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  1. Well, its official: Canada will have a boat in every Canoeing flatwater events.
  2. Horrible news. My deepest sympathies to the peoples concerned, and best of luck for the rescue teams.
  3. Actually it appears to be the only sport he enjoys...
  4. James, can't you detect humour when its staring at you right into the eyes?
  5. Well, its official: Canada will only have one boxer at the Olympics.
  6. The draw for Football has been completed. Men's Group A: Côte d'Ivoire Argentina Australia Serbia Group B: Netherlands Nigeria Japan United States of America (Probably the group of death) Group C: China PR New Zealand Brazil Belgium (China gets a relatively king group, except for Brazil). Group D: Korea Republic Cameroon Honduras Italy Women's Group E: China PR Sweden Argentina Canada Group F: Korea DPR Nigeria Germany Brazil (THE group of death, and hands down the most interesting group in the men's or the women's tournament) Group G: Norway United States of America Japan New Zealand
  7. Well, some qualification news: Synchronized Swimming Qualified for team event: Spain, Japan and Canada (joins China, Russia, the USA, Egypt and Australia) Qualified for the duet event: Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, France, Israel, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Great Britain (New-Zealand and every NOC qualified for the team event are already qualified for the duet. Three other quota places are TBD). Taekwondo Invitational quotas: men's -58kg: Belize men's -68kg: Afghanistan women's -57kg: Nigeria women's -67kg: United Arab Emirates Triathlon Invitational quotas: Men's: Omar Tayara (Syria) Women's: Flora Duffy (Bermuda)
  8. Well, Canada's Synchro Swimmers are going to Beijing: Canada finished third in the "Good Luck Beijing" Synchronized Swimming Qualification Event and grabs the last remaining place in the Team event (and an automatic berth for the Duet event). Spain and Japan finished first and second, respectively.
  9. Well, Azerbaijan did draw against Spain at the last EuroHockey, so it would not be inconceivable for them to win the tournament, altought it is true that Spain has to be the favourite.
  10. About time that Canada's women Football team makes it to the Olympics. Anyway, I hope they do well in Beijing.
  11. I don't mind it if everyone has access to it (which will hopefully happen). Swimming suits just have a tendency to evolve, its the way it is. Looking forward to seeing a lot of world records being smashed in Beijing.
  12. Quite a shame, it was always good publicity for the Paralympics. I wonder why BOGOC (spelling?) drooped the event...
  13. Sam Cools? As for the women's road race, it looks like its going to be close between sending two or three athletes.
  14. Here are some more wild cards given by the tripartite commission , this time in Archery. Men's individual: Bhutan Iraq Myanmar Women's individual: Bhutan Mauritius Tajikistan For those wondering why Bhutan got two wild-cards in Archery, it should be noted that Archery is Bhutan's national sport.
  15. And lets be honest, the Beijing games weren't attributed on technical merit...
  16. I am quite happy Mo Zhang qualified since she is still very young (18 years old I believe) and have a bright future in the sport. She is currently ranked 143rd in the world. As for Peter-Paul Pradeeban, he is ranked 269nt in the world. That also means that Canada will represent North America at the men's Table Tennis team event in Beijing.
  17. The last men's Field Hockey Qualifying Tournament just kicked-off in Japan. Here are the day 1 results: Germany 8 - 0 Italy Malaysia 2 - 1 Poland Switzerland 1 - 2 Japan Only the winner of the tournament will make it to Beijing.
  18. It depends how many country qualify two single entry. We just might make it as the ninth or tenth world quota. Anyway, so far Canada qualified one athlete from yesterday's Capilano Trials (North American TT Qualifier) Men's Single: Wilson Zhang of Canada (WR# 122) defeat Pradeeban Peter-Paul of Canada (WR#266)
  19. Sorry for triple post. Zhang Mo lost her semi-final game against Crystal Huang 4-1 (11-4, 11-7, 5-11, 11-9, 12-10), so the USA will have three ladies in women's single and have qualified for the team event as North-America champion. Now, logically, Canada should qualify two of the following four ladies and maybe a women's team (if we are lucky): Zhang Mo, Chris Xu, Sara Yuen, Judy Long.
  20. Results from the CN Swimming Olympic Trials: Women's 200m Individual Medley -Julia Wilkinson -Erica Morningstar Women's 200m Butterfly -Audrey Lacroix Men's 100m Freestyle -Brent Hayden -Joel Greenshields Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay -Brent Hayden -Joel Greenshields -Colin Russell -Rick Say -Richard Hortness (Alternate)
  21. Just so everybody know, the tournament is of the following format: 8 competitors, 4 Canadians and 4 Americans. Friday: Single elimination tournament in both the men's and the women's event. The winner wins the tournament and qualifies for Beijing. Saturday: The seven remaining competitors are re-draw (Friday's finalist gets a bye to the semi-final) and there is another single-elimination tournament, whit the winner finishing second and the winner goes to Beijing. Sunday: The six remaining competitor are divided in two pools of three, whit the winner of both pools facing each-other for the tournament's third place and the last ticket to Beijing.
  22. The North American Table Tennis Olympic Qualifier will take place this week-end in Vancouver. To my knowledge, only Canada and the US will take place (the Caribbean and Mexico/Central America fall under "Latin America" for the ITTF, and I don't believe Bermuda, the only other country in the North American zone, will send any athletes). That means that Canada is already guaranteed two women's single entry (the USA already qualified two female single entry out of a possible three via the world ranking). Also, whoever between the USA and Canada that gets two male entry will qualify for the Table Tennis team event (unless Canada gets all three women's entry the US will qualify as NA's entry for the women's team event).
  23. The Tripartite Invitation Commission's wildcard places are starting to be announced. In Artistic Gymnastic, Yemen's Nashwan Al-Harazi and Vietnam's Thuong Di Thi Ngan recived invitations for the men's and women's events, respectively. In Rhythmic Gymnastic, Cap Verde's Wania Monteiro recieved her second Olympic wildcard in a row, having already competed in Athens. In Trampoline, the TPC decided not to give any invitational places, so the places where redistributed to the highest non-qualifier from the world-championships, so the USA and the Czech Republic gained an entry in the men's and women's event respectively. In Tennis, El Salvador's Rafael Arevalo and Togo's Komlavi Loglo where both invited to the men's single, while Zimbabwe's Cara Black (one of the top doubles player in the world) and Liechtenstein's Stephanie Vogt got invited to the women's single.
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