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  1. ¡Feliz Navidad para todos!

  2. First, the Copa Sudamericana. Now, defeating UC at their home... closer to the Double Championship. Thanks Universidad de Chile for everthing!

    1. deawebo


      felicidades universidad de chile! :D

    2. KRATK
  3. Uruguay 4-0 Chile. I think we should move to OFC to stop these disgraceful moments

    1. intoronto


      one blowout loss to the defending world cup bronze medalist is not bad. It happens ask Turkey.

    2. KRATK


      Being defeated by Venezuela; then 4-1 to Argentina and then 4-0 to Uruguay. And playing terrible... that's the problem.

    3. intoronto


      Oh I didn't realize the previous results.

  4. Happy birthday Chile!

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Felicitaciones al pueblo hermano de Chile!

    2. KRATK
  5. Chile must change. No more repression, no more government stupidity. ¡Educación pública, libre y gratis para todos los chilenos!

  6. Depressed. First, Chile eliminated and then a killing spree in my subway station

  7. Today I visited the Olympic Museum in Lausanne :D and bought a London 2012 cap, haha

  8. Ready for Berlin :)

  9. One year after the 5th largest earthquake in history... sth I will never forget

  10. Another small earthquake... God, why don't you just leave us alone?

    1. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      I heard it on the radio - I hope you, your family and your friends are alright!

    2. KRATK


      Sorry for not answering...

      Yes, everyone is fine. It wasn't huge to be honest. Just 7.0 Richter. I was in a 7th floor so it was a bit stronger than I usually feel... but it was weird, it was more like a wave, i felt a bit dizzy...

  11. ¡Feliz Navidad a todos! Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. for me, Chilean football is dead. I hope we finish last in next qualifiers.

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