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  1. Conditions are BRUTAL today. Top 6 so far all started in the first 10. Right now, medals are Vincent Jay (France), Emil Svendsen (Norway) and Jakov Fak (Croatia).
  2. Well, its true that its an easy mistake to make (especially since the Cortina track was re-named after him the year he died). Anyway, I guess there is really no point for us to debate this. What is done is done, and lets hope it won't happen again.
  3. Eugenio Monti committed suicide because he couldn't stand living whit Parkinson...
  4. The track was actually changed after that crash (which was only a week after the death of James Morgan in the '81 worlds).
  5. I think its an error in the way the track is build that killed him. His crashed was human error, and 100% his fault, but the fact that its at all possible to fly off the track is just unacceptable. Those kind of tracks should be build so that its humanly impossible to fly of them. If only the wall would have been a meter taller, the deceleration would have been much less intense. He still would have been injured, but dead? Probably not. On a side-note, seeing a Bobsled, Skeleton or Luge fly off a track have been something I have dreaded since I heard of Yvonne Cernota's deadly accident in Konigssee back in 2004 (she also flew off the track, but that time in a Bobsled. Somehow, her brakeman survived). In a weird twist, Konigssee is actually part of Munich's bid, and was also part of Salzburg's. We actually could have had two Olympics in a row on deadly tracks , altough I do believe that they have done changes to the Konigssee track in the wake of the tragedy.
  6. Our eight silver medal at home, all without a gold. You'd think we'd be due kinda right now, eh...
  7. Wouldn't be so sure about the Team Pursuit, anything can happen there.
  8. On a related side-note, those two medals South Korea gift-wrapped to the Americans better not cost us first place overall
  9. Not winning gold on day 1 is a major disappointment. Only one medal, too... Not the best way to open the games for us, that's for sure...
  10. Richards just crashed out, Americans are going to have at least 2 medals. Great day so far
  11. Ya, some athletes now feel that the track is too easy. It basically went from a Turino-like track to a Calgray/Igls-like track.
  12. Well, the first event went off in Richmond, the men's 5000m. To nobody's surprise, Sven Kramer won the Netherlands' 100th Olympic Gold medal, in an Olympic record time of 6:14.60. What was surprising was the rest of the podium: former short tracker Lee Seung-Hoon of South Korea won silver (Asian speed skaters are really only known in sprint distances) while Russia's Ivan Skobrev won the bronze, just edging Norway's Havard Bokko by under one second.
  13. The jury has just announced that the women's and doubles events will be started down in the Junior start instead of the women's start.
  14. I've got to say, I think Neuner would have won had her start order been reversed from Kuzmina's. Still, the pursuit is going to be awesome (21 athletes within one minute).
  15. Olympic Champion: Anastasia Kuzmina, first Slovak Winter Olympic Champion! Gold: Anastasia Kuzmina (SVK) Silver: Magdanela Neuner (GER) Bronze: Marie Dorin (FRA)
  16. Rain has caused havoc whit the favorites in the women's sprint. With about 10 Biathletes left, it looks like Slovakia will win its first ever Olympic Winter Gold medal, as Anastasia Kuzmina finished 1.5s ahead of Magdanela Neuner. Marie Dorin of France is about to finish third. Rain gave a big advantage to early starters, because of the rain. Both Kuzmina and Dorin started in the first 20 and Neuner started 31st, despite most of the favorites starting in the middle of the 89 women field.
  17. Ya, I got Ninjaed ^^. Might as well lock/delete this one.
  18. Well, ladies and gents, we have our first Olympic champion. Simon Ammann, the upset two-time gold medalist from Salt Lake, strikes again, crushing the field in the Normal Hill. Adam Malysz of Poland finished second, with Austrian superstar Gregor Schlierenzauer finishing third.
  19. They had qualified two athletes, one got injured and the other wasn't good enough for the Luxembourg Olympic Comity.
  20. First training run started this morning, first luger down survived. His top speed was just under 140km/h, so about 15k less that the top speed that was achieved there.
  21. Thats pretty much the only sensible way to reduce speed. Wonder if the women and doubles will start from the junior start house...
  22. The last fatal "non-fluke" (fluke being things like having two Bobsled on course at the same time) accident in a sliding sport was also ruled an accident by police.
  23. The coaches apparently recommended going ahead whit the event today, the FIL, IOC and RCMP apparently accepted the recommendation. The wall will be raised where the crash occurred, and the turn will be changed to make the finish easier to navigate. Lets hope it will be enough, but I have to say I'm not sure I'm be able to watch Luge tonight... Also just heard a interview from the FIBT (Bobsled/Skeleton) president on TV, and he claimed that the Whistler track is not the most dangerous in the world.
  24. Apart from the cauldron fail (and the fact that I'm disappointed Marc Gagnon and Sylvin Boucher got sunbed, although I'm happy they included Rick Hansen), my main problem whit the OC was just how anglo-centric it was. I don't think I've ever seen an OC where there was so much that was spoken. Found the poem was a bit much for an international show, and the "God bless Canada" part felt way too American... Also, everything they had a random french word in a speech it just felt forced and out of place, and the pronunciation was always SO bad (Bienver-nouse!)... Still, overall it was o.k., just found that it dragged too much. Still, it felt so surreal in light of what happened earlier in the day...
  25. I don't really understand why anyone would want to watch his crash. I'm actually really glad that I didn't see his training run... I think it would haunt me for a very, very long time if I actually saw it. I still don't know how I'll react when I see Luge competitions tomorrow...
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