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  1. Today, the bid of Santiago was presented at the ODEPA/PASO Offices. In the picture, the Director of the Sports National Institute (IND), the President of ODEPA and the President of the Chilean Olympic Committee (COCh)
  2. Yay! Now we will have between two or six years of Danny talking each day about how terrible is Argentina and how they have the worst economy in the world. Yes, Argentina's INDEK is a chaos and inflation is really high, but that doesn't say they are in crisis and being unable to pull a good event. I'm worried that the bid could be just the idea of Mauricio Macri (mayor of Buenos Aires) who has showed is unable to do at least one good single thing. I hope the Argentine government gets involved to pull a nice bid... working just on a local level will be an embarrasing nightmare. Agree. Monum
  3. So, it's on... Yesterday, it was announced that Santiago will bid for the 2019 Pan-Am Games. The Secretary of Sports and the President of the Olympic Committee will be next week at Mexico to present the bid officially at ODEPA/PASO headquarters. According to Chilean sites, Lima and Rosario are the other bidders. Bogotá is undecided because of the recently announcement of Medellín to host the Youth Olympics while Montevideo and Mayagüez are named as lesser rivals. http://www.cooperativa.cl/chile-presentara-candidatura-para-organizar-los-juegos-panamericanos-de-2019/prontus_nots/2012-03-02/10
  4. About Sao Paulo, I think they can handle it if they need to. Mexico City, Tokyo or Beijing are bigger and they have made it. The point is... why Sao Paulo? There are plenty of other candidates until this moment (Santiago, Lima, Rosario, Bogotá...) I don't think the Brazilian Olympic Committee will do such a stupid thing like getting involved in a race where their best "friends" are running already.
  5. Yesterday, Lionel Messi announced his support for Rosario, his birth town. The article says also that other bidding cities in Argentina are: San Luis, La Plata y Salta http://www.latercera.com/noticia/deportes/2012/01/656-419383-9-rosario-se-candidatea-para-organizar-panamericanos-2019-con-apoyo-de-messi.shtml
  6. Just found an interesting piece from last month. The director of the Sports National Institute presented the project of a new velodrome for the 2014 ODESUR Games in Peñalolén (a neighborhood of Santiago next to the Andes) supposed to be the "most modern in South America". And he said: "This will be the most emblematic venue of the ODESUR Games 2014, our test to get the PanAm 2019". There is also a video of the venue: http://www.cooperativa.cl/penalolen-tendra-el-velodromo-mas-moderno-de-sudamerica/prontus_nots/2011-11-22/150403.html
  7. ¡Feliz Navidad para todos!

  8. So, are we going to miss http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/ ???
  9. First, the Copa Sudamericana. Now, defeating UC at their home... closer to the Double Championship. Thanks Universidad de Chile for everthing!

    1. deawebo


      felicidades universidad de chile! :D

    2. KRATK
  10. Nice logo! IMHO, Rosario would be a much better option than La Plata, at least about what the city can offer...
  11. San José or Panamá would be good choices for 2023... Central America must host someday...
  12. Today, President Piñera announced the winner of the contest for the Citizens' Park that will surround the National Stadium. It is supposed that most of the works will be done by 2014 for the ODESUR Games and totally for the 2019 PanAm if we bid. Here is the video
  13. The only good thing about Chile in the past two years, now was screwed again
  14. The match against Uruguay was disgraceful. First, five players were expelled for drinking before the training... and now we have lost also the goalkeeper and the defenders. Borghi is doing such a terrible job. We can't have 10 goals against! Bielsa, please come back!
  15. Uruguay 4-0 Chile. I think we should move to OFC to stop these disgraceful moments

    1. intoronto


      one blowout loss to the defending world cup bronze medalist is not bad. It happens ask Turkey.

    2. KRATK


      Being defeated by Venezuela; then 4-1 to Argentina and then 4-0 to Uruguay. And playing terrible... that's the problem.

    3. intoronto


      Oh I didn't realize the previous results.

  16. Three times in fact. 1975 was cancelled after the coup d'etat of 1973. As Ikarus said, the government was more worried about killing people. And I don't think they were able to paint in a few months all the National Stadium and clean all the blood on the walls. 1987 was cancelled after the March 1985 earthquake that destroyed a lot of places in and around Santiago. And the Second PanAm Winter Games were scheduled for 1995 in Santiago, but cancelled after Las Leñas 1991 was a big failure. About La Plata... Current government is much more capable of hosting the Games now than in the Menem er
  17. Here is a 2010 video I found with the venues of the 2014 ODESUR Games. Some of the venues are being renovated already, one example is the Court Central (here is how it looks now). http://www.3tv.cl/index.php?m=video&v=16329 The venues of the 2014 ODESUR Games will probably be the base of the Santiago bid.
  18. It's not an official rotation policy. San Antonio (USA) bidded for 2007 and Lima and Bogotá bidded for 2015.
  19. 1975 was two years after the coup d'etat. 1987 was two years after a big earthquake.
  20. It seems it's on: Santiago is bidding for the 2019 PanAm. The president of the COCh is lobbying in Guadalajara and taking note about the organization. http://diario.latercera.com/2011/10/15/01/contenido/deportes/4-87078-9-ilic-negocia-los-panamericanos-de-2019-para-chile.shtml http://diario.latercera.com/2011/10/16/01/contenido/deportes/4-87206-9-los-millones-que-necesita-chile--para-ser-sede-panamericana.shtml
  21. Yesterday night, at the broadcast of the OC, the reporter said that the venues for the 2014 ODESUR Games in Santiago are being built with Pan American standards.
  22. Argentina 4-1 Chile Borghi SHOULD resign. The new president of the Federation and the coach are doing exactly what Chile did in the worst time of its history as a team. I can't believe... Bielsa did so many things and in less than a year we are playing worst than ever. And all of this is President Piñera's fault.
  23. Happy birthday Chile!

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Felicitaciones al pueblo hermano de Chile!

    2. KRATK
  24. Chile must change. No more repression, no more government stupidity. ¡Educación pública, libre y gratis para todos los chilenos!

  25. Sure, because Latin America is a Far Eastern region...
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