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  1. The Chilean flag bearer will be Jorge "Coke" Mandrú (Alpine Skiing)
  2. Terra.com.ve is supposed to have the rights of online broadcasting in Latin America. And also, ESPN+ will have the live broadcast at least in Chile...
  3. I know TVN and Canal 13 has the rights... but they seem like nothing is happening. Today, Canal 13 announced they will broadcast everynight a summary of the WOG at 2.00 am! WTF! and TVN haven't said anything and at the time of the OC they will show the movie "Zodiac" like someone cares about it. At least, ESPN will do their work (the Opening Ceremony will be broadcasted live on ESPN+ ) and also will Terra.cl... but it's a shame the largest TV companies haven't done anything...
  4. Chile will send just three athletes to Vancouver 2010. I'm extremly disappointed... it's one of the smallest delegation to any kind of Games, only surpassing the 2 athletes in Antwerp 1920, and like the delegations to Nagano 1998, Lillehammer 1994 and Oslo 1952. It's a third of the delegation to Torino! Damn... and it seems the Games won't be broadcasted
  5. I have the same problem here in Chile... and it did happen in Torino 2006. I couldn't watch the Opening because no TV channel broadcasted. I've seen that ESPN will broadcast the Games but I don't know if they will broadcast the ceremonies. I'm so upset with Chile sending just three athletes, so the channels not broadcasting the ceremonies would be the icing of the cake
  6. Agreed. Lejla is one of the best songs... but I have some kind of special feeling with "Rijeka biz imena". I feel it was heavily underrated: 11th is a good place, but it deserved a much better place. If Molitva hadn't been the same year -an amazing ballad from another Balkanic country- and Bosnia hadn't been in the first position, they would have got a Top 3 place... So... waiting for Bulgaria
  7. Maria Šestic - Rijeka biz imena This one was difficult... I love some of the latest Bosnian songs... I really like "Lejla" and "Bistra voda"... even "In the Disco"!
  8. A proposal about a HST between Santiago and Valparaíso is been studied in Chile. I don't think this is feasible but according to the newspaper, 60% of the income will come from the cargo service instead of the traditional services to passengers.
  9. It seems we were in Montevideo at the same time, Danny Montevideo is an awesome place... I loved it! But I don't think it suits for a Pan-Am. The Centenario would need an enormous investment and I don't know exactly if they have the infraestructure for other sports. Yeah, Uruguay is one of the most developed countries in LatAm, but it's also the smallest... is like the Luxembourg of South America. Although Lux is one of the richest country in the world, would you give them the Olympics? I don't think so. Santiago, Lima or Bogotá are larger cities that deserved to host finally the PanAm so
  10. I agree with Faster... Kingston is probably the last city missing in Caribbean... but after Santo Domingo, I don't see it coming soon. The other cities could be San José and Ciudad de Panamá... I read that there is a group on Facebook about Cd. Panamá 2019. So, at this moment we have the following bids: *Lima (PER) [ref] *Mar del Plata (ARG) [ref] Possible bids: *Santiago (CHL): The president of the COCh said that (after all the investment in sports infraestructure) the 2014 South American Games are an opportunity for a following PanAm bid, without saying the year. [ref]
  11. we haven't been lucky there's also the 1993 Winter Pan Am, cancelled after the US announced they won't take part and the rest of the delegations said pretty much the same. the only multi-sport games that I remember are the 1986 South American Games
  12. As I said, the resign of Chile was about diplomacy. You can read it here (in Spanish) "The Chilean government, sadly, can't accept the proposal of ODESUR about organizing the 2006 Games in Santiago, as long as Bolivia doesn't decline expressly and publicly their willingness to host them." (...) "For Chile and the Chilean people, their first priority is the spirit of good neighborhood and brotherhood, where the sports plays an essential role, and considering that after the highest diplomatic negotiations, the Bolivian people believe that they have the greatest right to be the host country of t
  13. Chile gave up the 2006 S.A. Games as a "gesture" to Bolivia, after ODESUR said La Paz couldn't host the Games. As you may know, one of the reasons after the troubles in Bolivia between 2002 and 2006 was the relations with Chile, so the government decided to not bid for the 2006 Games so the Bolivians wouldn't feel more betreyed by Chile. And... well.. 1975 and 1987 were two different situations after the coup in 1973 and the earthquake in 1985. Now is really different
  14. I guess Lima will bid again, and Mar del Plata has announced their intention to bid also. I don't know if Santiago will bid, but certainly it could be a really good option and probably a front-runner after all the changes for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2008 (the new Bicentennial Stadium), the almost-certain Copa América 2015 (the total renovation of the National Stadium) and the 2014 South American Games.
  15. nice!!! Congratulations to Toronto!! Totally deserved Games after an amazing bid So I guess 2019 will be a new battle between South American cities... Lima, Bogotá... and I hope Santiago after the South American Games 2014 and Copa América 2015
  16. Although the best friend of Chile is Canada at this moment, certainly they will vote for Lima or Bogotá. Chile will try to keep the friendship of Peru and Colombia, especially now we're pursuing Copa América 2015. Peruvian and Chilean relationships are in their worst state in the last years but is possible that Chile could send a message of goodwill supporting Peru... and the relations with Colombia are good, probably the only country in SA that they could consider as a friend (with Brazil).
  17. Here are the banners... the first one is a view of the city and the Andes, the second one a classic football match (the most popular sport in the country) in the suburbs of Santiago, and the third one is Chilean athlete Kael Becerra...
  18. Here is the logo for Santiago. I hope you like it! The logo represents the country in the image of the "Lonely Star" of our flag and the blue of the clearest sky of the world. There are the hills and the mountains of the Andes that takes care of the city, and the life and the passion of the "santiaguinos" (the inhabitants of Santiago), represented as the orange dots along the valley. I'll post the banner soon...
  19. Yeah, I want... but I don't have much time this week... I'll try to do something now... Besides, it looks a hard competition... there are some great logos here!
  20. I support also Toronto 2015... because I wanna see 2019 as a competition between South American countries: Bogotá, Lima, Caracas... and I hope Santiago
  21. Brazil was terrible in the match against Argentina... Now... go Nigeria!
  22. Yeah, right... González was a cheater and Blake losing three match points was his fault also... ¬¬ The problem was the umpire... it wasn't Gonzalez's work to say if a point is right or wrong. Besides, I don't think Blake or any other tennis player would say "Umpire, you're wrong...". No one would say that his ball went out if it is counted as in, etc, etc...
  23. Congratulations to Nadal... he deserved to win. I prefer not to see the match... usually when I see a match like this, Gonzalez lose... I think I bring him bad luck. Anyway, he lost but it was a great accomplishment for Chilean sport
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