s).
  10. Catching someone that does EPO during the games is indeed a pretty big catch. Glad they got to him before he won any race, he didn't need a new Muhlegg.
  11. So much for Stormer Steira's reputation for finish fourth...
  12. Rumours are that they have positive tests from 2006 and/or 2010 to announce after the games.
  13. Ding ding ding, looks like we have a winner: Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle. The good news for Germany is that the best result they will lose is 4th in the women's mass start. Obviously she will not be in the German relay today. http://www.faz.net/aktuell/sport/olympische-winterspiele/eilmeldung-biathletin-sachenbacher-stehle-bei-olympia-positiv-getestet-12813620.html
  14. Nordic Combined is a long term project. It being in the games by the mid 2020s is probably realistic.
  15. FIS: Mixed team ski jumping: heavily dislike this idea. IMO would be better to focus on adding women's individual large hill right now, and later work on establishing a women's team event. The depth in women's ski jumping is increasing rapidly. Team alpine: I very much dislike the team parallel format used for this event. I really wish they would come up with something better. Heck, IMO even their old heat/point based system was marginally better. Racing in parallel over a course that barely takes 20 seconds is completely divorced from what alpine skiers do in their regular events. Dual Moguls: too similar to moguls IMO. Big Air snowboarding: do not like. Big air is heading towards becoming exactly like aerials, but on a snowboard, with a smaller jump and with a sketchier judging system. Also, ya, the judging in big air contests tend to be a bit odd. Women's Nordic Combined: obv won't be in the games in 2018, but nice to see the FIS is finally starting to develop it. ISU Mass start speed skating: inevitable. Might even replace the 5000m/10000m at some point (not sure how I'd feel about that). There is room in the schedule so why not. 3000m short track: well, the Koreans will be happy. Not sure how that will fit in the schedule now that there is a team event in figure skating, though. They are floating around the idea of having a mixed team pursuit in long track. Can't overstate how stupid I think that is. Curling mixed doubles: I like, especially if they hold it before the "normal" curling competitions as a way to introduce people to the game. Bobsleigh/Skeleton Team event: call this petty, but I can't get behind an event that is part of two disciplines at once. In general I'm not a fan of replacing team events with mixed team events.
  16. Does the Lithuanian and Russian biathletes caught a week before opening count?
  17. For the Rugby decision: the precedent was set by Curling, where by agreement between the home nations only Scotland can qualify for the Olympics. You can't have multiple teams trying to qualify an NOC for the Olympics while every other NOC is only allowed one shot.
  18. I am a fan of outdoor aquatic venues. Makes for better TV images IMO. With few exceptions indoor venues make for pretty uninspiring TV.
  19. The US has an absolutely ridiculous amount of world class stadiums. Its really hard for me to imagine that they wouldn't be able to find a dozen stadiums without building anything or doing any meaningful renovations. In terms of venues they are the country that is the best equipped for a world cup, hands down.
  20. Lets be honest: Sochi is so expensive because because the Russian government wanted it to be this expensive. The IOC had nothing to do with it.
  21. I would honestly be surprised Stockholm will even be shortlisted. The venue plan just doesn't work.
  22. Exactly. I don't think a Munich bid in 8 years would suffer from this referendum the same way a Denver bid will always suffer. Voting to not bid is one thing. Voting to not host after winning the bid is quite another thing. From our point of view it is regrettable that Munich will not run, as it would have been the strongest technical choice and a sentimental favourite for plenty of us, but the IOC still has six bids to chose from, including very strong bids from Oslo and Almaty. The sky is not falling.
  23. I don't think there is any way Almaty can actually win (3 games in Asia in a row, second game in a former Soviet country in less than ten years) but I am starting to wonder if they don't have the strongest technical bid. Much of the infrastructure already exists (I think only Oslo would have more existing venues) and it has by far the smallest distance between clusters.
  24. Synchro, Water Polo and Diving if London is any indication.
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