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  1. AP is reporting that, according to date from the Rio de Janeiro state government, the water at the triathlon venue (which is holding a test event this week-end) is unfit for swimming due to a high concentration of fecal bacteria. Hopefully they find an alternative venue for triathlon / open water swimming.
  2. I think Almaty absolutely nailed the presentation. Did not expect them to do so well. They highlighted their strengths and Beijing's weaknesses very well.
  3. The map with the giant dot is making a comeback! Loving how aggressive Almaty is being. Hey guys: do you think Almaty has snow? I'm not sure about that.
  4. I think Almaty had the emotional appeal and the (relatively) austere plan that might sway the IOC. I certainly don't think it will be as one-sided as 2018. Like runningrings, I'd like to see the winter Olympics in China, I'd just like to see them in a proper winter city.
  5. Yes. US won the 1-2 Page playoff game (usefully called the semifinals), Canada won the grand finals.
  6. Well, Uruguay left it late but they have their first gold medal of the event, wining the (U22) men's football. Only one gold medal left to decide: men's volleyball. It will go to either Brazil or Argentina. Canada also got one last gold medal, in women's softball. Not the bat and ball gold medal I was expecting today, truth be told.
  7. Europe's Group A is brutal. Also, still really disappointed in how dependent on luck Europe's and Africa's qualification systems are.
  8. Canada sneaked by Brazil 0-0 (5-4) on penalties in men's field hockey - after having beaten Brazil 9-1 in pool play - to make it to the finals against Argentina. Canada will qualify for the Olympics either as Pan-American champion (if they beat Argentina) or from the World League semi-finals (if Argentina wins).
  9. Looking much better now - Canada is guaranteed at worse a two-team jump-off for first. Olympic qualification is a done deal. Edit: Canada wins team gold by one fault. Argentina also qualifies for Rio.
  10. Lets renew the Brazil - Canada rivalry once Canada is a world power in Football and Brazil is a world power in Ice Hockey
  11. Well, due to a somewhat ridiculous development out of South Africa New Zealand has a further chance to qualify: South Africa has anounced that they will not accept a field hockey quota from the African championship whether it be from the men's or women's side. So if South Africa wins the men's African championship then New Zealand will almost certainly qualify regardless of the Oceania cup results.
  12. I don't know. When I ask my fellow Canadians on the street what comes to mind when they think of Brazilians the most common answer I get is "Brazilians are really sensitive about any perceived or real slight and they tend to take things that where meant in jest quite seriously". In those words exactly.
  13. Wind assisted, it should be noticed.
  14. So New Zealand now has to win the Oceania Cup to qualify for the Olympics. Will be interesting to see how seriously Australia takes the event considering they have already qualified for the Olympics. It's likely to come down between New Zealand or Ireland for the last quota.
  15. Bit of a surprise gold for Canada in women's basketball. Kia Nurse carried the team on her back with a very convincing performance. I'm not sure how strong the USA's team was relative to their A team but I can't imagine they where nearly at full strength.
  16. Either way I have a hard time taking modern pentathlon "records" seriously due to the strength of the field mattering in the fencing portion and the course / horse draw mattering in the show jumping portion. I'm not sure I'd say it was an amazing game but it certainly had an interesting ending. Canada got insanely lucky in the bottom of the tenth (not that I'm complaining).
  17. Canada wins men's baseball gold 7-6 in the tenth inning. Canada was down 6-4 going into the bottom of the tenth and was down 6-5 with one out and runners on first and second before a huge blunder from the team USA pitcher allowed Canada to score two.
  18. Canada ends up with one guaranteed* quota in canoe slalom, the womens' K1. By 0.02 second. Canada will qualify in men's C1 if the US qualifies from the worlds (finish in top 10 nations) and in men's K1 if the US and Brazil are both in the top 15 nations. *still need to show up to worlds or some weird technicality like that.
  19. Is it just me or is Taekwendo, as a sport, greatly improved (especially since the 2008 Olympics)? The matches have been great so far.
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