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  1. In other news everybody expected to hear, Tony Andre Hansen has officially been disqualified for a doping infraction committed during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games (the same thing happened to defending individual Show Jumping Olympic champion, Brazil's Rodrigo Pessoa). This is especially significant since Hansen's disqualification brings Norway's Show Jumping team all the way from third place to tenth place. Switzerland gains Norway's medal, while Germany and the Netherlands both move to forth place, four penalties back of Switzerland.
  2. Its pretty astonishing that all six Canadian teams that entered Olympic Curling competitions all walked away whit a medal... But as jawnbc notes, only two of those team had the right kind of medal . Anyway, some updates: Here are the teams that are now officially qualified: Men's event: -Canada -France -Germany -United Kingdom -United States Women's event: -Canada -China -Denmark -Switzerland -Sweden -United States Situation, men: Apart from the teams listed above, Norway, China and Switzerland should all qualify. Things look good for Finland and Denmark (both qualified for the '09 world) while they look bad for Australia and Sweden (both of which did not qualify for the '09 world). Right now, here are the standings (from those four teams) Sweden, 11 points Australia, 10.5 points Denmark: 7.5, Q Finland: 6.5, Q So basically, if Finland score 5 points (sole eight place) they are in, and Denmark is in whit 4 points (sole ninth place). So Sweden and Australia need to hope that Finland and Denmark (Finland or Denmark in the case of Sweden) have a very bad WC... Now, for the womens: Unless Italy finishes fourth or higher, or either Norway or South Korea wins gold, there shouldn't be any change to the current standings. That would mean that Japan, Russia, Germany and Great Britain would also qualify.
  3. Slovakia has done the unthinkable! The seventeenth team in the world just qualified for the 2010 Olympics women's hockey tournament. Germany just defeated France 7-2, eliminating Slovakia's last competitor for the coveted Olympic berth. The Slovakia-France game tomorrow will now be inconsequential since Slovakia has already clinched first place and France last place. The Germany-Kazakhstan game will decide second and third, but the only thing on the line will be pride. So the last piece of the Group A puzzle is now completed: Slovakia joins Switzerland, Sweden and host Canada. Group B will be finalized tomorrow whit either China or Japan joining Finland, Russia and the United States.
  4. Well, this is quite amazing: Both Germany and Kazakhstan have been eliminated from Olympic contention! The seventh and tenth ranked teams, which should have been the class of the field, are both out, after Germany lost 2-0 to Slovakia and Kazakhstan also lost 1-0 to Slovakia, the seventeenth team in the world. France (due to the first tie-breaker being head-to-head record) is now the only team that has a chance to overtake Slovakia, and they will need a regulation win against both Germany and Slovakia (both of which are unlikely since they lost 6-1 to Kazakhstan). So, in all likelihood, Slovakia, which is the lowest ranked team in either of the Olympic qualification tournaments, will qualify for Vancouver.
  5. It looks like I did a mistake here: China also qualified in women's hockey in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Sorry for the mistake.
  6. Well, as you may know the first six teams of the women's hockey tournament (Canada, the USA, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Russia) have already been decided. The last two spots are being contested right now in Bad Tölz, Germany and in Shanghai, China. Here are the results so far: Group C The winner qualifies to the Olympics in Group B whit the USA, Finland and Russia The group consist of Germany, Kazakhstan, France and Slovakia. Results from game day 1: [17] Slovakia 2-0 [7] Germany [10] Kazakhstan 6-1 [11] France Major upset as Slovakia, ranked number 17 in the world, defeats the seventh team in the world, Germany. Germany's women's hockey program doesn't look good lately: they lost two places in the world ranking after last year's world championships (denying the Germans an automatic berth in the Olympics and demoting them from the elite division to division I) and they now have to win there next two games to have any chance to qualify for the Olympics. In any case, its a major win for Slovakia, which now appears to be quite underrated, and a major opportunity for Kazakhstan to qualify for Vancouver. Qualification scenarios: Kazakhstan or Slovakia qualifies: if they win the Kazakhstan-Slovakia game in regulation and the France-Germany game goes to overtime. Germany or France can still qualify if: They win the France-Germany game in regulation or they win the France-Germany game in overtime and the Kazakhstan-Slovakia game goes in overtime. Group D The winner qualified to the Olympics in Group A whit Canada, Sweden and Switzerland The group consist of China, Japan, the Czech Republic and Norway Results from game day 1: [9] Japan 3-2 [12] Czech Republic [8] China PR 5-0 [14] Norway Results from game day 2: [9] Japan 3-1 [14] Norway [8] China PR 4-3 [12] Czech Republic Either China or Japan will qualify for there first Olympic women's hockey tournament since the sport debuted in 1998 (this would technically be the first time Japan qualified, since they booked there ticket to Nagano as the host nation). Simple as that: the Japan-China game Sunday will be winner take all (its especially simple since ties are no longer possible in international hockey).
  7. I love GamesBids because peoples keep posting topics in the wrong area of the forum...
  8. Also, Canada did better that in Athens, while South Africa went from three medals (gold, silver and bronze) to zero.
  9. Possible? Yes. But we really need to get our act together to achieve it, and all the pieces need to fall in place come London. And start winning less silvers and more golds...
  10. We're not condoning this, we just find it funny. I doubt anyone of us is sad the guy got a lifetime ban...
  11. By the way, has anyone seen the Boxing Middleweight final between Britain's James DeGale and Cuban Emilio Correa? In my opinion the Cuban got robed big time, not by the judges but by the referee, who aloud DeGale to waste a whole lot of time and even to force his opponent to the ground (MMA style...) on multiple occasions. At one point the two hugged each other for more than 20 seconds before the referee did anything...
  12. Altought I sympathize whit Abrahamian's situation, I have to say I am glad that the (many) Canadians that where on the wrong side of obvious judging scandals (and there are a LOT of them) did not react the way that he did. And it payed off for many of them in the end (Salé-Pelletier and Fréchette comme to mind).
  13. During the bronze medal fight between Cuban Angel Matos and Kazakh Arman Chilmanov. The Cuban got a leg injury, but the one minute time period that is allowed to treat injury expired, so the Kazakh fighter was declared the winer. The Cuban, angered by the turn of event, kicked the referee to the head. Quite disgraceful.
  14. Well, its now official: Marie-Helene Promont will not finish the race.
  15. Skiers. I don't know if it actually has anything to do whit Nagano 1998, but apparently Japan is becoming more and more of a popular spot for skiers. And I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens to Sochi.
  16. Mauritius won there first ever medal (bronze) in men's Boxing (Bantamweight). Serbia won its first medal as an independent country (Montenegro could very well do the same, but they have to beat Serbia in the men's Water Polo bronze medal match). Bahrain also won its first ever medal (a gold in the men's 1500m).
  17. Iceland will also win a medal (there fourth ever), either a gold or a silver, in men's Handball. Its a major upset that Iceland made it to the Olympic final (they didn't even qualify for the 2009 world championships...), and I hope they defeat France to give Iceland there first ever Olympic gold.
  18. Its the page playoff system, which is also often used in Curling (altought it luckily hasn't yet been used in Olympic Curling). I personally agree that its a bullshit playoff system.
  19. We can still trust Sailing and Curling... Right?
  20. Katerine Sergerie just BARELY defeated Tina Morgan of Australia in her round of sixteen, wining by superiority, which is the slimmest margin by which you can win a match. Not the best way to start the tournament, but its still a win.
  21. Results for the last Equestrian event, the individual show jumping: Gold: Eric Lamaze on Hickstead (Canada) Silver: Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on Ninja (Sweden) Bronze: Beezie Madden on Authentic (United States) Also, the Norwegian show jumping team will probably lose its bronze medal to Switzerland due to a doping violation from Tony Andre Hansen.
  22. First Equestrian gold for Canada since 1968! Great result from Erik Lamaze and Hickstead, the two best Canadian athletes at the Beijing games so far!
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