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  1. Probably was used as a sweetener to convince them to build a venue for slopestyle. since IIRC the Sochi organizers could have gotten it's inclusion delayed until 2018.
  2. My personal guess is that Quebec City would only want to ship the speed alpine events elsewhere, since that has always been their biggest roadblock to hosting. They had previously toyed with the idea of having a bid with Lake Placid as the alpine venue but didn't go through with it because they didn't think the IOC would approve. But of course I'm sure they would at least loot at either Calgary of Lake Placid as a venue for the sliding sports, too.
  3. I think it's sort of insane to think PyeongChang can cancel their sledding track. Perhaps it would make sense to host it in Nagano had that always been the plan, but I don't see the organizers shelving those plans after construction has started. I also don't see Korea wanting to share their second big international sporting event in a row with Japan. As for hosting it anywhere but Nagano or PyeongChang... seriously, that's just insanity. IMO this is just a PR stunt from the IOC. Where it would make sense for Bobsleigh to be held in another country would be something like Are, Salzbourg, Krakow or Quebec City hosting.
  4. They did in Vancouver and Sochi, iirc. And hey, if Canada can win a bobsleigh medal with a Jamaican on the sled then so can South Korea
  5. I feel like that's the hope - you probably don't want a country outside of your continent to win your continental championship.
  6. If FIFA didn't do anything wrong they would release the full report and Michael Garcia wouldn't be publicly criticising FIFA for misrepresenting his report. FIFA condems itself with it's actions.
  7. Withdrawing Australia's place was so strange. I understand removing Oceania's automatic qualification spot and/or forcing Oceania to merge with either Africa or Asia. But rescinding the spot in the men's (but not the women's) Worlds after the fact? Coincidentally after Germany fails to qualify? Ya, that doesn't pass the smell test.
  8. It's a good thing Munich is the heavy favourite in 2022. It's one of those things where I'm sure the IOC was convinced Munich would bid again. Hingsight being 20/20 that might have been a bit of a mistake. TBH if nothing else they seem like Nagano 2.0. Not terrible, just not particularely exciting.
  9. Wut? South Korea is the biggest Short Track country in the world, at this point they are probably second only to the Netherlands in Speed Skating and Figure Skating is on the rise there. They aren't Germany, but seriously. Australian winter sports has a long way to go to be competitive with South Korea.
  10. You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
  11. Four of these seven EUFA teams that can still qualify for the men's tournament: Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia. England can't qualify because the four house nations are stuborn.
  12. I mean gosh, there is how many days of competition at the Ski Jumping venue? Nine? You can even cut it down to eight if you double up the men's and women's normal hill qualification. I agree with you, even if there where a couple of days blocked off there is no way the schedule couldn't be adjusted to make this work.
  13. I still wish they just used the Ski Jumping stadium for ceremonies. Would be both a nice cost saving measure and it would be a pretty old school move.
  14. I'm personally strugling to figure out why the FIS added the snowboard parallel slalom other than to give Russia more medal chances. As much as I like the parallel events personally they just are not in any way ratings draws.
  15. One Olympics, not five. Also France as a whole has only had one summer Olympics since 1900.
  16. If their goal is to give Korea more medal oportunities then Synchro really isn't the way to go.
  17. The Netherlands is really not looking good so far. Losing to the Czech Republic and Iceland... ya. Really happy for Iceland, though. 9 points and +8 differential after three games. Looks like they have a fair chance of making their first major tournament appearance.
  18. Moldova holding Russia to a point is pretty surprising. Liechtenstein is also holding it's own surprisingly well so far. Watched the Ukraine - Macedonia game today. It was pretty ugly.
  19. It is absolutely, 100% relevent. Hosting the ice events, like Beijing has done in the past, is frankly the easy part. I have full confidence that everything in Beijing proper would go swimingly in 2022. The problem is everything up in the mountains. Hosting Alpine events is a whole different animal. Hosting freestyle events is a whole different animal. Even hosting nordic events and sleeding events can get complicated. The snow venues Beijing plan to use have no experience hosting anything, summer or winter. That is very concerning, especially when it comes to Alpine events.
  20. Problem with that is that Beijing has only ever hosted one snow event, and it was a city aerials event (basicly the easiest thing to organize out of the snow events). Zhangjiakou and the Xiaohaituo Mountain Area have zero experience hosting international events. At least Almaty isn't completly foreign to the idea of hosting snow sports.
  21. True, but I'm pretty sure Yugoslavia as a whole did not have a plurality, let alone a majority, Muslim population. Even today's Bosnia Herzegovina is less than 50% Muslim. Kazakhastan is 70% Muslim.
  22. I think that might be a selling point for the IOC. They get to have their forray in a Muslim country before FIFA does. And amazingly a less controvetial one at that.
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