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  1. I'm just looking the news about this... and I'm shocked... the images of tsunami are still fresh for me, but these looks more destructive.
  2. Be optimistic! In all places, there have been a lot of disasters around the world and most of them have recovered. And even in a few years. Last month I went to Concepción and Talcahuano, one of the cities most destroyed with the earthquake of Feb 2011, and a lot of places were recovered already; both downtowns were mostly ok and even the coast board in Talcahuano was being rebuilt after being whipped out by a tsunami. I was reading the other day a book about the 1962 World Cup in Chile and there was a chapter in the book talking about the cities that were distroyed by the largest earthquake in history (1960). 10,000 people died... but in two years, all the cities were ok; even few months after the earthquake, Concepción and Talca bidded to host matches in the World Cup and their stadiums, although weren't awarded with any match, were inaugurated before the stadiums in cities without the earthquake. The most difficult thing is always the houses because you have to look all the houses, allocate government funding and be careful to not spend money in buildings that are mostly ok. Take a look at www.reconstruyendochile.cl and look for Logros and Galerías. It's not easy to recover after a disaster of this magnitude but everyone does it and I'm sure New Zealand will.
  3. One year after the 5th largest earthquake in history... sth I will never forget

  4. Terrible news! When I saw there was a 6.3 Mw earthquake I thought it was a 'minor' one... but then I saw the depth and the videos on Youtube and it reminded me of my earthquake of last year. It seems it was a really big one. So sad for the ones that have lost a friend or a relative... but as any disaster, people will stand up and continue with their lives. I'm really sure New Zealand will recover after these tragic events. New Zealand is in the Pacific Circle of Fire, with Japan, Chile, Alaska and California... which is the most seismic place in the world. There have been a lot of earthquakes in the past (in 2009 there was a 7.9) but most of them are off the coast. The most damaging one in the past was the 1931 one, 7.8 Mw in Hawke's Bay. It seems this one was an aftershock of the 7.1 of past September. It is common to have relative large aftershocks some months after an earthquake (in the past weeks we had 5 earthquakes over 6.0 Mw and one of 7.0 Mw). The problem in this case is that it was really shallow and the soil looks very soft, amplifying the waves and suffering liquefaction.
  5. It seems Santiago will look for 2019 Pan-Ams. Today in an interview, the President of the National Institute of Sports said that although is not sure "the experience after the 2014 Odesur Games should serve to bid for the 2019 PanAms".
  6. Another small earthquake... God, why don't you just leave us alone?

    1. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      I heard it on the radio - I hope you, your family and your friends are alright!

    2. KRATK


      Sorry for not answering...

      Yes, everyone is fine. It wasn't huge to be honest. Just 7.0 Richter. I was in a 7th floor so it was a bit stronger than I usually feel... but it was weird, it was more like a wave, i felt a bit dizzy...

  7. Hahahahaha... yes, we should btw, at the time of the earthquake, we were renovating the National Stadium and there were some problems... the opening was delay from march to june. but the new stadiums for the 2008 U20 Women's World Cup didn't have any problems (including two that were in the epicenter of the earthquake). I think we have learnt Santiago resigned in 1983 when we were in the middle of one of the biggest economical crisis in the history (40% of unemployement, just to give a number) and also the first protests against the dictatorship started. In the following years, the situation changed a lot and the economy grew over 8% per year so they won the rights for the South American Games. Also there was the 1985 earthquake, but Chile didn't give up the rights. Sure, it's the main concern. Although for a PanAm, I don't think it will be a big problem compared with the Olympics. Argentina has a whole different level of political interventionism and corruption...
  8. Buenos Aires is always a serious competitor for continental events. Of course, not for an Olympics (not just because Rio is too soon but more about infraestructure, political stability, and so on) Santiago is thinking about a new 80,000 stadium for the next years. And now with the preparations about the 2014 South American Games, we could have a bid for 2019. I've heard more rumours now, but nothing official at the moment.
  9. ¡Feliz Navidad a todos! Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. Colombia announced they will bid for 2026... but Argentina/Uruguay have the official support of CONMEBOL for 2030 so it will be a bit contradictory to have both bids at the same time (but football organizations and consistency are not related usually, so don't worry). There are some calls about a Chilean bid, but I think after Qatar there is no way we could bid. So I think it will be a battle between US-Colombia-¿Canada?. Mexico could bid but if Colombia enters, they will get the Latin support instead of Mexico.
  11. Hispanic America = Latin America + Portugal. Hispanic America is the Spanish-speaking Americas. Colombia is growing really fast and I think in less than 10 years, they could be as developed as Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Still, the only problem are the guerrilla with FARC, but every day the conflict is smaller and I think in a few years it could be over.
  12. It should be Buenos Aires, the most cosmopolitan city in Hispanic America. BUT Argentina is all but certain... we shouldn't be surprised if they have another crisis (I hope not) and other cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Santiago or Bogota could host before them.
  13. for me, Chilean football is dead. I hope we finish last in next qualifiers.

  14. I don't see why Brazil hosting instead of Chile is bad for the European clubs. No matter where the Copa América is hosted, they are compelled to give their players, just like for the qualifications, the Euro or the WC.
  15. How boring... Brazilian invasion... In any case, we will have the 2019 Copa América in better shape, so it's not a problem after all.
  16. Brazil is scheduled to be the host of 2015 and Chile of 2019, but Chile is trying to change the rights with Brazil (because Brazil will have the FIFA WC and the OG). An US bid is interesting, but I don't think CONMEBOL would give up their rights so easily. After all, the most benefited side is the North American. I don't think Mexico would be problematic. They have hosted before a lot of important tournaments and they have next year the PanAms. Of course, there are a lot of security issues but I don't think they are thinking about hosting in Chiapas or Ciudad Juárez.
  17. Here are some cities that have discussed the posibility of bidding for 2019: Mar del Plata, Argentina Bogotá, Colombia Medellín, Colombia [1] Lima, Perú [2] Puerto Rico [3] IMHO, Colombia has a good chance. I've heard also about Panama City and Santiago, but nothing serious at the moment.
  18. Today I read a member of CONCACAF confirming the idea: 10 CONMEBOL teams and 6 of CONCACAF. http://www.tercera.com/noticia/deportes/futbol/2010/10/688-296956-9-concacaf-no-descarta-sumarse-para-jugar-la-copa-america.shtml
  19. I don't think CONMEBOL members will be willing to give up two spots. Besides in that case, what we will do? A qualification tournament with 10 teams for 8 spots?
  20. Interesting... So, it could have 16 teams: 10 CONMEBOL members + USA and Mexico + two Central American + two Caribbean/Canada
  21. According to the USGS, there have been at least two aftershocks over 5.0... one twenty minutes after the main shock and one a day after. Now that the people is on alert and the weakest buildings have been evacuated, is probably that nothing worst could happen, but in any case, you're never out of danger. There have been cases where a huge shock is followed by a bigger one (the most famous case is the 7.3 earthquake followed by a 9.5 the day after in 1960), but is really uncommon.
  22. I didn't want you to feel offended... I agree that the reaction of people has been great, but I was watching the pictures. I don't know if it's just press sensationalism, but it seems there are a lot of collapsed buildings and I think for countries that are located inside the Pacific Ring of Fire there should be more strict rules to build and no collapsed building with an earthquake like this one. You said "no one know when this will happen"... for the same reason, you should be prepared not only for a 7.0 earthquake... but also for a 7.5 and an 8.0 and who knows which one alse. I think the only good thing about this kind of catastrophes is that you could learn which are your strengths and weakness so you could be more prepared for the next one. I didn't want to sound rude in a moment like this and I'm sorry if you felt this way, I was just trying to raise a point to debate (of course, if it's not what it seems in the pictures, it's ok).
  23. Terrible news. It seems 2010 is the year of the earthquakes. I'm glad that there are no casualties and all of the GB Kiwis are OK... but I'm a bit impressed with the amount of destruction. I always thought NZ would be more prepared to this kind of earthquakes since the country is in the Pacific Ring of Fire, but it seems this is the first big quake in a lot of years. Anyway, my thoughts are with you. I've been in your position some months ago and I know how difficult is to start all over again, but it is possible.
  24. The thing about video replays is that I've seen a lot of times different angles of controversial situations and you could have different interpretations... and even then, there are cases that you can't take a final decisions. Have you seen the expulsion of Estrada in CHI v. ESP? Was Torres diving? Did Estrada fouled or was just unintentional? Even watching the replays, I don't have a final opinion. So, video replays won't help a lot... But, I think it will put more pressure over the referee. He won't be "the final judge"... it will be the review. The referees could start to be more conservative or start to depend a lot on the video replay. Why would you risk your career calling a controversial expulsion if you could go to the video and take the decision? And why would you not do the same for a yellow card, a common foul, etc, etc? I think video replay will make the games much slower. Also, it will empower the players even more, especially the stronger sides. A controversial call against Brazil or Spain and favouring Nepal or Honduras... "Sir, why don't you go to the video replay and watch it again... maybe you could change your opinion watching it... you know, you can't eliminate of the World Cup a bigger team". Yes, referees have faults. Maybe terrible ones. But at the end, good referees don't have big problems usually. The thing is FIFA isn't choosing good referees. Come on! Those guys from Mali and Seychelles that have never been in an international game can't be called to the FIFA World Cup anymore!
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