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  1. Here are the banners... the first one is a view of the city and the Andes, the second one a classic football match (the most popular sport in the country) in the suburbs of Santiago, and the third one is Chilean athlete Kael Becerra...
  2. Here is the logo for Santiago. I hope you like it! The logo represents the country in the image of the "Lonely Star" of our flag and the blue of the clearest sky of the world. There are the hills and the mountains of the Andes that takes care of the city, and the life and the passion of the "santiaguinos" (the inhabitants of Santiago), represented as the orange dots along the valley. I'll post the banner soon...
  3. Yeah, I want... but I don't have much time this week... I'll try to do something now... Besides, it looks a hard competition... there are some great logos here!
  4. I support also Toronto 2015... because I wanna see 2019 as a competition between South American countries: Bogotá, Lima, Caracas... and I hope Santiago
  5. Brazil was terrible in the match against Argentina... Now... go Nigeria!
  6. Yeah, right... González was a cheater and Blake losing three match points was his fault also... ¬¬ The problem was the umpire... it wasn't Gonzalez's work to say if a point is right or wrong. Besides, I don't think Blake or any other tennis player would say "Umpire, you're wrong...". No one would say that his ball went out if it is counted as in, etc, etc...
  7. Congratulations to Nadal... he deserved to win. I prefer not to see the match... usually when I see a match like this, Gonzalez lose... I think I bring him bad luck. Anyway, he lost but it was a great accomplishment for Chilean sport
  8. Well... I hope to hear mine tomorrow Although, the rendition of the Chilean anthem in Athens was awkward... it was great but the song was cut in the highest moment of the chorus :s
  9. The fourth Gonzalez and Massu won the gold in doubles last Olympics, while both won medals in singles (bronze and gold). We are so happy... I was at a disco celebrating Madonna's birthday (lol) and then the travesti that was performing said "Gonzalez won the second set in tiebreak" and everybody started singing and then we went home... it was like 5 am and everybody in downtown were returning home to see the third match. I arrived and they were 3/3 and I was so nervous so I prefered to don't see the match... but I woke up when everybody in the building shouted when Gonzalez won... amazing! G
  10. Damn it! When I went to bed, the Chilean was leading. When I woke up, he retired ¬¬ Anyway, congratulations to Spain
  11. HAHAHA I thought the same thing... I liked the torch lightening... simple but effective.
  12. On TV it said that the kids learned the anthem in 45 days...
  13. I didn't liked... he's hot, I know... not my tipe, but he is. But he was with the huaso outfit... a very sexy outfit, but he didn't used properly. The flag was to low, almost touching the floor, and Gonzalez looked very nervous. I liked the Spanish one... Now, the Olympic Anthem...
  14. I tried to watch the Opening Ceremony of Torino 2006 and all the webpages said that they didn't broadcast to other countries... so I couldn't watch the ceremony I suppose the same thing will happen now...
  15. Last month, Canal 13 and the Chilean Olympic Comittee (COCh) made a contest to select the Chilean flag bearer. The winner was Fernando González, winner of the gold medal in doubles men tennis and bronze medallist in singles in Athens 2004, runner-up of the 2007 Australian Grand Slam. Currently, he is 15th in the ATP rank, and his best position was the 3rd in 2007. The results of the contest was: Fernando González (tennis): 56,76% Natalia Ducó (athletics): 27,81% Nicolás Massú (tennis): 6,02% Soraya Jadue (rowing): 5,8% Kristel Köbrich (swimming): 3,61% Yesterday, in a ceremony at La M
  16. According to La Tercera newspaper today, the Chilean hopes are: *Tennis: Nicolás Massú and Fernando González (gold medals in Athens 2004, doubles; Massú, gold and González, bronze in singles). Although Massú is in the worst shape in his career, maybe González could give a surprise in singles. COCh officials believe that a medal in doubles is more possible than in singles, considering most of ATP Top Ten players will take part in the tournament (and Nadal wants to finally reach to the Top 1 place) *Swimming: Kristel Köbrich, women's 10 km. *Shooting: Jorge Atalah, skeet men Also, I think th
  17. I like them... I was expecting a monstrous and horrible mascot, but I'm surprised that they're cute (although they're still monsters )
  18. Althought the winner was one of the best songs and I think that nobody can say that Serbia didn't deserved the first place... the rest of the votation was awful.
  19. Serbia will win... I think it's clear now... I can't believe that the best Western European song is the Spanish one in the 16th place
  20. My favourites songs: 1. Spain 2. Moldova 3. Belarus 4. Bulgaria 5. Georgia France and Romania , just horrible. Germany was better in the rehersals but I still like it. Russia was good, will get a very good place but won't win. Serbia... I like it now that I just don't see the TV (the girl hasn't charm). And Ukraine... wonderful show, Verka is the best... but I don't want her winning. Now, the results.
  21. Buuuuu I was hoping that Gibraltar would be admitted... so we could see more 10-1 matches at the qualifiers for the World Cup.
  22. My head says Italy... but my heart says Croatia-Hungary
  23. Once again... Why should Northamerica (with only 2 important teams and potential hosters) have the same importance than Southamerica or Europe? US hosted in 1994... England hosted in 1966 The best place of the US was 3rd in 1930 and 8th in 2002... nothing more. The best place of England was the 1st. England deserves the WC! And US or Australia for 2022
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