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  1. I wonder if VANOC is going to sell any ice or snow used by the athletes? What about the bullets used in Biathlon?
  2. Nope, since Trampoline has been added in 2000 there has always been both a men's and women's event.
  3. Heads up to everyone: the decision is (finally) expected tomorrow. Both parties will have the opportunity to appeal.
  4. From what I've heard the German Equestrian world is not going to well right now because of doping... But having two five-time Olympic gold medallist be accused of doping so closed together certainly can't be good for the national mood... As for Pechstein, whether or not she doped her name will always be tainted. Its a sad thing regardless: if she did doped, its a shame she was only caught now. If she didn't dope, her reputation is ruined forever.
  5. Its pretty much all in the tittle. Pechstein, who has nine career Olympic medals (including 5 golds and 2 medals from Turin, silver in the 5000m and gold in the Team Pursuit) has been found guilty of blood doping by the ISU, and the thirty-seven years old is suspended until 2011. She has appealed from the decision, but at the very least her reputation will have a lasting blow. ISU Decision
  6. I don't think I would mind it if we finished twelfth in men's Hockey... I do like Hockey, but I hate that Canadians act like its the only sport that exists. We could win 85 golds and finish second in men's Hockey and some peoples would call the Olympics a failure. Thats the kind of attitude that prevents Canada from being a better sports nation...
  7. Nice to see some Paralympic coverage (wasn't CBC's coverage of the '06 Paralympics a miserable 15 minute daily highlight show?), but of coarse Sledge Hockey had to be the "centrepiece"...
  8. *fixed* But suing them would so be worth our taxpayer's money
  9. PETA is from the US, so I think they could claim its a parody, making any copyright claims...
  10. A boycott on Canadian Maple Syrup PETA is so cute...
  11. There should probably be some news about this game comming from E3 next week.
  12. ^ Well, the Bloc doesn't see it that way. And you have to understand that TQS sucks.
  13. I, for one, fully support the gesture. Want it or not, the UN ban on seal hunt will greatly hurt the Inuit communities in the far north, and getting that kind of support from the GG certainly makes a difference to them. From my perceptive, it was a very classy gesture.
  14. Can someone explain to me how this is relevant to the 2010 Olympics?
  15. Ramzi was actually born in Morocco, where he still train.
  16. You do realize that it is illegal to hunt baby seals in Canada, right?
  17. I am happy that the COC is not on board. Politics and the Olympics should not mix (although they always do, sadly...). But on the subject of the seal hunt, I have to say that I believe that the ban is just plain wrong. Seriously, factory farming is so, so much worst that seal hunting has ever been or will ever be... And on another note, I refuse to take any animal rights activist seriously unless they: 1. are vegetarians, 2. have never worn fur and 3. would refuse a life saving treatment if it has been tested on animals (so basically all of modern medicine).
  18. Ah, I see what I did now. I took the medal tally from page 8, while the correct one was on the first post of page 9. I'll fix it next week (when the Hockey WC is done). Thanks for pointing it out.
  19. Jean. I really want a Canadian to open the games.
  20. Well, we now know the 6: Rashid Ramzi, Bahrain (Athletics, 1st 1500m) Davide Rebellin, Italy (Cycling, 2nd Road Race) Athanasia Tsoumeleka, Greece (Athletics, 9th 20km walk) (2004 Olympic champion) Yudelquis Contreras, Dominican Republic (Weightlifting, 5th 53kg) Stefan Schumacher, Germany (Cycling, DNF Road Race, 13th Time Trial) Vanja Perisic, Croatia (Athletics, 35th, 800m)
  21. Indeed, as much as I hate to see Bahrain's gold medal being taken away I am happy to see a cheater caught. Hopefully they will soon win an Olympic medal in a fairer way (and maybe whit homegrown talent, but thats probably too much to ask ).
  22. I find its a shame that Ramzi was a doper. I love to see underrepresented countries winning medals, and because of his doping offence Bahrain will once again never have won an Olympic medal.
  23. You`re wrong, Micheal, and it should make you happy. Its Rashid Ramzi, who won« the 1500m and is the only gold medalist in Bahrein`s history. That will move a Kenyan to first, a Kiwi to second and a Frenchmen to third.
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