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  1. I mean gosh, there is how many days of competition at the Ski Jumping venue? Nine? You can even cut it down to eight if you double up the men's and women's normal hill qualification. I agree with you, even if there where a couple of days blocked off there is no way the schedule couldn't be adjusted to make this work.
  2. I still wish they just used the Ski Jumping stadium for ceremonies. Would be both a nice cost saving measure and it would be a pretty old school move.
  3. I'm personally strugling to figure out why the FIS added the snowboard parallel slalom other than to give Russia more medal chances. As much as I like the parallel events personally they just are not in any way ratings draws.
  4. If their goal is to give Korea more medal oportunities then Synchro really isn't the way to go.
  5. It is absolutely, 100% relevent. Hosting the ice events, like Beijing has done in the past, is frankly the easy part. I have full confidence that everything in Beijing proper would go swimingly in 2022. The problem is everything up in the mountains. Hosting Alpine events is a whole different animal. Hosting freestyle events is a whole different animal. Even hosting nordic events and sleeding events can get complicated. The snow venues Beijing plan to use have no experience hosting anything, summer or winter. That is very concerning, especially when it comes to Alpine events.
  6. Problem with that is that Beijing has only ever hosted one snow event, and it was a city aerials event (basicly the easiest thing to organize out of the snow events). Zhangjiakou and the Xiaohaituo Mountain Area have zero experience hosting international events. At least Almaty isn't completly foreign to the idea of hosting snow sports.
  7. True, but I'm pretty sure Yugoslavia as a whole did not have a plurality, let alone a majority, Muslim population. Even today's Bosnia Herzegovina is less than 50% Muslim. Kazakhastan is 70% Muslim.
  8. I think that might be a selling point for the IOC. They get to have their forray in a Muslim country before FIFA does. And amazingly a less controvetial one at that.
  9. Seems like a wasted oportunity considering the games are in South Korea. Synchro is baffling to me, though. Huge number of athlete, gender inbalance and frankly a pretty niche sport. I don't see it getting in.
  10. Since this thread exists anyway, might as well post this here: the Copa América Femenina has just concluded. Brazil won for the sixth time in seven editions, Colombia finished second and Ecuador finished third. Brazil (as host) and Colombia will be the CONMEBOL representatives in the Olympic women's Football tournament for the second straight time. Brazil and Colombia also both qualify for the 2015 women's world cup. Ecuador will be in a playoff against the fourth best CONCACAF team for a spot in the world cup but they are out of contention for the Olympic tournament.
  11. Hey, I'd take Almaty over Beijing. So it's more than two people
  12. There used to be qualifications that happened even earlier (especially in shooting). I believe it's only since London that qualification events can't be more than 2 years before the opening ceremonies. And actually (at least) three more European dressage teams will qualify.
  13. I like them, honestly. They create a second opportunity for athletes to compete and they reward national federations for fostering depth. Plus they are very TV friendly.
  14. Odds are if Canada would host 2026 (fat chance, IMO) the finals would be in Toronto and the opening match would be in Montreal. Vancouver and Edmonton would probably host either a semi or a third place match. Having been to Moncton's stadium this week I really don't see it as worthy of holding a world cup match (as much as I'd love to see that kind of event in New Brunswick I think it's really unrealistic). Its not conveniently located and the permanent capacity is only 10,000. I would personally go with twelve stadiums in eleven cities: Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto (x2), Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
  15. There is something you said that bears repeating: the best bid does not always win. Atlanta wasn't the best bid. You can make a good argument for Salzburg being the best bid in 2010 and 2014, for Munich being the best bid in 2018, for Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo being better bids than Rio, for Toronto, Paris or even Osaka being better bids than Beijing, for Salt Lake being a better bid than Nagano (well, that one and 2002 are a bit smelly). And dear god was Albertville not the best bid. Point being, going into a bidding process for the Olympics or the World Cup thinking that it's your God given right to hold the event is a recipe to crash and burn. Nobody outside of Great Britain cares where the "home of Football" is. Shed the arrogance and maybe the English will have a chance. Athens made the mistake of assuming they had a right to 1996 and we all know how that turned out for them. Give an England bid to a team that is as competent as the team that lead the London 2012 bid and the result will be much improved.
  16. That's actually exactly how it works. Two athletes per team.
  17. Why do people make those stupid lists? Nobody has expressed interest in 2030, 2034, 2038... heck, who knows if the CWG will be around in 2046? Can we at least wait until 2030 was awarded until we start speculating about 2038? Arguably speculating about anything but 2022 and MAYBE 2026 is pure bullshit.
  18. I'm really not a big fan of that list in general. Big air is stale IMO, it doesn't seem to be an event that is really growing in popularity. The alpine team event is just not a good format - 20s parallel runs, really? The focus for ski jumping, IMO, should be to bring in a second women's event rather than introduce a mixed event. A second nordic combined team event seems unnecessary. And telemark, really? The only thing on this list I'd be in favour of adding is the team snowboardcross event. Also forgot to mention a minor but interesting tweak to the format of the half-pipe and slopestyle events. Finals will not feature 3 runs rather than 2, bringing it in line with basically all non-FIS organized events. I feel like for the sake of the TV package it might be wise to reduce the size of the finals from 12 to 8 (36 runs seems like a lot) but it's definitively a good move in terms of fairness.
  19. The document sort of implies that this list isn't necessarily exhaustive. Sadly the FIS's website makes it a pain to access the exhaustive list of decisions taken by the congress.
  20. I don't think this was posted anywhere, but the FIS has made the decision to ask the IOC to add the following events to the Olympics: Alpine Skiing Mixed Team Event Ski Jumping Mixed Normal Hill Team Event Nordic Combined Team Sprint Snowboard Big Air Team Snowboardcross Telemark Parallel Sprint Telemark Team Parallel Sprint Source: http://www.fis-ski.com/mm/Document/document/General/05/53/43/fiscouncilbarcelona2014_Neutral.pdf
  21. Same here. The dripping blood gushing out from cuts is really off putting. If I was a parent it would not encourage me to sign up my kids up for boxing lessons.
  22. Facts fly in the face of your statement
  23. Well, FWIW the artist's impressions look really nice. Hopefully the venues turn out to look just as good.
  24. IIRC Seoul was a disaster due to the weather.
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