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  1. Have you been watching any Half Pipe the last four year? Because the US being shut-out of the medals in the women's half pipe was, to be frank, quite likely. If anybody chocked last night, it was the Chinese team, not the American team.
  2. Really happy to see Australia get a gold outa Vancouver... 'specially since it ain't Begg-Smith Seriously, tough, congrats to Bright. Its now the third games in a row that an Aussie gets gold at the winter games, Australia is really becoming a credible player in winter sports.
  3. Also it was Norway's 100th winter gold medal. Men's Individual: Gold: Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) Silver: Sergey Novikov (Belarus) and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway) Bjoerdalen FINALLY wins a medal, although only a silver. Also, on a unrelated note, I believe this is the first time in Olympic history where a Biathlon medal has been shared. It is also the first shared medal in Vancouver (trivia, in Salt Lake Norway actually won two gold medals in the same Cross Country Skiing event due to a tie for first). Its also Svendsen's first Olympic tittle and, well, if you've never heard of Novikov you're not alone.
  4. Indeed, I think its fair to say that it was Parson's most impressive medal to date. Not so much the result, but how she got it. In any case, its good to see that the two best Alpine Skiers right now (Vonn and Raich) will both get out of Vancouver with at least one gold each.
  5. Well, at least she didn't get rich selling spam
  6. The limit per country in all skiing event is four per country. Its also four per country for the shorter distances in Long Track Speed Skating (500m to 1500m).
  7. Men's Super Combined canceled for today, new start time TBD.
  8. Watching women's Luge, and I have to say: the junior start is TERRIBLE.
  9. Well, he is an 8 time world champion and an Olympic silver medalist. Saying that its his last time to do something is rather hash... Although it would be nice to see him win gold.
  10. Fixed. Seriously, tough, no mater what he does today he will still go down as one of the best Speed Skater of all time.
  11. To his defense, Vaultier WAS the favorite by quite a bit.
  12. Really disappointed. Really believe we would get it... Have to say, tough, I'm starting to get really worried by how much medals the US are getting. 8 medals in less that 3 days? Not looking good...
  13. Well, he will certainly be remembered for his run. Not sure about being the biggest star, but top 10 maybe?
  14. Well, can we get Steve Mesler back, then? Not to mention traitor Tenith Belbin. And should Paul Stastny be kicked out of the US Olympic team because he was born in Quebec?
  15. Went out of the course. Disapointed that there will be no sweep tonight... Hopefully we can still finish 1-3.
  16. Give us back the medals won by foreign-born Americans and we'll give you back that one Beside, the fact is that Lamy-Chappuis is a product of the French system, just as (and I hate to admit it) Begg-Smith is a product of Australia's system.
  17. Not gonna lie, there is a drought I would much, much more like to see end tonight. Anyway, the finish sprint from Jason Lamy-Chappuis was just insane! The competition was quite the show. Also, not mentioned by anyone, Italy also just broke the exact same drought.
  18. I think getting a medal at all in the 3000m was a good sign. That race is not Clara's specialty, and it indicated that she's in form (not sure she will be able to beat Sablikova, tough).
  19. Silver is getting annoying. On home soil, we have 18 medals including 8 silvers. How thats even statistically possible is beyond be. Not just that, but in Montreal we where robbed a podium sweep by doped athletes, gotta love those East Germans Anyway, we better win gold tonight, the longer this curse goes on the worst the pressure is going to be on the athletes.
  20. Wow, Grooves got her medal by 0.03s... Great fight for bronze!
  21. Bobsled and Skeleton on tape delay (like a week after), never saw Luge anywhere outside of the Olympics (except for a documentary/race report from a Calgary world cup).
  22. Indeed, not looking too hot for Bjordalen. Well, that whats not to love about time trials: weather.
  23. Wow, sun to rain to snow to rain and sun again... Well, the medals are already pretty much decided. France's first gold of the day, while its going to be the game's first medal for both Croatia and Norway.
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