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  1. Well, its a done deal: Canada, South Korea and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) all qualified for Olympic baseball. They join the previously qualified China PR (host), the United States of America (champion of the America's Olympic qualifier), Cuba (runner-up of the America's Olympic qualifier), the Netherlands (champion of the European Olympic qualifier) and Japan (champion of Asia's Olympic qualifier). So we have four Asian teams, three American teams and one European team.
  2. By the way, if Canada wins its game against Germany we will finish first in the final Baseball Olympic Qualifier (not that it really matters, just a bit of extra pride). Oh, and the CONCACAF men's Olympic Qualifier is just underway. Canada drew its first game 1-1 versus Mexico, so its quite a decent start (we still have to play against Haiti and Guatemala).
  3. I think we will do it, Australia haven't been impressive so far.
  4. Day two results at the Baseball qualification tournament: Canada 10 - 0 South Africa (7 Innings) Mexico 1 - 6 Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Korea Republic 16 - 2 Australia (7 Innings) Spain 0 - 1 Germany Current rankings: Korea Republic: 2-0 Chinese Taipei (Taiwan): 2-0 Canada: 2-0 Australia: 1-1 Germany: 1-1 Spain: 0-2 South Africa: 0-2 Mexico: 0-2
  5. OMG Canada 9 Romania 8 I can't believe it.
  6. Indeed, winning against Mexico was critical. Now tomorrow we play South Africa, while we play Australia Sunday. If we beat Australia, we will have a very good chance to make it to Beijing.
  7. Here are the scores from day one: Korea 5 - 0 South Africa Canada 15 - Mexico 10 Australia 4 - Germany 1 Chinese Taipai (Taiwan) 13 - 3 Spain
  8. Well, Canada's performance against Italy is a good sign for things to come. I hope Canada will qualify. I love Water Polo and I would be quite sad not to have a Canadian team to cheer for...
  9. True, but technicaly a swimmer could swim more that a relay. But anyway, we won't have the athletic and swim team line-up until a while from now. To bad they don't have some kind of list that shows who archived the A and B standards for those sports...
  10. Actually Faster, we qualified at least 8 athletes in swimming (due to having some relays qualified), 16 in Field Hockey, 12 in Gymnastic (8 in artistic, 1 in rhythmic and 3 in trampoline), 15 in Softball, 11 in Sailing and 7 in Cycling.
  11. Well, its the end of the Pan-Ams wrestling championships. Canada qualified seven wrestlers (men's freestyle 60kg, 66kg and 74kg, men's greco-roman 120 kg and women's 55kg, 63kg and 72kg) to add to the two wrestlers qualified during the world championships (men's freestyle 84kg and women's 48kg). We now have a full team of four for women's wrestling, and Canada's male wrestlers will have two more chance to qualify at the two Olympic Qualification Tournament.
  12. Oh, and Canada also qualified by default in the 120kg Men's Greco-Roman.
  13. Its sickening to see a drawing of the lot having such bearing on who qualifies for Beijing in Volleyball... Honestly, the way qualifications are organised for indoor volleyball are total crap...
  14. The correct term would be "dog". Oh, and its hight time for this topic to be locked, in my opinion.
  15. Yup, all four semi-finalist qualified, and Canada just lost its quarterfinal... So, the final line-up for the women's is China, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Italy and Greece.
  16. Greece 5 - Canada 2... Honestly, I can't even described how disappointed I am...
  17. To be totally honest I am a little bit surprised, I expected Argentina to win. So, now who will win the last two tournaments? Austria, Chile, Great Britain, India, Mexico and Russia will face off in Santiago while Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland and Switzerland will battle for the very last Olympic spot in Kakamigahara. Anyone up for some predictions? Here are mine: Tournament II: 1. India 2. Great Britain 3. Chile 4. Austria 5. Russia 6. Mexico Tournament III: 1. Germany 2. Japan 3. Malaysia 4. Poland 5. Switzerland 6. Italy
  18. Nice stuff, lets hope that Beijing 2008's Tennis tournament will be an interesting one.
  19. Final ranking: 1. New Zealand 2. Argentina 3. France 4. Ireland 5. Trinidad and Tobago 6. United States of America All three teams that won there ranking match (New Zealand, France and T&T) had lost to the team they faced in there ranking match during the pool stage of the tournament (Argentina 3 - 1 New Zealand, Ireland 4 - 0 France and USA 4 - 2 T&T).
  20. Not exactly. Archery - We could still qualify one female athlete during the last chance qualification tournament. Hockey - Canada will have a chance to qualify at home for the women's event (altought its a long shoot to say the least...). Modern Penthatlon - World Ranking and 2008 World Championships. Volleyball - Its true for indoor, but we could still qualify for Beach Volleyball (altought it does not look good...). Weightlifting - Its over for the Canadian ladies (and it went well), but the mens will still have a chance to qualify later this year. Oh, and you forgot handball. Altought we never had a chance for that one...
  21. Its nice to see that Canada got a kind draw. Oh, and its also worth noting that Steve Nash is apparently considering trying (like he would have any trouble) to make the team.
  22. Its a reference to the fact that Ethiopia whitdrew of both the men's and the women's Olympic football qualification after reaching the final stage of qualification (the final 12 for the mens and the final 4 for the womens). Its nothing personal, its just that while I was not overly shocked from seeing a country that is relatively poor whitdrawing from a major sporting event for financial reasons, but the fact that Canada, a relatively rich country, whitdrew from a major sport competition do to lack of funds did surprise me. Thats all.
  23. By the way, the gold we got at the FIS Nordic Skiing WC is the first medal we got in a major Nordic Skiing competition since 2006, and was won in the lady's sprint by Chandra Crawford, who is defending Olympic Champion not only in this event but also in the "most enthusiastic interpretation of the national anthem" one... Oh, and its her first ever World Cup victory ever, and her second major victory overall. Its nice to see that Canadian X-Country Skiing seams to be making a bit of a comeback after last year's mediocre season.
  24. If he is still prime minister in two years . Anyway, I think Michael Jean would be a great choice.
  25. Won't she still be around at Vancouver, thought? I don't think it would be a good idea to get a current athlete to carry the torch.
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