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  1. local coverage of san fran torch relay kntv.com nbc11.com kron.con
  2. Who wants to have a Gamebids party in San Francisco ehen the OTR hits town
  3. I was an usher at the LA Coliseum for LA84 I was the logistics warehouse supervisor for 4 months at Utah Olympic Park during SLC2002 I was chosen to be a torch bearer for Atlanta Paralympics (but couldn't run) and was also a choir member for Paralympic Opening Ceremony Hello fellow Bay Arean, I'm not looking to work just the US portion. I want to see everything. Beijing will be my 9th Games. Also interested in Womens World Cup 2007. I have worked 2 of those so far and I recommend that event highly to all Gamesbidders. How about a Bay Area Gamesbidders get together in SF. We could travel around SF and photograph all the possible sites for the other GBers to enjoy
  4. i would be interested in knowing if anyone on the Gamesbids forums has any information about employment on staff with the Olympic Torch Relay. Any info about BOCOG or torch relay sponsor info would be greatly appreciated. I have attended 8 Games and worked at 2 . i meant to say I worked at 3 Games
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