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  1. I think Bjeurgen now has a pretty good chance to be the face of the game. She already has two golds and have a pretty good chance to increase that tally.
  2. Well, Ammann is the only athlete to get a double double, so to speak.
  3. The pilot signals the breaksmen to, well, break. Also, Luge, Skeleton and Bobsled are all very different from a skill set perspective. Heck, they are even a lot of pilot that are only really good in either two-men or four-men. As for the pushers, there job is to get a good start time, which is very often the difference between an o.k. time and a winning time. However, Whistler is more of a driver's track that a pusher's track (like Calgary or Igls), but if two pilots have a similar drive the guy with the better push will win.
  4. Its the kind of thing that happens in Curling. The sport isn't just about beating your opponent, its also about not beating yourself (which happens often, even at the highest level).
  5. Well, we're heading towards our worst Olympics ever in short track, especially considering that there was only 4 events in 1992 and 6 in 1994/1998.
  6. Larger hill, same podium. Ammann becomes the first Ski Jumper to win 4 individual Ski Jumping gold medals.
  7. Apparently they are built-in computer programs that detect unusual judging patterns.
  8. Ah, well the thing in short track is that if you are disqualified or did not start/finish the A final, then everyone in the B final moves ahead of you in the standings. In Gagnon's case he won the B final and there where four people in the A final: a Brit got disqualified and another Canadian basically decided not to finish the race, thus giving the bronze to the winner of the B final. Its actually not all that uncommon that the winner of the B final is faster that the winner of the A final due to the strategic aspects in Short Track.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Marc Gagnon the only athlete ever to win a medal from the B final in Olympic Short Track? It can happen, but all hell has to break loose for it to happen (a Bradbury-like moment, basically).
  10. After more that 30 Skiers, results from the women's Super-G: Gold: Andrea Fishbacher, Austria Silver: Tina Maze, Slovenia Bronze: Lindsay Vonn, United States Silver is the best ever winter Olympic result from Slovenia (they had four previous bronze, three in Alpine back in 1994 and Majdic's magic bronze). Great to see Maze with a medal. 8 DNF among the top 30 seeds...
  11. By the way, if Wikipedia is to be believed Jon Montgomery has just won Canada's 100th gold medal at the Olympics.
  12. The women's Super-G is the worst course set I've ever seen... 5 DNF out of 11 starters.
  13. I was happy to catch his last run. Its amazing how well he still competes as a 45 year old. Hopefully he will stick around as a coach, but its going to be weird watching Skeleton races without his signature point down the track.
  14. I think that the Whistler track was actually a factor in Melisa's fifth place, she was known to dislike the place. However, I know that Montgomery was quite the fan of the Whistler track, and Rush also feels the same way. So I would say it bodes well for a medal by Rush (now, its another question wetter or not he could win). Hometrack or not, there are always tracks that sliders like and tracks that sliders dislike. Lueders calls Altenberg "That place" and Holingsworth just doesn't feel comfortable sliding in Whistler.
  15. I think there is a better chance in the Four-Man and the Two-Woman that in the Two-Man, but I wouldn't say that we are the favorite in any of the men's events and I think we would be co-favorites in the women's event with two German sleds and the USA-I sled. If I had to predict winners: Ruegue, Martini and Lange in two-men, two-women and four-man respectively. Of coarse, I'll probably end up being wrong for most of them
  16. Shame that Heafti won't make it to the two-man. Well, I guess that those things happen (Hays from the US actually had to retire after a crash this year in a world cup event in Germany).
  17. Well, day 8 turned out o.k. after all. What a run by Montgomery, and what a run by Dukurs, too. Just a total nail-bitter, tough I am a tad bummed that Latvia hasn't won its first gold. Oh well, at least its a Canadian that got it instead
  18. Ya, that's such a heart-breaker, especially since these are his first, and most likely last, Olympics. He had a chance at the medals, no less...
  19. Well, by the look of it we could definitively start a decent Commonwealth Skeleton championships.
  20. Well, I certainly expected Canada to get more Alpine medals that Mancuso or that guy that medaled in the Super-G (ceriously, who the hell is he?). Insane how many unexpected medals the US got.
  21. Probably her worst run of the season... Damn, talk about an abysmal day. Anyway, congrats to Amy, its good to see Great Britain win a gold. Also, congrats to Germany for winning your first two Olympic medals in Skeleton.
  22. Hard to say, but Mancuso and Weibrecht are both total surprised. The US have been very over-represented on the Alpine podiums in the games, which means that somebody on the team did a darn good job at making sure everybody peaked at the right time. I wouldn't be surprised if the US team was (one of) the only one really focused on peaking for Vancouver, most other team go for consistency over winning at the Olympics. Other teams will have to study what the US did before Vancouver, for sure.
  23. Janyk could still save the honor. But not winning a medal in the men's Downhill or Super-G is pretty terrible. At least, virtually all of the team will be back in Sochi (barring those pesky injuries ). But the good folks at Alpine Canada better hope somebody ends up with a medal, otherwise I'd expect a couple of people to get the axe.
  24. Man, I feel so bad for Erik Guay right now. In Turin, he was fourth in the Super-G, 0.1 seconds from a medal. In the Vancouver Downhill, he was less that 0.2 seconds from a medal. And now, he just finished fifth in the Super-G, 0.06 seconds from silver, and he probably would have challenged for the win was it not for a mistake up on the top of the course. Seriously, tough, that's 5 top-5 in Turin and Vancouver for the Canadian team, all without an Alpine medal. How unlucky can you get? By the way, final results from the Super-G: Gold: Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway (Really happy to finally see him win a gold medal) Silver: Bode Miller, United States (Slightly bumed that he still hasn't won a gold, looks good for the Super-Combined, tough) Bronze: Andrew Weibrecht, United States (What's up whit the US winning all those unexpected medals, anyway?)
  25. Right now, on the US-Canada front, its rather Abysmal for the Canadian team. We are 11 (soon to be 13, by the look of it) behind the Americans. The US just got a bunch of medals they where frankly not suppose to get, and I think the hole is too deep to climb out of now... Not great games by the Canadian team right now...
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