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  1. TOTALLY AGAINST video replay. Watching a video and living the match are two different things. TOTALLY FOR goal and off-side detection. These are the only objective rules of the Laws of the Games. It's a goal if the ball crosses all the line... period. No matter what the referee thinks so it's stupid that the guy must decide.
  2. Of course! Slovakia is now my favourite! Oh, wait
  3. And now starts the Celebration Concert!!!
  4. I don't think it could be official either... but it's much better than the facepalm leaked logo...
  5. I'll have an exam at the moment of the opening At least, I'll be free to watch the matches of Chile
  6. Hahaha... that's so "Spain". At least for Latin Americans, when we heard "San Pablo" it's weird... because almost every LatAm country has an own "San Pablo" city, or street, or train station, etc. But "Sao Paulo" is unique. "San Pablo" is just as a weird translation as "Río de Enero" :S
  7. I'm sorry... I translated the list I had in Spanish of all the matches to the respective names of the cities and towns in English... but, yeah... you could make fun of just one missed word.
  8. Chile's final World Cup Squad Goalkeepers: Claudio Bravo (Real Sociedad, ESP), Miguel Pinto (Universidad de Chile), Luis Marín (Unión Española) Defenders: Pablo Contreras (PAOK, GRE), Ismael Fuentes (Universidad Católica), Gary Medel (Boca Juniors, ARG), Gonzalo Jara (West Bromwich, ENG), Waldo Ponce (Universidad Católica), Arturo Vidal (Bayer Leverkusen, GER) Midfielders: Mauricio Isla (Udinese, ITA), Carlos Carmona (Regina, ITA), Marco Estrada (Montpellier, FRA), Matías Fernández (Sporting Lisboa, POR), Jean Beausejour (América, MEX), Rodrigo Millar (Colo-Colo), Rodrigo Tello (Besiktas, TUR), Jorge Valdivia (Al Ain, UAE), Gonzalo Fierro (Flamengo, BRA) Strikers: Mark González (CSKA Moscow, RUS), Fabián Orellana (Xerez, ESP), Esteban Paredes (Colo-Colo), Alexis Sánchez (Udinese, ITA), Humberto Suazo (Monterrey, MEX)
  9. The matches of the last days and the following days: Chile 1-0 Northern Ireland (Chillán, CHI - 30/05) Tunisia 1-1 France (Rades, TUN - 30/05) Nigeria 1-1 Colombia (Milton Keynes, GBR - 30/05) Japan 1-2 England (Graz, AUT - 30/05) Mexico 5-1 Gambia (Bayreuth, GER - 30/05) Chile 3-0 Israel (Concepción, CHI - 30/05) South Africa 5-0 Guatemala (Polokwane, RSA - 31/05) Netherlands 4-1 Ghana (Rotterdam, NED - 01/06) Portugal 3-1 Cameroon (Covilha, POR - 01/06) Australia 1-0 Denmark (Roodepoort, RSA - 01/06) Switzerland 0-1 Costa Rica (Sion, SUI - 01/06) Greece vs Paraguay (Winterthur, SUI - 02/06) Serbia vs Poland (Kufstein, GER - 02/06) Azerbaijan vs Honduras (Zell am See, AUT - 02/06) Zimbabwe vs Brazil (Harare, ZIM - 02/06) Germany vs Bosnia-Herzegovina (Frankfurt, GER - 03/06) Spain vs South Korea (Innsbruck, AUT - 03/06) Italy vs Mexico (Brussels, BEL - 03/06) France vs China (Saint-Pierre, Rèunion, FRA - 04/06) Slovenia vs New Zealand (Maribor, SLO - 04/06) Japan vs Cote d'Ivoire (Sion, SUI - 04/06) Netherlands vs Hungary (Amsterdam, NED - 05/06) Slovakia vs Costa Rica (Bratislava, SVK - 05/06) South Africa vs Denmark (Atteridgeville, RSA - 05/06) Argelia vs United Arab Emirates (Nuremberg, GER - 05/06) Romania vs Honduras (Sankt Veit an der Glan, AUT - 05/06) United States vs Australia (Roodepoort, RSA - 05/06) Serbia vs Cameroon (Belgrade, SRB - 05/06) Ghana vs Latvia (Milton Keynes, GBR - 05/06) Switzerland vs Italy (Geneva, SUI - 05/06) Nigeria vs North Korea (Johannesburg, RSA - 06/06) Tanzania vs Brazil (Dar es Salaam, TAN - 07/06) Spain vs Poland (Murcia, ESP - 08/06) Portugal vs Mozambique (Johannesburg, RSA - 08/06) Chile vs New Zealand (Nelspruit, RSA - 09/06) Quite surprised by the results of Switzerland (losing at home against a non qualified country) and France (just drawing)... also Netherlands had really good victory...
  10. Today, Chile played two matches... first at 15.00 against Northern Ireland in Chillán and now at 22.00 against Israel in Concepción. The national team is doing these matches in honor of the cities most affected by the earthquake of past February. Not really difficult matches in fact... both European teams didn't send their titular players but still is a good way for La Roja to train and define the final 23. The first match ended 1-0 and now Chile just scored the first goal against Israel... Humberto Suazo, the top scorer of the South American qualifiers, returned after his injury with this goal
  11. hahahaha... the Brazilian-Argentinean videos were great... I loved how they put the Argentineans as men with long and dirty hair (not far from truth) xD and the video with the father teaching tango to his son and Martin Fierro, hahaha... great Some days ago, it was released "Ojos Rojos" ("Red eyes"), a documentary about the Chilean national team. It was recorded after the elimination of the WC 2006 and the terrible campaign in Copa América 2007... it follows the change in the national football after Marcelo Bielsa became the coach and it analizes the importance of football in the Chilean society. It has received very favourable critics and is already the most viewed movie of the year and the highest grossing documentary in Chilean history.
  12. Amazing ad!!!! Here in Chile, Coca-Cola released a campaign about convincing people from Lesotho to support the Chilean team in the WC. It's a really good video... The thing is that the video was "leaked" some days before it was released on TV. And a lot of people found that the same ad, just changing the colors of the squads, was made for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay... there were a lot of criticism on the net about the "copied" ad but finally, it was an idea of Coca-Cola. This week they released a final ad on TV showing the four countries trying to convince the people of Lesotho... Maradroga is such an ass... The main reason I want Argentina to fail in the WC is to see Maradona being humilliated... Yesterday I received my Chilean jersey with my name in the back to see the World Cup I will post a pic of it soon...
  13. It's certainly factible that a good North American could beat bad South American bids... in fact, that's why Toronto won over Bogota and Lima. But twice in a row it's really difficult...
  14. 1999 - North America 2003 - Central America 2007 - South America 2011 - North America 2015 - North America 2019 - North America?... really?
  15. There's no way a North American city will get the Pan Am for the third consecutive time. After all, ODESUR members have the largest number of votes... and also I don't see a lot of interest between US cities... if Santiago doesn't bid (which seems probably), then Bogotá could become the front-runner...
  16. Blatter almost said that he want the WC to be hosted in Bolivia for 2014 and the other day was asking Chile to step in the race... he usually says the same in every single country...
  17. As Victor said, I won't count Chile out. The change of host for Copa América 2015 is almost ready and the gov. confirmed the South American Games of 2014. Certainly, at this moment I don't see any possibility of someone announcing a bid... but maybe in two years, after the main earthquake problems has been resolved and the "new" National Stadium has been opened, there could a bid. Sure, we are in worst position than three months ago... but who knows. Anyway, it would be sad that an earthquake AGAIN prevented us to host the Pan Ams. About Bolivia and Venezuela... Americans have no problems. Yes, both countries aren't friends of the US Government... but I won't say they are "Anti-American". After all, the culture in both countries has a lot of influence from the US (art, music, TV, etc.) Venezuelan and Bolivian people are really friendly... probably every foreigner would be received with open arms. At least in Bolivia, although there are protests against Chile and monuments against Chile... I have never heard of Chilean tourists being harassed and in fact everyone says how nice have been the people. A lot of American tourists visit La Paz, Titicaca lake and other places... and I assume the same happens with Venezuela.
  18. I'm so sad the Olympic Games ended for me in a different way... a little bit shaken... but anyways, I watched a lot of the Games on TVN (they made a summary every afternoon) and somedays on ESPN+. And I have to say, Vancouver Games were incredible... congratulations to all of you, Canadians!!!
  19. Scott Lago... stupid, but really hot... My fav is Brian Joubert... hot hot hot... and then Stephane Lambiert. I've seen some good looking alpine guys but I don't remember their names...
  20. Mr. Nobody is a good song... but I prefer "Stop" from Omar Naber (2005). And CAF, you stole me the Spain song... hahahaha. Dime is a really good song, but Beth was terrible in the show. When I was younger, there was a Chilean cover of "Dime" that was really popular at the time... Anyway, I will post my Spanish favourite song... this is probably the most known Eurovision song in Latin America right after the amazing "Eres tú" (a true classic). Here it is... the incredible Raphael de España with "Yo estoy aquí" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzeVGSNyf-0
  21. Not really difficult this case: Andrea Demirovic - Just get out of my life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvpcHxeQoV8 And I put Morocco and its only song... so the next one could really play Samira Bensaïd - Bitakat Hob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2DcIcAeEKA
  22. ESPN+ was terrible. First of all, the guys were talking all the time about anything and nothing related to the ceremony. They started to talk how beauty Nikki was and how her dress was too short for winter while Rogge and the GG entered the stadium... I couldn't even heard the Vice-Regal March or anything that happened later. Then, in the Cultural section, they were mute for almost an hour. I understand some English so I tried to translate to my family but it was very difficult... nobody understood what was going on... And finally, they were supposed to be an international broadcaster... but they were totally Argentinean-biased. Everything they were talking was about something related to ARG. When Chile entered the stadium, they started to talk about how Chilean athlets train in Argentinean ski centers (???) and they didn't mentioned the number of athlets nor the flagbearer. Colombia was totally omitted and there were just two words for Peru in its inaugural parade. Extremely disappointed...
  23. I like Murat Boz... Uçurum is a great song... But back to the game Antique - Die For You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XkoXFRE4XA
  24. I'm really shocked by the news... it's so sad a guy so young lost his live in this way. I know accidents can happen... and that it's a dangerous sport but there must be an investigation and suspend the luge competition until everything is clear and better safety measures could be enforced.
  25. The Chilean flag bearer will be Jorge "Coke" Mandrú (Alpine Skiing)
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