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  1. Isn't Snooker a British-dominated sport with some Chinese players that nobody watches outside the British Isles? Apparently there are only three world champions ever not to come out of the UK or Ireland: two from Australia and one from Canada. This looks like Table Tennis but less international.
  2. One gold medal, and a somewhat lucky one at that, was pretty appaling though. We where one slip-up away of potentially not having a single gold >.>
  3. Well, good try to the Baseball and Softball people, but the fat lady sang.
  4. Well, the velodrome is named after him so...
  5. Its an adjustment. Turf fields are getting more popular for Football in Canada (even at the recreational level) due to them being way more durable than grass fields in our climate. I can't say I'm too found of them, but at the end are aware of it and make a point of adapting to the surface before the tournament it should be a complete non-issue. When we hosted tne U-20 World Cup some of the fields where turf, There was some minor grumbling but nothing too bad.
  6. Another problem is that, AFAIK, there is no high level competition for women's futsal and beach soccer.
  7. The Biathlon venue looks spectacular, but its located in a really inconvenient location. That they are limiting it to a measly 5000 spectators is a crying shame. They have way better turn outs in Syberia.
  8. We make of this that the whole thing is a farce.
  9. Lets be honnest, the only way TSN and SportsNet where getting any ratings durring those two weeks was by carrying the Olympics.
  10. Didn't he do the same thing pre London?
  11. This is so much better than I Believe. Getting nostalgic and its only been three years
  12. So where are those competitions? Has there even been an international competition outside of the YOG? Do countries have stable national teams and high performance structures in place? Has there even been a world championships? I'm not saying there aren't bodies to play it. I'm saying there doesn't seem to be a structure in place for 2016.
  13. The point race coming back would be positive. Its not an easy event to broadcast but by most accounts its a crowd pleaser. I also don't think the Omnium getting the boot would be all that negative, it always struk me as a really weird event. Just a bit too bad for all the athletes that made the switch to it. A Mountain Biking "eliminator" seems very similar to the sprint race in Cross Country skiing (wouldn't be surprised if that's where they got the idea). Sounds pretty good to me. Not sure how I feel about BMX freestyle, especially since as far as I know the ICU doesn't hold competitions in that format yet. I really hope 3 on 3 Basketball doesn't get in. Its ridiculously underdeveloped.
  14. ...that concept art looks fucking ridiculous.
  15. The top 10 is a bit more diverse on the women's side, with athletes from Malaysia, England, Egypt, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Ireland and India. Overall it's a really good balance between strong Asian, African and European countries with Canada and Oceania historically producing strong players. Not only that, but it's a sport that is fairly strong in Africa, a continent that is chronically under represented outside of Athletics.
  16. I'm afraid they can't hear morality over the sound of all those petrodollars.
  17. A mixed, two person relay with small distances compared to the real thing? Why do they keep trying to add these things to the Olympics? It's bad enough that the mixed relay got added for Biathlon in the winter games >.>
  18. Same comment as I made on the thread about Greece getting the WOG. Hosting winter sporting events more often than never would be the first step to take. Beside, Croatia and Slovenia both have way better winter sports tradition from the former Yugoslav states.
  19. And lets face it, do we really want today's Greece to host Euro games?
  20. Both fairly sensible changes, I think. Some of the games in London where a bit ridiculous considering how tight the schedule is, and I understand that the ITP wants to reduce the number of games the players play as much as possible since, well, Tennis players are a busy bunch.Essentially, I'm all for last set tie-breakers. Two bronze medals? Not opposed to it, but not super keen on it either. Sets a precedent for more sports (Fencing, Badminton, Table Tennis) asking for the same thing. We already have Judo and Wrestling that moved to having two bronzes, how many of those sports do we want on the program? Giving too many bronze medals devalues them.
  21. MLB will just have to schedule around it. Same as the NHL did for the Canucks in Vancouver.Sucks for the Jays but it's not the end of the world.
  22. What a fucking joke. Right decision, but six months late it looks really silly.Talk about incompetence...
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