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  1. My biggest fear regarding 2010 is the Speed Skating venue. O well, at least there is still Calgary...
  2. Well, I do agree with the IOC that the competition in Ski Jumping is king of low, but on the other end of the spectrum, Women's Ice Hockey at Nagano only had six teams competing. So I say if woman's Ice Hockey was included in Nagano, they is really only one excuse not to include Women's Ski Jumping in Vancouver: the sport will only start to be competed at the FIS world Championship in 2009, and it is required for any new events included to have been included in a world championship at least twice. To bad the FIS decided not to included Women's Ski Jumping in the 2007 nordic skiing championship, the decision might have been different. I do believe that the inclusion of Women's Ski Jumping would be a great boost to the sport in North America: after all, both the USA and Canada have serious contenders in the event.
  3. Didn't the Australian women's waterpolo team do seething like that prior to the 2000 Olympics to get the women's side of the sport included?
  4. They is already a good number of teams qualified for Beijing, including the USA and Cuba (Baseball), Australia (Basketball - Women), Spain (Basketball - Men), Korea and Pakistan (Hockey - Men), Japan (Hockey - Women), USA, Japan, Australia and Canada (Softball).
  5. I wonder how the IOC would react if VANOC would refuse to include Ski Cross... Would be quite surprising if they didn't, anyway.
  6. Come on, its not THAT bad. Two or three years ago, we had two straight day where the temperature wase -40 with the wind...
  7. Actualy, it would be quite ool for Synchronise Skating to make it in the Olympics.
  8. To bad only Ski Cross wase aded. I would admit, tought, that I am quite surprise (and disapointed) that team Luge, Skeleton, Bobsled and Alpine Skiing where not included (aspecialy Team Alpine Skiing) becose "these events would only allow the same athletes already participating in an individual event to take part in another event and win more medals. " (taken from the IOC's website). It wasen't a factor for Speed Skating Team pursuit, and I tink the reason guiven is quite lame, aspecialy considering the prestise those events would gater. The same goes with the mixed biathlon relay. As for Women's Ski Jumping and mixed curling, well, they are yet to have been stage in a World Championship. Hopefully they will be included in 2014.
  9. My bet is on Alert, Nunavut: dosen't get much more remote than that .
  10. Bandy is for 2014 at best, 2010 is just not realistic. The one ting I don't get is that they don't seam to be any sort of plan to include Halfpipe freestyle-skiing at the Olympics. It would make sence with the IOC's "extreme sports" trend at the WOG (with Freestyle Skiing and Short Track in 1992, Snowboard in 1998, Skeleton in 2002, Snowboardcross in 2006 and potentialy Ski-Cross in 2010).
  11. That seams to be quite the thing right now, buying 'copter. Wonder when St. Jhon's will be covered .
  12. And yet us Canadians still have to pay for the tickets... *sight*
  13. I tink Jennifer Heil could well be it, but then again, Freestyle Skiing is a very volatile sport...
  14. Verry impressive stuff. You need to go to China to se those kind of things ^ ^. And they don't need to bother with peoples opignons, either...
  15. I had frogot about Hicham El Garrouj... I wase so happy for him when he won his double gold medal, I don't tink many athleats were more deservant to win those events that him.
  16. Favorits moments for me: 5. Chantal Peticlaire finaly going to the Olympic (altought only in a demo sport) wining the 800 meter in wheelchair. 4. Marie-Hélène Prémont wins a silver in femal mountaine biking, just a great race. 3. Karen Cockburn geting her second Olympic medal, a silver in Trampoline. 2. Kyle Shewfelt wins Canada's first ever gold medal in artistic gymnastic; just a fantastic routine! 1. Lori-Ann Muenzer wining the women track sprint, arguable the most memorable canadian Olympic moment since, well, as long as I can remember... Her victory wase truly amazing, and I still remember it as if it wase yesterday. Now, for wath I didn't like... Well, the Athens Olympic games where, well, abysimal for Canada (with a amazing 35 forth to sixth place finish...) . From Kyle Shewfelt questionably missing the podium in the men's bault event, Émilie Heymans and Alexandre Depatis BOTH finishing forth on the 10m Platforme (while both where world champion in that event...), David Ford finishing forth in the white water event, the Canadian men's lightweight fours rowing team somehow finishing fifth, altought they had yet to loose a race in 2004 (!!!). But, by far the worst moment of the 2004 Olympic, wase Perdita Felicien not finishing the 100m hurdle. How does it get any worst then that?
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