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  1. Wind assisted, it should be noticed.
  2. So New Zealand now has to win the Oceania Cup to qualify for the Olympics. Will be interesting to see how seriously Australia takes the event considering they have already qualified for the Olympics. It's likely to come down between New Zealand or Ireland for the last quota.
  3. Either way I have a hard time taking modern pentathlon "records" seriously due to the strength of the field mattering in the fencing portion and the course / horse draw mattering in the show jumping portion. I'm not sure I'd say it was an amazing game but it certainly had an interesting ending. Canada got insanely lucky in the bottom of the tenth (not that I'm complaining).
  4. Is it just me or is Taekwendo, as a sport, greatly improved (especially since the 2008 Olympics)? The matches have been great so far.
  5. Can't really help you there, I don't follow wrestling.
  6. I can believe they broke the existing rule, but the rule itself is ridiculous. If you where naturalized as a child and never played for any other country there is no sane reason for you being ineligible.
  7. That seems like a ridiculous reason, on the face of it, for a player not being eligible.
  8. Nice surprise to see Canada first after day one. Obviously won't last though
  9. That would be a shame. In case that happens, the spot won't be re-allocate from the Pan-am games but instead will be re-allocated to the synchronized swimming test event where the last three (four if Brazil refuses their quota) team spots and the last eleven duet spots will be decided. So it's theoretically possible (but very unlikely) that no American team makes the synchro team event.
  10. In men's field hockey, the following teams have qualified: India (Asian champion) Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain (World League) The African, European, Pan-American and Oceanic championships are left. Three of those championships can be won by a team qualified from the world league, in which case the quota place from the world league is redistributed. Additionally, Brazil will only compete as host nation if they finish in the top 6 (out of 8 teams) at the Pan-am games. If they do not qualify the remaining quota goes to the world league. Any additional quotas this opens up will be distributed, in order, to the following teams: Canada, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand. tl;dr: Canada and Spain are basically assured qualification. If Brazil doesn't get a host spot both Ireland and New Zealand should make it, otherwise Ireland will make it unless New Zealand beats Australia in the Oceanic Championship.
  11. Baring some major upset in the remaining continental championships (i.e. : Argenting or the US don't win the Pan-Am games, Netherlands, England or Germany don't win the European championship and Australia or New Zealand don't win the Oceania cup) the lineup in women's field hockey will be: - South Korea - Great Britain - China - Germany - Argentina - Netherlands - Australia - New Zealand - United States - India - Japan - African champion (likely South Africa) Which means that the top 11 teams in the world would qualify. India, the lowest ranked qualifier, is 13th in the world. Also 11 of the 12 teams in London return for Rio (only Belgium, coincidentally the 12th team in the world, fails to qualify).
  12. Field hockey: The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand all qualify in women's field hockey by winning their quarterfinals in the world league semifinals. Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand and South Korea qualify for the world league finals. South Korea also won their quarterfinals in a shoot-out against Belgium but they already qualified as Asian Games champions. Since South Korea is already qualified and Brazil will not receive a host quota Argentina, the fourth placed team in the first semi-finals, is also qualified for the Olympics. On the women's side both fifth place teams in the world league semifinals will almost certainly make it to the Olympics with a strong chance of the highest ranked sixth ranked team also making it. On the men's side Australia, Belgium, Great Britain and India all won their quarterfinals and make it to the Olympics (Australia, Belgium and GB from the world league, India as Asian Games champion). This result also guarantees that Germany, Argentina, the Netherlands, Canada, India, Australia, Belgium and Great Britain qualify for the world league finals. Canada is now assured of an Olympic spot if either they or Argentina win the Pan-am games, if Brazil finishes seventh or worse at the Pan-am games or if any of if an already qualified teams win the European or Oceanic championship.
  13. Women's Basketball: Serbia has just won it's first ever women's Eurobasket title, which seals their first Olympic qualification in women's basketball. France, Spain, Belarus and Turkey grabbed the four European spots in the final Olympic qualification tournament where five Olympic spots will be up for grabs. In 2008 and 2012, the two times this tournament has been held previously, European teams finished 1-4 that tournament (with Brazil and Canada grabbing the fifth spot in 2008 and 2012 respectively). Rio 2016 will be the first Olympics where the Soviet Union or Russia fail to qualify in women's basketball after losing the Eurobasket fifth place match in overtime against Turkey.
  14. Great Britain, China and Germany finished in the top 3 of their FIH World League semi-finals. They join South Korea who qualified as Asian Games champion. Argentina will also almost certainly qualify as the best fourth place team due to their high world ranking (host Brazil failed to gain an automatic place in the women's side).
  15. The broadcast for the Canada - Dominica game was really awful. One camera, bad lighting and the audio and the video where out of synch. Hopefully the production value will be significantly higher for the game in Toronto.
  16. Huh, Parallel Slalom had just been added for Sochi. Makes you wonder if it was just added to pad up Russia's medal chances in Snowboarding...
  17. The CONSUR Rugby 7s Olympic qualifier has completed. As expected Argentina won on the men's side, with Uruguay and Chile qualifying for the men's final Olympic qualifying tournament, but on the women's side Colombia qualified unexpectedly. Argentina and Venezuela qualified for the women's final Olympic qualifying tournament.
  18. Men's hockey groups have been announced by the IIHF: Group A: Canada Czech Republic Switzerland South Korea Group B: Russia USA Slovakia Third Qualifier Group C: Sweden Finland First Qualifier Second Qualifier
  19. Considering there is only one eventing team spot available at the Pan-ams and that the US hasn't qualified at the worlds this is pretty big for the Canadian equestrian team. Really unfortunate for the French team (minus Livio). Hopefully they'll qualify a team at Europeans.
  20. Am I the only one that thinks the America's Cup is a bit of a joke? There is awesome racing when they actually bother to race, but all the behind the scene legal battles and the arbitrary changes of classes makes the event hard to take too seriously IMO.
  21. Eugene is going to awfully refreshing after Doha in 2019.
  22. The venues I've seen so far are pretty stunning. The shooting venue, especially, looks really, really nice for, well, a shooting venue.
  23. Shame, especially on the women's side where Olympic Football is arguably the main showcase.
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