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  1. 1975 was two years after the coup d'etat. 1987 was two years after a big earthquake.
  2. Damn... the cycling team fell and Köbrich lost in the last seconds at swimming... not gold medals for Chile yet
  3. It seems it's on: Santiago is bidding for the 2019 PanAm. The president of the COCh is lobbying in Guadalajara and taking note about the organization. http://diario.latercera.com/2011/10/15/01/contenido/deportes/4-87078-9-ilic-negocia-los-panamericanos-de-2019-para-chile.shtml http://diario.latercera.com/2011/10/16/01/contenido/deportes/4-87206-9-los-millones-que-necesita-chile--para-ser-sede-panamericana.shtml
  4. Yesterday night, at the broadcast of the OC, the reporter said that the venues for the 2014 ODESUR Games in Santiago are being built with Pan American standards.
  5. Argentina 4-1 Chile Borghi SHOULD resign. The new president of the Federation and the coach are doing exactly what Chile did in the worst time of its history as a team. I can't believe... Bielsa did so many things and in less than a year we are playing worst than ever. And all of this is President Piñera's fault.
  6. I usually play AB when I'm on the bus coming back home. It's really adictive.
  7. Happy birthday Chile!

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Felicitaciones al pueblo hermano de Chile!

    2. KRATK
  8. Chile must change. No more repression, no more government stupidity. ¡Educación pública, libre y gratis para todos los chilenos!

  9. Sure, because Latin America is a Far Eastern region...
  10. I think that Argentina dreaming about hosting the World Cup at this moment is a reaaaally bad joke. They have just hosted the worst Copa América in the past years... the stadiums weren't the problems: it was the organization. They couldn't manage the ticket selling, the press, the accommodations, the broadcasting, etc, etc...
  11. I've read in the newspapers that Norway can charge him with "crimes against humanity" instead of terrorism: that would increase the sentence from 21 to 30 years. I'm a long advocate against capital punishment, but certainly a manslaughter like this one shouldn't be free again in his lifetime.
  12. For sure, Chile won't get the Olympics soon, especially considering the small coverage of the winter sports for most of the population. Although the ski centers are less than 40kms away, most of the people of Santiago don't visit them. So, a potential Chilean bid in 2022 would be more about awareness of the city and about the winter sports in the country. In any case, I would say a WOG in Chile would be more interesting. Santiago itself has more population than whole New Zealand and better ski centers. I think South America has a great potential to increase the participation in Winter Olympics... not only Chile, but also nearby Argentina and Brazil (most of the people currently at the ski resorts are from Brazil). Of course, we must start developing the winter sports before getting the Olympics. I know, but this is something "amateur", more about an awareness campaign than a real bidding intention. Most of those athletes in fact are currently training in Santiago, Bariloche or other places. In fact, in past years the first stages of the FIS Snowboard World Cup has taken place in Santiago and Chapelco, in early september. Certainly, a potential Southern Hemisphere bid should have some schedule problems, but I don't think it something a really good bid can't solve.
  13. Just fyi... I've heard that most of the people of the camp were over 16 yo... Of course, political ideas to a kid of 9 years old is absurd. I'm not a legal expert, but maybe they could charge him with multiple crimes: at least, two different ones for the bombing and the shooting...
  14. This is an interesting piece of news I read today in one of the most influential Chilean magazines. The idea has no more background that any of my GamesBids contest proposal, but this is another step to put the idea of a Santiago Winter Olympic bid in discussion. This week, a simple but striking sticker appeared in several cars in the capital, consisting solely of the Olympic logo and the phrase "Santiago 2022." Behind these mysterious adhesives is the architect Federico Sanchez and the young designer Juan Carlos Labarca, which are fine-tuning the last details to officially launch the campaign for Santiago to host the Winter Olympics 2022. The initiative, born as the project title of Labarca at Diego Portales University, has as main objective to transform the capital into a sustainable city, thereby increasing their chances of Olympic Committee designates as the first South American host to organize the event. For that, among other initiatives, they think to call companies to adopt environmental measures and promoting the creation of new green areas and processing plants for household waste. http://www.quepasa.cl/articulo/ojos-de-la-llave/2011/07/17-6187-9-una-campana-olimpica-de-federico-sanchez.shtml
  15. So sad! I heard around 17 deads and then I went to a restaurant and the number rised to 87... Incredible! And the worst part it's that it was someone from inside... I read the declaration of the Norwegian PM: "We will not be afraid of being Norway... we will face this with more democracy". A lesson to be learnt... this situation can happen again in any other place in the world. I don't think so. At 15 or 16, you are old enough to have your political beliefs and attend political meetings by their own will. Here in Chile, five years ago, people of 15 years old protested and made the government crumble. I like that young people learn about politics... what do you expect? That they live in a place without politics until they have 18 yo and then suddenly they know how to vote, their own rights, etc.?
  16. Depressed. First, Chile eliminated and then a killing spree in my subway station

  17. I agree that Ollanta Humala would be more like Lula than Chávez. He doesn't have a majority in the Congress to pursue radical reforms so he will be more focused in moderate changes to keep`Peru growing as done in the past years... Ollanta will be working for development of the poorest people, so I think probably a Pan-Am Games won't be his priority. Alan Garcia was the pompous and egocentric guy (have you seen the giant Christ statue that he built without asking?) that would have LOVED to have a PanAm Games... so I am questioning if Lima will finally bid for 2019.
  18. Three halves? What's next? FIFA allowing players to wear burqa? Or be naked? (although I'm not totally against that proposal ^^ ) This is becoming insane... you can't start changing the rules of the sport just because you had the GREAT idea of playing in the middle of the desert...
  19. It's not going to happen... they won't accept a pentanational bid. So, I think Burundi should go on its own instead... after Qatar, they could be the frontrunners.
  20. Today I visited the Olympic Museum in Lausanne :D and bought a London 2012 cap, haha

  21. Nice medals... and the logo of the ParaPanAm looks SO great compared with the PanAm one
  22. Ready for Berlin :)

  23. Japanese nuclear reactors were built with safety measures for any earthquake a magnitude less than 9.0, which happens every 500 years or more in the same place. A 9.1 is 2.7 times bigger than a 9.0 and even with that, most of the Japanese nuclear reactors worked fine. If there is a similar earthquake in Europe, I wouldn't be worried about nuclear reactors which have similar security measures than the Japanese. I would be more worried of all the buildings that will colapse for sure and kill everyone inside.
  24. About the nuclear alert, I found this blog with the opinion of a nuclear engineer, saying basically it isn't that bad. http://morgsatlarge.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/why-i-am-not-worried-about-japans-nuclear-reactors/
  25. Some hours ago, the tsunami hit Chile and were probably one of the biggest waves in the Pacific (of course, not counting the Japanese). The worst part of it is that they hit mainly the same places destroyed by the tsunami of 2010. The news from Japan are terrible... 1,200 deaths approx.
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