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  1. Chilean Tomás González become the first athlete of my country not only attending the Gymnastic events but also qualifying for the finals! I really hope he can get a medal on vault and/or floor!
  2. I don't think the bid itself is a joke. Clearly, the new city of La Punta is an ambicious project by the governors of San Luis. The joke is that the Argentinean NOC voted for it over Rosario, when it is obvious they can't compete against Santiago or Bogotá (or at least it will be extremely difficult). Just as a small comment, President Piñera talked about the Santiago 2019 PanAm bid in the State of the Nation few weeks ago as a goal of the Chilean government.
  3. I'm sorry but this is probably the most unbelieveable bid ever. A city that was founded 10 years ago and has less than 15,000 inhabitants... I don't know still if this is a joke...
  4. Wow, I didn't know that they already chose the ODESUR logo... looks nice although I voted for other proposals
  5. I wouldn't be really worried about this threats. There are crazy people in every single country and Azerbaijan is not an exception. I don't think they will have any problem with gay people... just like in Belgrade and Moscow. Of course, it won't be as free as Oslo or Dusseldorf, but in Belgrade there were also threats of homophobic attacks and nothing happened (at least to the visitors).
  6. I saw Pastora's performance and it is so amazing. Also, the lyrics are so simple but really powerful -at least for someone that speaks the same language It's one of my favourites this year with Estonia, Hungary and Iceland. I hope they do really well (Top 5) and let's see if the Spaniards stop complaining about the ESC and take a more serious approach in the future.
  7. Are you done with your pointless Argentine-phobic rethoric? Can we discuss about the bid? Thanks. PS: And, just FYI, I'm probably moving to Argentina in a few months. Because, yes, I'm stupid and I don't know anything about their economic, political or social situation. I tried to go to Somalia but it was just so stable so I prefered to go to a real adventure....
  8. Oh, wow, Argentina is attacked by the Chilean government that can't even control their own people and the Spanish one that isn't even able to lower the unemployement below 20%. Funny that even the Brazilian governement supported Argentinean one (yes, they should also relatives of Argentina to understand that irrational hate is not a good argument)... because with few exceptions, most of the oil companies are state-owned. Argentina was reverting just an stupid decision made in the irrational wage of neoliberalism in the 90s. Before talking about YPF, you should read something beside opposition newspapers in Argentina or Spanish ones. A good example is this piece on The Guardian (of course, written by someone with relatives from Argentina): http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/apr/18/argentina-critics-oil-nationalise I've heard tons of times how every change in Latin American economies will 'upset' the foreign investors, how they will run if we change taxes and we will end in poverty. And you know? Foreign investment has even incresed... even in Argentina. Why? Because even with all that problems, they still earn a lot of money. In fact, it's just plain stupid what Spain is doing upseting Argentina when they are the ones that can lose: Argentina can cut anytime their supply of soja, which represents almost 50% of the Spanish market, or start expropiating several companies like BBVA or Banco Santander; none of those ideas would be 'good' for a governement already in crisis. Argentina is free to choose their own economic and political model, whether we like it or not, and certainly Cristina Fernández is more worried about how to sustain the industrial growth of Argentina than hosting Olympic Games (something Spain should learn perhaps). To be honest, I don't like the protectionism and I prefer the free market economy I have -and I hate going to Buenos Aires and see how cellphones cost the triple than the ones in Santiago because they were produced in Tierra del Fuego instead of being imported from South Korea-... but Argentina is not the first nor the last country with protectionism. Brazil? China? Russia? South Korea, anyone? Is Argentina able to host the Young Games? I think they are, but only if their government is interested in them, exactly what didn't happen in the Copa América, which was an organizational nightmare. At this moment, I haven't seen gestures from the government yet so I'm not really sure if they will happen at the end. To be honest, I don't see sports as a priority for the Argentine gov.
  9. I really like the Cypriot entry... simple, funny, a good song to dance. It's not a masterpiece but it's one of the catchiest songs on this year. The British song is incredible good... but I'm not sure how it will end in the ESC. And opening it! I guess it will have a lot of points by the jury at least...
  10. Nutella, second best thing in the universe after dulce de leche/manjar, ñom ñom... I tried once Vegemite... and I couldn't understand how can someone like that thing, haha
  11. "The Reference Group concluded that due to the title and repetitive presence of the trademark 'Facebook', the song contains a commercial message and is therefor not eligable to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. In support of SMRTV's participation, it was decided to give the broadcaster the opportunity to either deliver a new version of the lyrics that does not include a reference to Facebook, or to deliver a new song. The deadline set for the delivery of new lyrics and/or song was set to Friday, 22nd of March at 12:00 CET." http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=49493
  12. http://www.eurovision.tv/page/baku-2012/about/shows/participants San Marino appears as "To be announced" even though the other participants and song titles are up to date. It seems the Sanmarinese entry may be rejected for the use of a commercial name, something against the rules. We still have a little hope.
  13. I'm surprised that you are saying this is a mediocre year. For me, is one of the strongest at least compared with the ones in the 00s. With the exception of 3 or 4 songs that are terrible, the rest are all really good (maybe not my favourite music styles but I can't say that are not good). Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Hungary and all the ex-Yugoslavian countries have really great songs imho...
  14. Miami after Toronto... I doubt it.
  15. AFAIK, it is not. Santiago just decided to present the bid earlier as an 'example'. At this moment, yes...
  16. Today, the bid of Santiago was presented at the ODEPA/PASO Offices. In the picture, the Director of the Sports National Institute (IND), the President of ODEPA and the President of the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCh)
  17. For me, I would love David or Danny to win. Loreen is good but her performance kinda freaks me out. On studio is much better for me...
  18. Yay! Now we will have between two or six years of Danny talking each day about how terrible is Argentina and how they have the worst economy in the world. Yes, Argentina's INDEK is a chaos and inflation is really high, but that doesn't say they are in crisis and being unable to pull a good event. I'm worried that the bid could be just the idea of Mauricio Macri (mayor of Buenos Aires) who has showed is unable to do at least one good single thing. I hope the Argentine government gets involved to pull a nice bid... working just on a local level will be an embarrasing nightmare. Agree. Monumental Stadium should be totally renovated. It was a shame that it didn't happen with Copa America (only used at the final match).
  19. Spain voted for "Quédate conmigo". I'm really pleased with their choice... Pastora has an amazing voice and it suits perfect the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t0rkNql_BU
  20. So, it's on... Yesterday, it was announced that Santiago will bid for the 2019 Pan-Am Games. The Secretary of Sports and the President of the Olympic Committee will be next week at Mexico to present the bid officially at ODEPA/PASO headquarters. According to Chilean sites, Lima and Rosario are the other bidders. Bogotá is undecided because of the recently announcement of Medellín to host the Youth Olympics while Montevideo and Mayagüez are named as lesser rivals. http://www.cooperativa.cl/chile-presentara-candidatura-para-organizar-los-juegos-panamericanos-de-2019/prontus_nots/2012-03-02/100834.html http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/pais/2012/03/02/santiago-sera-candidata-a-sede-de-los-panamericanos-de-2019/ http://deportes.terra.cl/otros-deportes/santiago-presentara-candidatura-para-organizar-los-juegos-panamericanos-2019,b04be2ed7f3d5310VgnVCM20000099f154d0RCRD.html
  21. To be honest, I love the Austrian entry. It's IMHO one of the few "current" songs and the only I can put on a party here, probably with LaLaLove. Yeah, lyrics are not supposed to be deep but it's funny (at least for someone who doesn't speak German). About Sweden, Danny was great but not as good as past year (even though the song now is much better, it says Amazing just four times). But my favourite is "Shout it out" by David Lindgren. I know Euphoria is the favourite but I don't see all the fuss about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN8wbj0HVNQ
  22. Yay! Mundu eftu mir was my favourite in Iceland and was the frontrunner. I watched mainly A Dal (Hungarian selection) and a bit of the MGP Norway's choice wasn't the best but is not that bad. But well, if Saade's reached third place, Tooji can get a good place.
  23. Hungary has chosen: Compact Disco - "Sound of our hearts" My favourite this year...
  24. About Sao Paulo, I think they can handle it if they need to. Mexico City, Tokyo or Beijing are bigger and they have made it. The point is... why Sao Paulo? There are plenty of other candidates until this moment (Santiago, Lima, Rosario, Bogotá...) I don't think the Brazilian Olympic Committee will do such a stupid thing like getting involved in a race where their best "friends" are running already.
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