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  1. The jury has just announced that the women's and doubles events will be started down in the Junior start instead of the women's start.
  2. I've got to say, I think Neuner would have won had her start order been reversed from Kuzmina's. Still, the pursuit is going to be awesome (21 athletes within one minute).
  3. Olympic Champion: Anastasia Kuzmina, first Slovak Winter Olympic Champion! Gold: Anastasia Kuzmina (SVK) Silver: Magdanela Neuner (GER) Bronze: Marie Dorin (FRA)
  4. Rain has caused havoc whit the favorites in the women's sprint. With about 10 Biathletes left, it looks like Slovakia will win its first ever Olympic Winter Gold medal, as Anastasia Kuzmina finished 1.5s ahead of Magdanela Neuner. Marie Dorin of France is about to finish third. Rain gave a big advantage to early starters, because of the rain. Both Kuzmina and Dorin started in the first 20 and Neuner started 31st, despite most of the favorites starting in the middle of the 89 women field.
  5. Ya, I got Ninjaed ^^. Might as well lock/delete this one.
  6. Well, ladies and gents, we have our first Olympic champion. Simon Ammann, the upset two-time gold medalist from Salt Lake, strikes again, crushing the field in the Normal Hill. Adam Malysz of Poland finished second, with Austrian superstar Gregor Schlierenzauer finishing third.
  7. They had qualified two athletes, one got injured and the other wasn't good enough for the Luxembourg Olympic Comity.
  8. First training run started this morning, first luger down survived. His top speed was just under 140km/h, so about 15k less that the top speed that was achieved there.
  9. Thats pretty much the only sensible way to reduce speed. Wonder if the women and doubles will start from the junior start house...
  10. The last fatal "non-fluke" (fluke being things like having two Bobsled on course at the same time) accident in a sliding sport was also ruled an accident by police.
  11. The coaches apparently recommended going ahead whit the event today, the FIL, IOC and RCMP apparently accepted the recommendation. The wall will be raised where the crash occurred, and the turn will be changed to make the finish easier to navigate. Lets hope it will be enough, but I have to say I'm not sure I'm be able to watch Luge tonight... Also just heard a interview from the FIBT (Bobsled/Skeleton) president on TV, and he claimed that the Whistler track is not the most dangerous in the world.
  12. Apart from the cauldron fail (and the fact that I'm disappointed Marc Gagnon and Sylvin Boucher got sunbed, although I'm happy they included Rick Hansen), my main problem whit the OC was just how anglo-centric it was. I don't think I've ever seen an OC where there was so much that was spoken. Found the poem was a bit much for an international show, and the "God bless Canada" part felt way too American... Also, everything they had a random french word in a speech it just felt forced and out of place, and the pronunciation was always SO bad (Bienver-nouse!)... Still, overall it was o.k., just found that it dragged too much. Still, it felt so surreal in light of what happened earlier in the day...
  13. I don't really understand why anyone would want to watch his crash. I'm actually really glad that I didn't see his training run... I think it would haunt me for a very, very long time if I actually saw it. I still don't know how I'll react when I see Luge competitions tomorrow...
  14. I've heard many comments on the track, such as that it was designed backwards (i.e. the more technical elements are at the bottom, not the top). An American slider (I don't remember which one) said a couple of days ago that his first taught when he saw the track is "somebody is going to get killed here". Tragic that he turned out to be right...
  15. My mood just did a complete 180. I can't believe it. I guess it was naive to think that it was a good idea to keep pushing up the speed limit on sliding tracks... My taught are whit his family, but I have to say that I am in complete shock right now... 21...
  16. Good news: they got a complete run of men's Downhill today, which mean that the race will go ahead on Saturday (weather permitting). The women's Downhill training got canceled after just one skier made it down (American Stacey Cook, the second women that went down the mountain, crashed and had to be airlifted off the course).
  17. Probably many Russian Biathletes... I just hope that no Canadian are among the group, but I've got to believe its unlikely considering how much Canadian athletes are tested (then again, its not impossible).
  18. Is tomorrow's training broadcasted anywhere in Canada?
  19. I was surprised not to see this before. For the records, the rules where crystal clear about continental representation, I have no idea what the FIBT was thinking whey they gave Ireland the entry over Japan and Australia (Japan got in after Austria declined its spot). Apparently Brazil also challenged, but I doubt they will get in (as the qualification rule explicitly lump North and South America together as a single continent). Hopefully the IOC will follow the CAS' ruling, it would be a shame for Ireland to miss the games (the pilot from Ireland narrowly missed out on Turin).
  20. As a gamer, all I can say is that VANOC is getting easy... I don't think I've ever seen a news report about video-game that was even as much as half-accurate. If you want to get a gamer going, mention Jack Thompson, Michael Atkinson (especially if the gamer happens to be Australian) or, better still, put "Mass Effect" and "Fox News" in the same sentence... The point being, the media likes a good story, true of half-true.
  21. Well, if you want an oddity you will get to see the Liechtenstein Bobsled team that, if my info is correct, qualified for the first time in over 50 years.
  22. Well, at least there will be a Jamaican athlete at the games (in Skicross), which means that there will be a Jamaican team in Vancouver, unlike Turin.
  23. I guess we should also give New Zealand to Australia, Austria to Germany, half of Belgium to France and the other half to the Netherlands, split Switzerland between France, Italy and Germany, give (the Republic of) Ireland to the UK and so on. By the way, Quebecers voted on independence twice. Didn't happen. Good thing for us French-Canadians that aren't Quebecers, too... Sorry, its just that the subject is sensitive to me (especially when people use Quebecer and French-Canadians interchangeably).
  24. I won't make a specific prediction, but I think quite a few people are underestimating the US. They have great goal-tending, and thats really all you need in that kind of tournament. That said, a Canada-Russia final would be quite the barnburner...
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