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  1. Not that well. I haven't herd anything of Zina Kocher this year, but Sandra Keith seams to have a decent season.
  2. Where did you watch this? Venezuela's Women's Volleyball team did the same thing, beating Peru in 5 sets. Meanwhile, in Cycling, Canada have earned 4 quotas in Mountain Biking: two (out of a possible three) quotas in the men's X-country and two (full quota) in the women's X-country.
  3. Last year's Continental Cup standing (top level for Women's Ski Jumping) 1. Anette Sagen, Norway 2. Ulrike Graessler, Germany 3. Lindsay Van, United States of America 4. Daniela Iraschko, Austria 5. Juliane Seyfarth, Germany 6. Katie Willis, Canada 7. Line Jahr, Norway 8. Jaqueline Seifriedsberger, Austria 9. Alissa Johnson, United States of America 10. Izumi Yamada, Japan
  4. Yes, the jumps look good, and will serve as great venues during Vancouver 2010. But I do have a problem whit them, and probably not the same one that EWO, Agent... and the rest of the username-way-to-long-to-remember-club. Its simple; building the smaller jumps (like they did for Calgary 1988) would have mean that we can finally get Canadian Ski Jumpers developed in another region that Calgary. Sure, we have world class facilities in Vancouver now, but you can't use them in the winter and it will be impossible for beginners to use them. Vancouver 2010 would have been a great way to develop Ski Jumping in Canada. Its a shame that Vancouver's youngsters will still have to go to Calgary if they want to try out the sport. Oh, and hopefully this Ski Jump will be kept in good shape, not like the Calgary one...
  5. They finished third in Montreal, correct? Anyway, I sure hope they make it (it would also be nice if te men's team qualified, altought it is far less likely...).
  6. Speaking of Dans, the three-time defending champions in the women's Olympic tournament now have no chance to qualify for the Olympics (actually, they didn't even manage to qualify for the World Championships...)
  7. They (along whit our men's water polo team) still have a decent chance to qualify.
  8. Here And here In an unprecedented move, the IHF decided to replay the Asian Olympic qualifying tournament, thus denying Kuwait and Kazakhstan from a place in the men's and women's tournament, respectively. This move comes after major Korean protest (South Korea finished second in both tournaments) in regard of the referring. Simply unprecedented, but honestly, you have to feel bad for the members of the Kuwait and Kazakhstan national teams...
  9. Wikipedia is gravely underestimated (and don't worry, I did double-check everything on either the IF websites or the websites of the event organisers, and everything is indeed correct). As for TSN's list, its rather lame...
  10. By the way, the Canadian Olympic Trials in Wrestling are now underway. I am sad to say that Jonathan Rioux, who happens to be my friend's cousin, only finished third in his weight class (-84kg Freestyle, which happens to be the only men's one in which Canada qualified so far), and, consequently, he will not make it to Beijing. Oh well, at least New-Brunswick should still be represented in Rowing (women's pair), and Rioux is still a good prospect for 2012.
  11. FIBT World Cup: Gold in two-men, Silver and Bronze in two-women.
  12. Sandra Honor might have gotten Canada there quota, but it is still up to the COC on how to use it: Susan Natrass might very well go to Beijing.
  13. Here is a look at what we qualified so far, by sports: Archery: 3 men (full quota, also qualified for team event), sadly so far no women qualified. Boxing: One weight category (-69kg) Canoeing: Men's K1 slalom, men's K1-500m, K1-1000m, K2-500m and C-500m. Cycling: 3 athletes in men's road race, 1 men time-trialist, at least one athlete in men's mountain biking. Diving: one team of men's 3m synchro and women's 10m synchro, 2 divers in men's and women's 10m and one diver in men's and women's 3m Equestrian: Full team Gymnastic: Full 6 member men's team in artistic gymnastic, 2 women in artistic gymnastic, one individual rhythmic gymnast, two athletes in women's trampoline and one in men's trampoline. Field Hockey: Men's team qualified Modern Penthatlon: One men and one women qualified Rowing: Men's 8, Men's LW 4, Women's Pair, Women's Quadruple Scull and Women's LW Double Scull Sailing: Men's RS:X, Men's Laser, Men's 470, Women's RS:X, Women's Laser Radical, 49er (open event), Finn (open event) Shooting: 4 quotas (men's 50m riffle prone, men's trap, women's 10m air pistol and women's trap) Softball: Women's team Swimming: Every relay but men's 4x100m medley Taekwondo: 3 weight class (-80kg men, -49kg women and -67kg women) Weightlifting: 3 womens Wrestling: 3 weight class (Men's 84kg Freestyle, Women's 48kg and Women's 55kg) It is to be noted that, from Canada's point of view, qualification is still ongoing for every sports but Equestrian, Gymnastic, Shooting, Softball, Taekwondo and Handball (in which we never had any chance to qualify anyway...).
  14. You can add another bronze for 4-man bobsleigh ^^.
  15. They are rather decent. My fav has to be Sumi But anyway, I am sure kids will enjoy them, and its kind of the point, after all...
  16. I wouldn't be surprise if the small venues where partially to blame, Jeremie... Anyway, it really depends what you mean about underrated. I think that if you mean that they don't get the respect they deserve, Rhythmic Gymnastic and Synchronized Swimming must be way up there...
  17. Apart from that, our 4x200m relay will be our best medal hope.
  18. Guys, huge shock ahead! The USA won against Brazil... 3 sets to none (28-26, 30-28, 25-20)!
  19. What you are assuming has been made official for quite a while.
  20. I hope to see the opening ceremonies, as much short-track as possible, some Long Track Speed Skating (especially the Team Pursuit finals), and Snowboard/Ski cross. The rest I will see.
  21. Actually, the Beijing 2008 section is surprisingly accurate.
  22. I disagree a bit whit you, Dave. We could easily win a medal in Triathlon and in Taekwondo. Also, Boxing is always quite a wild-card and we could win a medal in women's trap. Oh, and we could win more that two medals in track and field (and we might get a gold), and don't froget that we do have a world champion in swimming.
  23. I (kinda) think it won't be the last (provided that MLB players would be able to play in a future Olympic Baseball tournament). Anyway, I predict that Japan will be the Asian champion while Taiwan, Canada and Mexico will be the last three teams to qualify.
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