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  1. Not a huge fan of the logo, but it is ok. I love the idea of showing the Andes in it! I hope they keep it somehow in the final logo. Too bad the BA 2004 bid used the condor, it would have been my favourite thing for a Santiago logo.
  2. Well, FINALLY!!! After cancelling twice and being beaten by Lima a few years ago, FINALLY we will host a major international event! As Roland said, it was bloody time! Although the PASO election may have influenced something (you can't discard anything in any Latin American sport organization), it always seemed to me that the BA bid didn't have future. Yes, they would had the infrastructure from the YOG, but I'm not even sure they are doing a lot about it. The situation in Argentina is still very complicated politically and economically so I wasn't sure they will commit with this bid... just like La Punta, I thought it was more a show than a serious intention.
  3. Originally, the Chilean government decided to cancel the Santiago 2023 bid given the proposal made by the local Olympic committee and the Ministry of Sparts was badly rated. That encouraged Buenos Aires to bid and be, until today, the only official proposal. However, the Chilean Congress requested President Michelle Bachelet to support the bid anyways, and according to press reports, this was accepted and the bid will be announced today. http://www.t13.cl/noticia/deportes13/polideportivo/chile-presentara-su-candidatura-a-los-juegos-panamericanos-2023 So, will it be Buenos Aires vs Santiago after all?
  4. Yay!!!! After so many years, finally we made it! I'm so happy and everyone here is so happy. For the first, we don't have to settle with the "at least we played really good". For me, this summarize everything: the Chilean team celebrating after Sánchez scored the winning penalty and, in the background, the memorial for the detained and tortured people in the National Stadium during the military dictatorship. The phrase says "A people without memory is a people with future".
  5. I'm really glad both teams will be in the finals. Chile has proven, despite some controversy, is one of the best teams in the continent at the moment and Argentina, although had some problems at the beggining, is finally starting to show all the talent of its players. I'm really nervous but I'm sure Chile is able to win on Saturday and finally get the championship we have been waiting for 99 years.
  6. In particular in this case, the main problem has been the political scandals of the last year which have hurted specially the Bachelet presidency. Bachelet was supposed to give a speech at the beggining (especially given she has been one of the main promoters of football activities and construction of new stadia) but she decided not to give it and have a low profile. For example, even though she has attended both of the Chile matches, she never appeared in the giant screen; in fact, I didn't know she was at the stadium with me until I saw the news the other day. Back to the football, this has been an interesting Cup. Some thrilling matches, Chile v Mexico, Argentina v Uruguay, Brazil v Colombia, and a lot of surprises. I haven't seen a outstanding team yet and I'm not sure who will be champion this year. Anything can happen. Today starts the last round of the First Stage of the Cup and no team is yet qualified nor eliminated. Group A: Chile 4p, Bolivia 4p, Mexico 2p, Ecuador 0p. Group B: Argentina 4p, Paraguay 4p, Uruguay 3p, Jamaica 0p Group C: Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela, all of them with 3p and 0 of goal difference.
  7. I was at the stadium and in general I liked the opening ceremony. I mean, it wasn't at the level of an Olympic opening ceremony but it was much better than other football opening ceremonies. I don't remember the one in Argentina 2011 but at least was much better than the circus of Brazil 2014 WC. To me, the only problem is that it was too slow... great that they showed the rapanui dances but I was missing something related to the mapuche people, especially considering all the graphics are based on the mapuche iconography. Regarding the organization, it was pretty good. I didn't have any problem to enter (i was at the queue for 20 minutes top and I got a decent seat). Only problem: the seats were dirty/discolored and it seemed like they didn't do anything to improve the National Stadium. it was a good idea of the government to bring the "green cards" and requesting the people to show it during the rival national anthem so it wasn't booed as traditionally happens. And we didn't have boring speeches... so thumbs up in general. Too bad the match wasn't really good (at least we won!) and it was extremely cold.
  8. I really really liked the logo. I'm surprised to find finally a logo with a meaning and not a vanguardist mix of non sense, just like in basically every single sport event in the past years. The main typography in "Chile 2015" seems odd to me... it's not bad itself but it doesn't make sense with the overall logo design. It should have used the geometric typography used in other texts (for example, banners). For those that don't understand the meaning of the visual design of the event, it is based in the geometric shapes used by the indigenous groups of Chile, especially the Mapuche people, in their clothes. The logo is based on the kultrung or cultrún, the Mapuche ceremonial drum, that has a cross design marking the 4 cardinal points. Over the kultrung are the classic 5-pointed star of the Chilean flag and a representation of the 8-pointed star, the Wüñelfe, symbol of the Mapuche people (representing Venus, the Morning Star, and the flower of the canelo, their sacred tree). Originally, the Chilean flag had its 5-pointed star with a smaller 8-pointed one inside representing the indigenous people; however, at the end it was too difficult to draw both stars and it was simplified. You can see other details of the logo, here I just loved the visual identity of the event.
  9. That's awesome... only for you hahahaha In fact, I'm more worried about Brazil in the Round of 16 than Spain and the Netherlands. We can play good against them (not necessarily winning), but if we pass to the second round and play against Brazil, I'm pretty sure the confidence in the team will succumb and we'll be massacred I agree with you... but I just love the idea of watching Italy and England playing in Manaus.
  10. I can't believe this was real life. I mean, WHY. WHY of all the possible combinations we have the worst we could have imagined before. Playing with Spain AGAIN in the first round (just like 2010) and possible with Brazil in the second round (just like 2010... and 1998 and 1962, the three times Chile has passed to the second round) were the only thing we didn't want... and now we have the 'plus' of Netherlands and possible playing with Brazil (only once we have defeated them in official matches in the entire history, which is around 50 matches) IN Brazil. When we heard Spain was in the Group B, all the people in Chile were waiting not to be in the Group B and... then, the collective hysteria. I think we can do a pretty good job. We have played before with Spain, three times in the past four years and although we haven't defeated them yet, we were really close last time, so I think we can get a point with them. The Netherlands is a great time but I think they are quite bipolar: they can play amazing just like most of the 2010 WC... or play terrible like the 2012 Euro or the 2010 final. I think we can beat them or at least get another point. We must defeat Australia... and I think that is possible. But finishing second and they playing with Brazil will be impossible for us. For the rest of the group, there is no way France and Switzerland had so much luck. Also Argentina which has a pretty clean path to the final. Group D and G looks very interesting. IMHO: A: Brazil, Mexico: Although Mexico had a very poor qualification, I think they have time to correct their problems. It is a problem of team spirit more than capacity and with the new coach they can go to the next round. And Brazil doesn't need to be explained. B: Spain, Chile (crossing fingers). Already explained. C: Colombia, Ivory Coast. The Africans finally have a more normal group after two WC in the Group of Death. D: Uruguay, Italy. I don't see England going further, sorry. E: Switzerland, France. Is this group a joke, right? F: Argentina, Nigeria. I think the Africans will feel much more confortable with the weather than Bosnia. G: Germany, Portugal. Mmm, although it will be a very though group. H: Russia, Belgium. I think Belgium is probably the most overrated team this year. They have a pretty good squad and players, but it is not a team that should be a seeded one. I haven't seen them playing against really big teams and against Colombia, which is a very good team but not one of the strongest, struggled. Certainly, it is not the best CIV but shouldn't be underrated. I think they can do a pretty good job, especially now that they don't have to play against Argentina, Brazil, Portugal or the Netherlands like in the past WCs.
  11. Congratulations to th Peruvian people! They had a really good bid and it is not a surprise that they won. I believe Santiago had a much better plan but that is now part of the history. What it is surprising is the result. Santiago and Lima were the favourites according pretty much every report (besides that of ATR that was true at the end)... and Santiago just getting 9 votes is a shame, the same than La Punta. The Chilean government was confident to get a lot of votes but at the end, it seems they only got was Mexico, the US and Canada, a total failure. Ciudad Bolívar was also disappointing. It seems Peru got most of the Caribbean votes and probably Colombia and Brazil. I hope Chile bids for 2023, but please, not with this pathethic government still using the miners for pretty much everything.
  12. I hope Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Egypt and Burkina Faso can make it!
  13. I found this post in a newspaper from San Luis, Argentina. It is a bit old (July) and It focuses on the chances of La Punta. According to a poll done to PASO members, 46.79% would vote for Santiago, 33.28% for Lima, Bolívar with a 13,81 % and La Punta only with a 6,12%. A Peruvian poll have similar results: Santiago 46.67%, Lima 33.33%, Bolívar 13.33% y La Punta 6.67%. It's not sure that Santiago will win, but at least it backs the idea of Santiago and Lima as frontrunners (in line with La Tercera publication) http://lagaceta-digital.com.ar/tempor/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8133:panamericanos-2019-encuesta-deja-mal-posicionada-a-la-punta&catid=37:notaprincipal
  14. Bye Madrid, nice try, but please, first solve your problems and not wait the Olympics to solve them.
  15. I only could catch some part of Tokyo's answers and most of Spanish presentation (except the Felipe's speech because of transmission cut). I think Spanish presentation wasn't really good, especially from most of the speakers (too bad I couldn't hear Felipe). Rajoy talking about the economy made me feel like he was describing Switzerland or something like this... the economy IS a problem now and they can't say that everything is OK, but I don't know if a bit of honesty ("not everything is ok but we are confident we will do the best" or sth in that line) would have been better for their commitment. My heart is with Istambul, my brain with Tokyo. Btw, yesterday I was just 100 m from the ceremony at the Teatro Colón, but I couldn't see anything
  16. Vásquez Jaña never mentioned La Punta and Bolívar... yes, Santiago is his choice but obviously lobbying will be important, especially considering the good ties that Venezuela have in the Caribbean where they can carry a lot of votes. I think it has to do more with the idea that is just a sketch. I don't see any reason why balconies won't be there (most of buildings in Santiago have them). Are they going to use Ciudad Bicentenario? That would be great, considering it is almost useless at the moment (it is very close to my family's house and I passed by there every day in the past 10 years ). And also there will be a Metro station by 2018. Not sure, probably triathlon, sailing, rowing and maybe beach voleyball.
  17. Hi everybody! This is Buenos Aires calling (now that I moved ). Here are the results of the Chilean-Argentine combined vote 1 point to DENMARK 2 points to SPAIN 3 points to AZERBAIJAN 4 points to SAN MARINO 5 points to SWEDEN 6 points to SWITZERLAND 7 points to ITALY 8 points to ESTONIA 10 points to ISRAEL and finally, the 12 points go to GERMANY!!!!
  18. Vásquez Raña never said that Ciudad Bolívar and La Punta don't have chances. La Tercera claims that. The PASO president said: "Maybe in my heart and mind, the decision has been taken, but I can't close the doors for the rest. Everything will be defined in October. It doesn't depend on me but the best one should win and Santiago has all the requirements to host the competition". The official video is really good. Now that I'm not living in Santiago, it almost made me cry watching my city
  19. I don't think the bid itself is a joke. Clearly, the new city of La Punta is an ambicious project by the governors of San Luis. The joke is that the Argentinean NOC voted for it over Rosario, when it is obvious they can't compete against Santiago or Bogotá (or at least it will be extremely difficult). Just as a small comment, President Piñera talked about the Santiago 2019 PanAm bid in the State of the Nation few weeks ago as a goal of the Chilean government.
  20. I'm sorry but this is probably the most unbelieveable bid ever. A city that was founded 10 years ago and has less than 15,000 inhabitants... I don't know still if this is a joke...
  21. Are you done with your pointless Argentine-phobic rethoric? Can we discuss about the bid? Thanks. PS: And, just FYI, I'm probably moving to Argentina in a few months. Because, yes, I'm stupid and I don't know anything about their economic, political or social situation. I tried to go to Somalia but it was just so stable so I prefered to go to a real adventure....
  22. Oh, wow, Argentina is attacked by the Chilean government that can't even control their own people and the Spanish one that isn't even able to lower the unemployement below 20%. Funny that even the Brazilian governement supported Argentinean one (yes, they should also relatives of Argentina to understand that irrational hate is not a good argument)... because with few exceptions, most of the oil companies are state-owned. Argentina was reverting just an stupid decision made in the irrational wage of neoliberalism in the 90s. Before talking about YPF, you should read something beside opposition newspapers in Argentina or Spanish ones. A good example is this piece on The Guardian (of course, written by someone with relatives from Argentina): http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2012/apr/18/argentina-critics-oil-nationalise I've heard tons of times how every change in Latin American economies will 'upset' the foreign investors, how they will run if we change taxes and we will end in poverty. And you know? Foreign investment has even incresed... even in Argentina. Why? Because even with all that problems, they still earn a lot of money. In fact, it's just plain stupid what Spain is doing upseting Argentina when they are the ones that can lose: Argentina can cut anytime their supply of soja, which represents almost 50% of the Spanish market, or start expropiating several companies like BBVA or Banco Santander; none of those ideas would be 'good' for a governement already in crisis. Argentina is free to choose their own economic and political model, whether we like it or not, and certainly Cristina Fernández is more worried about how to sustain the industrial growth of Argentina than hosting Olympic Games (something Spain should learn perhaps). To be honest, I don't like the protectionism and I prefer the free market economy I have -and I hate going to Buenos Aires and see how cellphones cost the triple than the ones in Santiago because they were produced in Tierra del Fuego instead of being imported from South Korea-... but Argentina is not the first nor the last country with protectionism. Brazil? China? Russia? South Korea, anyone? Is Argentina able to host the Young Games? I think they are, but only if their government is interested in them, exactly what didn't happen in the Copa América, which was an organizational nightmare. At this moment, I haven't seen gestures from the government yet so I'm not really sure if they will happen at the end. To be honest, I don't see sports as a priority for the Argentine gov.
  23. Miami after Toronto... I doubt it.
  24. AFAIK, it is not. Santiago just decided to present the bid earlier as an 'example'. At this moment, yes...
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