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  1. We only have a handfull of amateur cross country skiers, and yet we got away from Vancouver with a fourth in the men's team sprint, a seventh in the men's relay, a seventh in the women's relay, a fifth in the men's pursuit and a fifth in the men's 50km, not to mention we won a gold in Salt Lake and a gold and a silver in Turin. Why is XC in the Olympics then?
  2. To be fair, Ski Cross is quite different from any alpine discipline, its like saying that the Downhill shouldn't be an Olympic sport because the medalists had mediocre career as technical skiers. Also, the start (which is crucial in ski cross) is very different that an alpine start.
  3. I'll stick with most gold, if only because that's the only ranking that makes us win
  4. I think its mostly because Curling has the whole Golf-etiquette thing going on, where the crowd has to be polite. Of coarse, when you're Curling in Canada that doesn't always happen
  5. See, if you get disqualified from your heat in the PGS all it means is that the other guy won that heat, it has no other bearing on the final results. Same thing in Snowboardcross/Skicross (if two people fail to finish, there heat ranking is first based on how many gates they cleared and then on there time trial ranking).
  6. Well, somebody from New Brunswick actually won a bronze medal ... For the USA But ya, something that disappointed me about 2010 is that no New-Brunswicker qualified for Canada, especially since both Sawyer and Despres got close in Figure Skating and Bobsled, respectively. As for the guy from the US team, Travis Jayner of Moncton ('bout a 100km from where I live), the only reason he was able to even get to the games is that the US has a weaker short track team that Canada (they also had a Canadian in both the German and Italian short track men's teams).
  7. You're off by one (Robertson) . Its true that overall Canada's women have won more medals, but the guys still turned it around in the last couple of days, and they won more gold. But ya, I wonder when was the last time where the Canadian men outmatched the women.
  8. Well, its nice to see that Italy at least has a gold. Still, tough, its true that CONI has some soul-searching to do. But still, brilliant performance by Razzoli. Trivia: third silver by Ivaca... Will he ever win gold?
  9. Interestingy, Canada's men came back strong in the last couple of days. Right now, 7 and a half of our 13 golds have been won by men, with a possible 8th coming. Meanwhile, our women have won 5 and a half golds.
  10. Well, Japan got within 0.02 seconds of gold in the women's Team Pursuit. As for Finland, didn't they win like 3 gold in women's Cross Country at the last worlds? Certainly not getting a gold in for two winter Olympics in a row will be a huge disappointment... Anyway, I think overall Japan had a better Olypics in Vancouver that in Turin, its just too bad they couldn't sneak in a gold. For Finland it was a complete disaster, and Italy also had bad games. That's the nature of sports, eh.
  11. Nah, I stopped caring about that about a week and a half ago . We just won the men's Curling gold, so if we win the men's Hockey final tomorrow we will establish the all time record for most gold medals at the winter Olympics (The current record is the USSR at Innsbruck, Norway at Salt Lake and Canada at Vancouver with 13).
  12. Brillant race by Jaysee Jay! After the first run I didn't think he could do it, but he just had an insane second run. Wow, so happy he finally has his Olympic medal. Oh, and that is four gold medals in Cyprus out of 12 events!
  13. Canada has done it, we will finish atop of the medal standing (by gold medals, anyway). I really can hardly believe it, but there are only three gold medals left to be awarded, two of them are between Canada and another country (Norway and the US). That means that Germany and the US cannot finish with more that 11 golds, while Canada already has 12. It was a wild dream, but hell, the Canadian team did it !!!
  14. Well, the final is set: Karl (AUT) vs Anderson (CAN) Bronze medal match: Bozzetto (FRA) VS Detkov (RUS)
  15. Well, the semis are set: Bozzetto (FRA) vs Karl (AUT) Detkov (RUS) vs Anderson (CAN)
  16. These are the quarterfinals matchups: Klug (USA) vs Bozzetto (FRA) Kosir (SLO) vs Karl (AUT) Schoch (SUI) vs Detkov (RUS) Anderson (CAN) vs Flander (SLO)
  17. Epic, epic, EPIC women's semifinals in the TP. Japan had a lead of over a second against Poland, but Poland nearly came back, loosing by only 0.19 seconds. If that wasn't exiting enough, Germany had a huge lead over the US but with less that half a lap left, Anni Frisinger hit the wall, nearly fell before the line and then fell about 20m before the line, but Germany still, somehow won by 0.23s, with her head breaking the tape.
  18. It actually look like participation to the games will be a bargaining chip at the next round of union negotiation. Anyway, if the NHL doesn't send there players to the games but the KHL does, you can bet there will be more players (especially Europeans) going over to play in Russia.
  19. Well, the qualification for the men's Parallel giant slalom is in the books. All three Canadians qualified, and they can't meet before the semis. More importantly, yeasterday the Netherlands won there 100th Olympic gold medal, and there first non-skating winter Olympic medal when Nicolien Sauerbreij won gold in the women's PGS. Russia's Ekaterina Ilyukhina was second while world champion Marion Kreiner of Austria beat out Germany's Selina Jörg for bronze.
  20. If you are talking about the posibility of this being the last Olympics with NHL players, its because many owners of the NHL consider shutting down the league for two weeks bad business. I think the vast majority of fans (and players) are quite keen on seeing NHL players continuing to play in the NHL.
  21. I actually have to add a nomination for the Eruedan memorial medal: Wang Meng, who is (at least if memory serves me right) the only person to win three gold medals in Vancouver.
  22. For the Euruedan medal, I would like to nominate Maria Riesch for being the only Alpine Skier to win two golds in Vancouver (well, baring an upset in the men's Slalom).
  23. I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Brilliant skate by Canada, with Tremblay, Hamelin, Hamelin, Jean and Bastille bringing home the bacon! And to say that a week ago I was ready to declare this our worst ever Olympics in Short Track... Shame on me, eh? But I really didn't think Canada would win agains't Korea, and I think they did it by having the best strategy. Anyway, its gonna be a special moment with Charles and Francois Hamelin on the podium together!
  24. Well, Curling might have been born in Scotland but it moved to Canada a couple of decades ago Anyway, the result of the match wasn't what I wanted, but still, what a match. Congratulation to the Swedes, beating Canada on home soil isn't exactly easy, and congratulation to the Canadian team for the excellent tournament overall, and also there excellent tournament at the trials. Not to mention China, who get Asia's first ever Curling medal. Well, entering those Olympics we never had anyone that won two gold medals in Curling, now we have four. Wonder if the same four will be back in four years.
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