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  1. Would be the perfect time to hold the Winter Olympics in New Zealand, eh?
  2. The country that sent the most fans to South Africa was the United States.
  3. I actually think that Canada has a credible shot at 2026 now. CONCACAF hasn't hosted in ages, so I wouldn't be surprised if 2026 came down to a cross-border battle between us and the Americans.
  4. Funny, last time I checked -10 was barely chilly
  5. Putting the CG the year before the Olympics would probably be a horrid idea. Olympic qualifications are in full swing in the summer before the games, and it would be virtually impossible to schedule the games so that they do not interfere with the qualifications of at least one sport. Not just that, but a lot of sports (such as Athletics and Aquatics) have there worlds the odd years, and those events are way more important that the CG (the nice thing about the CG is that it fills a gap in the Swimming calendar for Commonwealths nations).
  6. I would say: -Have a consistent line-up of sports/events (i.e. the host doesn't get to chose sports), increase the focus on sports at which Comonthwealth nations don't suck (Swimming, Field Hockey, Track Cycling, Rugby, Cricket, Triathlon, Archery, Equestrian, Lawn Bowl, Squash, Badminton, etc.). -Have a milestone system (like the IOC does), and keep the OC accountable when they fail to meet a milestone. -Remember that you are not the IOC, and that the CG are not the Olympics. Small venues are OK, and in some cases (ie. Netball in India) a good thing.
  7. Ya, the Commonwealth games are definitively seen as a B (if not C) event by the Canadian public. And to be fair, the only sports that are really competitive at the CG are Swimming and Track Cycling (well, among the Olympics sports). I mean, in the women's high jump 1.93m was the lowest you had to jump to make the final at the 2008 Olympics, and it took 2.05m to win. Guess what it took to win the CG this year? 1.91m. I'd much rather see Canada do well in the world championship that in the CG, to be honest. Also just noticed something: 2/3 of the medals Canada won at the '08 Olympics where in events not at the CG.
  8. I remember it, and I was -3 (I saw a documentary on him, so I guess its not entirely fair) He was Canadian, then he was a Jamaican-born. It just happens. Its a bit like Faisal Shahzad (Time Square would-be bomber). He's an American, but he's usually described as a Pakistani immigrant.
  9. They want to hold an athetic competion there tomorrow? Seriously? Like, this picture wasn't taken a mounth back?
  10. Its the paterned. Iranians are always either injured or overweight when they have to fight an Israeli.
  11. There is no conspiracy about the timing, the alleged offense took place in March 2010 for the national trials for the world team championships.
  12. Somehow, I doubt this had anything to do whit this conversation... And, yes, from an Olympics perspective the west has been spoiled. The last games east of Alberta was over 40 years ago, and we had two western Olympics in the meantime.
  13. Interestingly enough, in Field Hockey they don't have a problem whit the Sikh headrests (sorry, I don't know how it is called). I know quite a few Canadian players wore them at the Beijing games.
  14. Wow, is there some sort of Olympic fever striking Brazil or what?
  15. The only silver lining is that he had entered races as a favorite. Had you run the 1992 or 1994 relay 200 times he would have escaped with a medal more often than not, and probably with gold a good amount of times. If I remember correctly, it was actually either a fall in the semis that cost Australia a medal in 92, while in 94 Australia ran a very conservative race to ensure getting at least a bronze (which is exactly what they got). Don't forget that Bradbury also got the raw end of the stick when it comes to being taken by rivals at the Olympics. He was the favorite for the 1000m in Lillehamer but was knocked down in the semis (apparently before the advancement rule was added to short track). He was also knocked out by crashes in both the 500m and the 1000m in Nagano. Basically, say what you will about Bradbury but he did win a world championship to the line, although it was 11 years before Salt Lake (and, funny enough, on home ice).
  16. We only have a handfull of amateur cross country skiers, and yet we got away from Vancouver with a fourth in the men's team sprint, a seventh in the men's relay, a seventh in the women's relay, a fifth in the men's pursuit and a fifth in the men's 50km, not to mention we won a gold in Salt Lake and a gold and a silver in Turin. Why is XC in the Olympics then?
  17. To be fair, Ski Cross is quite different from any alpine discipline, its like saying that the Downhill shouldn't be an Olympic sport because the medalists had mediocre career as technical skiers. Also, the start (which is crucial in ski cross) is very different that an alpine start.
  18. I'll stick with most gold, if only because that's the only ranking that makes us win
  19. I think its mostly because Curling has the whole Golf-etiquette thing going on, where the crowd has to be polite. Of coarse, when you're Curling in Canada that doesn't always happen
  20. See, if you get disqualified from your heat in the PGS all it means is that the other guy won that heat, it has no other bearing on the final results. Same thing in Snowboardcross/Skicross (if two people fail to finish, there heat ranking is first based on how many gates they cleared and then on there time trial ranking).
  21. Well, somebody from New Brunswick actually won a bronze medal ... For the USA But ya, something that disappointed me about 2010 is that no New-Brunswicker qualified for Canada, especially since both Sawyer and Despres got close in Figure Skating and Bobsled, respectively. As for the guy from the US team, Travis Jayner of Moncton ('bout a 100km from where I live), the only reason he was able to even get to the games is that the US has a weaker short track team that Canada (they also had a Canadian in both the German and Italian short track men's teams).
  22. You're off by one (Robertson) . Its true that overall Canada's women have won more medals, but the guys still turned it around in the last couple of days, and they won more gold. But ya, I wonder when was the last time where the Canadian men outmatched the women.
  23. Well, its nice to see that Italy at least has a gold. Still, tough, its true that CONI has some soul-searching to do. But still, brilliant performance by Razzoli. Trivia: third silver by Ivaca... Will he ever win gold?
  24. Interestingy, Canada's men came back strong in the last couple of days. Right now, 7 and a half of our 13 golds have been won by men, with a possible 8th coming. Meanwhile, our women have won 5 and a half golds.
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