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  1. I agree with Robert. I don't believe FIFA will make 4 WC without Europe. The idea of rotation is bring to all the continents the WC. After 2010, except Oceania, all the continents will host the WC. I believe the rotation idea is America-Europe-Others with Southamerica (probably Brazil) in 2014, Europe in 2018 (England, Spain, Netherlands) and other countries (Australia, China, Malaysia) in 2022, and then back to America (USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Colombia) in 2026.
  2. That's another issue. When would Australia plan to host the tournament? Would it be in their summer ie. November/ December (in which case it would be very hot), or would it be somewhere in July-September? (in which case it isn't really that hot). If it was in November/ December, some people may not be happy about such off-season dates. What are the tournament dates for South Africa 2010? I think a worst problem will be the hours when the times will be played. I remember Korea Japan with matches at 3.00 am and the final match at 6.00 am. But with a WC in September or Octuber, I don't thin
  3. I think the USA would stand a good chance of hosting the world cup again, if FIFA decides that 2018/ 2022 etc, must be held in North America (as they decided 2010 would definetly be held in Africa, 2014 in South America) Mexico have already hosted the tournament twice- 1970, 1986. Canada have never qualifed, and also at prsesnt they do not have many existing stadia- so a lot of work and building would be needed for them to host. (But then again, Japan and South Korea build the majority of their 2002 stadia from scratch, and also Canada have never hosted, so you never know...) But if the USA
  4. Emmm... Blatter said they don't want another joint bid after Korea Japan. But a Portugal-España World Cup would be great. Anyway, I think Spain can afford a succesful bid and Portugal can make a good bid. I really think the battle for 2018 will be between England, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and other 'little' countries as Portugal or Czech Republic.
  5. I don't think China (or other asian country) will host in 2018. Maybe only in 2022.
  6. I have looked at the FIFA men's rankings. Here's what I found (other than the UK ones): Tahiti: 125th. place Palestine: 126th. place Faroe Islands: 132nd. place Hong Kong: 134th. place New Caledonia: 186th. place Macao: 190th. place Montserrat: 202nd. place Guam: 205th. place (right at the bottom) I'm sure there are others that I have missed in some form or another. Some teams recognized by FIFA are: -CONCACAF: Anguilla, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat. -AFC: Guam, Hong Kong, Macao, East
  7. FIFA had four different FA from the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So, if the host is the United Kingdom, there the four national teams will be hosters... and it would never happen. So, England will bid for it, as Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland could do the same thing.
  8. I really think England IS the country to host 2018. After Brazil or Chile 2014, Europe must host, and of course, England is one of the best places to host a World Cup.
  9. Mmmm... I think SA will get the games in 2016 or 2020 and Africa in '20, '24 or '28, but maybe it could depend about an possible bid of Santiago in WOG 2018... Possible Bids?? I like Casablanca (Morocco), Tunis (Tunis), Cairo or Alexandria (Egypt) and Cape Town (Southafrica). I don't think an equatorial african country (like Kenya or Nigeria) could host soon, maybe near 2060. And Botswana... maybe could have $, but it's an small country to fight against a southafrican or egyptian bid.
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