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  1. How the **** did we lose against the Americans? Brutal Olympics for the long track team... That was our best gold medal chance in any event going into those games... Its great to see how the coaching staff made sure our team would peak at the right time, eh?
  2. If they do get the games, they might want to run Short Track in empty venues...
  3. Ya, the ISU stupidly got rid of the ranking round Anyway, I'm not really confident that we will medal in either team pursuit, considering how bad our speed skaters have been performing in Vancouver. And to say that before the games I considered the women's TP to be a lock for gold...
  4. I hope Bernard shows up for the final tomorrow, today she really looked off (she does have a cold, which explains at least part of hew counterperformance). Seriously, Bernard is really lucky that Ott had a bad game, and I doubt they could play well with an alternate and (more importantly) without Bernard. As for Martin, boy did he have a good tournament so far. Hopefully he won't be downed by Norway in the final for the second time '.
  5. First of all, I think your beef is with the Jury, not the judges. I doubt there is more that one Canadian on the jury. Also, believe me, it would be better for Canada to see a French win that an American, considering how many medals the US already has. And, on a related note, is it really worst that the two Biathlon Spring races? Those where pretty much decided by weather, along with the women's Giant Slalom this morning. I will concede that the weather was bad, tough, its just that for some reason I doubt its a conspiracy to get the US to win...
  6. Canada 6 - 3 Sweden Norway 7 - 5 Switzerland So, a Canada-Norway final, pretty much what I expected after the round robin. Was a 3 point spread to your satisfaction?
  7. Canada also won, altough just barely, beating Switzerland 6-5. Both Ott and Bernard had so-so games. So, its Canada-Sweden for gold and China-Switzerland for bronze. Should be two good games.
  8. To tell the truth, I was really hopping for a medal by Canada. Quite disapointed they couldn't repeat there strong performance in the pursuit. Anyway, good to see Sweden have two good winter Olympics in a row, especially after not winning any gold in Beijing. Now, if Finland, Italy and Japan could get a gold on the board...
  9. Good stuff! Really dominant showing from McIvor in the final. Anyway, I find it a bit sad that neither Kraus nor David medaled, it would have been nice to see the two old powerhouse win something in Whistler. But, well, at least they both got to go to the Olympics.
  10. Its amazing just how dominant we have been in Aerials compared to how many medals we got out of it. It would be ironic to get to the podium at a time where the Chinese and Belorussians (and Americans) have passed us talent wise. Anyway, Skicross is today also.
  11. Cross country skiers where transponders, which works fine when they come to the line alone, otherwise they have photo finished, exactly like in athletics. Same thing for short track. A photo finish isn't an actual photo, but its a temporal representation of the finish line.
  12. Well, its an indicator that the upcoming Fins, Swedes and Czech aren't challenging the upcoming Canadians and Americans. Its not a definite factor, but it is certainly not a good sign.
  13. Women's Semi-final #1 United States 9 - 1 Sweden Looks like 2006 was a fluke after all, and if the results of recent junior championships are any indication the gap between North America and Europe is widening and fast. I mean, at last year's U18 worlds the closest any team got to Canada or the US was 5 goals and one of the semi-final was 18-0...
  14. Allison is 21st while the リード siblings are in 16th.
  15. I think CONI should also spend more in Speed Skating. I mean, despite two golds in Turin the long track speed skating the team trains in an outdoor oval, which is rather sad.
  16. I'd say that Italy has been the most disappointing so far, although when you look at the event line-up they have a pretty good chance to redeem themselves. Finland better land a gold after Turin, going two WOG without a gold would be devastating. As for Japan, well they have been falling since there hour of glory in 1998. Japan has fallen behind both China and South Korea, and it looks like they will also fall behind Kazakhstan by the time 2014 comes.
  17. I'd say that Italy has been the most disappointing so far, although when you look at the event line-up they have a pretty good chance to redeem themselves. Finland better land a gold after Turin, going two WOG without a gold would be devastating. As for Japan, well they have been falling since there hour of glory in 1998. Now they
  18. Not a good day for Canada. Two events where we where the favorite, where we had 3 strong medal chance in each and where we won the test event (heck, we sweep the Skicross test event). Result: a silver medal.
  19. Man, we better start firing people at Speed Skating Canada. The performances so far are unacceptable.
  20. They are, they actually added more jumps to control the skier's speed.
  21. I guess its also fitting that Miller won the Combined, considering just how good of an all-arounder he is. Well, most of the US athletes I wanted to see win (Vonn, Miller, Davis) have done it, so I can return to rooting for ABTA (and ABTG) (except in the Nordic Combined team event, I'm afraid ^^).
  22. I just hope Joannie has a good skate. The result really won't matter, I just hope that she will come off the ice proud of herself. But talk about a tragedy. Loosing your mother two day before what is supposed to be the best time of your life. The tragedy is terrible, and so is the timing. The fact that she even wants to compete shows just how strong she is.
  23. Men's Standings (after exactly 2/3 of the round robin) Canada 6-0 Norway 5-1 Switzerland 4-2 Great Britain 3-3 Sweden 3-3 Germany 3-3 United States 2-4 France 2-4 China 1-5 Denmark 1-5 Kevin Martin snaps a 4 game loosing streak against Murdock. Four team are currently tied for the last playoff position, while the US has won two staight after benching skip Shuster and replacing him with Plys. Women's Standing (after draw 8) Canada 5-0 Sweden 4-1 China 4-2 Japan 3-2 Switzerland 3-3 Great Britain 3-4 Germany 2-4 United Stated 2-4 Denmark 2-5 Russia 2-5 Switzerland is coming back from three consecutive losses while Japan stays in playoff contention after an epic, come from behind, extra end 12-9 victory over Russia. In any case, the race to the playoff on both sides could very well go down to the wire.
  24. Funny, I actually find Skicross more exiting that Snowboardcross.
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