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  1. Iceland will also win a medal (there fourth ever), either a gold or a silver, in men's Handball. Its a major upset that Iceland made it to the Olympic final (they didn't even qualify for the 2009 world championships...), and I hope they defeat France to give Iceland there first ever Olympic gold.
  2. Its the page playoff system, which is also often used in Curling (altought it luckily hasn't yet been used in Olympic Curling). I personally agree that its a bullshit playoff system.
  3. We can still trust Sailing and Curling... Right?
  4. Katerine Sergerie just BARELY defeated Tina Morgan of Australia in her round of sixteen, wining by superiority, which is the slimmest margin by which you can win a match. Not the best way to start the tournament, but its still a win.
  5. Results for the last Equestrian event, the individual show jumping: Gold: Eric Lamaze on Hickstead (Canada) Silver: Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on Ninja (Sweden) Bronze: Beezie Madden on Authentic (United States) Also, the Norwegian show jumping team will probably lose its bronze medal to Switzerland due to a doping violation from Tony Andre Hansen.
  6. First Equestrian gold for Canada since 1968! Great result from Erik Lamaze and Hickstead, the two best Canadian athletes at the Beijing games so far!
  7. And he will either equal or surpass Canada's best ever finish in individual show jumping (silver in Montreal). The weather isin't that great in Hong Kong, whit the typhoon coming and all...
  8. Especially since a Canadian won a medal in Athens
  9. Believe me, you didn't need an expert to see the judging was... Well, lets say interesting.
  10. Its important in the context that Britain will host the next games, just like Canada's rise in Turino was a major story partially because Canada will host 2010.
  11. Its not just a mater of a really bad call that cost a competitor the match. Its a mater of one competitor having NO call going for her way while the other competitor got ALL the calls going her way. In the span of about 2 seconds, Gonda kicked Zajc to the head and Zajc kicked Gonda to the chest as a defensives manover. Normally, Gonda should have gotten 2 and Zajc one. Zajc got her point, but not Gonda. That basically exemplify the entire match.
  12. Here we have five glass cups, one whit every Olympic mascots, plus the "gold medal meal" (a donation goes to our (winter) athletes every time you buy one).
  13. According to the Canadian coach, he believed that Gonda scored between seven and eight points. She was awarded none... Well, Philan, Sweden has now been on both end of crappy judging at those Olympics ^^ (Contrarily to Canada... The Judo judging was already a little weird, and now this...).
  14. Well, its already over for Ivett Gonda. I won't pretend to know all that much about Taekwondo, but from what I saw the judging seemed a little bit suspect. Oh well, it was a Swedish competitor that won. At least one board member here (which I won't name) will be happy
  15. By the way, the Taekwondo draw is out for Canada and its generaly good news. Ivett Gonda has to face a Chinese competitor in the quarters (assuming they both win there first match), but Sebastien Michaud's and Karine Sergerie's biggest competitors (Steven Lopez and Hwang Kyung-Seon, respectively) are on the opposite side of there draws.
  16. To be honest, watching the race live I would have never guessed we would get a medal. Great to see Canada FINALLY winning another medal on the track!
  17. Ya, the thing in Gymnastic is that there is a point where its impossible to impartially separate two athletes. And thats why they should cut back on that stupid Olympic tiebreak rule (theyre is a reason its never used outside of the Olympics...).
  18. It wasn't a dead-heat on the photo-finish.
  19. Honestly, thought, heroic effort by Simon Whitfield. I can't believe he managed to hang on: he looked out of it a couple of time. And Fernandez won't be happy whit his race...
  20. We actually got a team bronze in Dressage back in Seoul, so it has been 20 years.
  21. After painful first week, Canada is on track to do better that in Athens. We got nine medals in three day, and our best sport behind rowing (flatwater Canoing) is still to come. We could also win up to three medal in Taekwondo, and there are a couple of odd medal chances here and there (men's Triathlon, individual Show Jumping, the men's 800m, softball, men's trampoline, diving and mountain biking come to mind). So, baring a disastrous last couple of days, we should do better that in Athens.
  22. Its not like we finished last whit 200 faults there. Considering we had a rider that had to withdraw and that we only committed eight faults all day (four in round two and four in the jump-off) I fail to see how our ability to deal whit pressure cost us the gold...
  23. Team Jumping, final results: Gold: United States Silver: Canada Bronze: Norway
  24. I believed there was only one rider competing. Guess I was wrong. Huge advantage for the Americans that they can drop a score, thought. Oh well, the Canadian team is on fire today!
  25. I can't imagine the pressure there will be in that jump-off... Now the question for Canada: Ian Miller or Erik Lamaze?
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