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  1. Tokyo 2020 marathon course (Tokyo 2020) © Copyright Tokyo 2020 race walking courses (Tokyo 2020) © Copyright The marathon course will take in both modern and traditional districts of the city, starting and finishing at the Olympic Stadium and passing symbolic Tokyo landmarks along the way. These will include the Kaminarimon ("Thunder Gate") in Asakusa, guarded by the deities of wind and thunder; the Imperial Palace, the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan; Ginza's upmarket Chuo Street; the Zojoji temple, with the landmark Tokyo Tower as a backd
  2. CTV released 2 5 Disc Blu-Ray sets after the 2010 Olympics. One for Olympic Events and another one for hockey.
  3. I'm surprised no one has posted or requested the SI medal yet. Here they are: Norway 17-15-10-42 Germany 15-8-12-35 Canada 9-8-13-30 USA 9-10-9-28 France 1-12-5-18 The Netherlands 6-5-6-17 Austria 5-5-6-16 Japan 3-4-7 Sweden 4-5-4-13 South Korea 7-4-1-12 (Should now Korea) Switzerland 6-2-4-12 Italy 4-2-6-12 Russia (OAR) 2-5-4-11 ALPINE SKIING MEN Downhill ● Beat Feuz, Switzerland ● Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway ● Max Franz, Austria Svindal won a medal of every color in 2010. Super-G
  4. Team GB had some major problems getting their luggage once they arrived home. http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2016/08/24/baggage-claim-blunder-british-olympic-team-struggles-with-matching-red-luggage.html
  5. - One medal is awarded for each team member: - 1 Medal for individual events: (Long Jump, Men's Boxing ) - 2 medals for double events, (ie Tennis Men's Doubles, Sync. Diving) - 4+ medals for relays (Swimming: 4x100 IM, Athletics: 4x400m) - 10+ for Team Sports (Handball 15, Football 18, etc) Take Denmark for example Actual Total 2 Gold / 6 Silver / 7 Bronze Distributed Total: 16 G, 10 S, 16 Bronze Gold: Swimming (1), Team Handball (15 Players) = 16 Silver: Individual Events (4), Badminton Doubles (2), Cycling Road Race (4) = 10 Br
  6. The results books for the 2016 Olympics have all been posted. These books might still be updated in the next couple of days. https://www.rio2016.com/en/archery-schedule-and-results-download Their under the 'Featured Reports' section. Right Click, on the Results Book, and then 'Save As' The best way to change sports, is via the Sport Drop Down menu under downloads. Some of the books are huge. The Tennis one is 54MB and over 800 pages, while the Golf one is 152MB, and over 1,000 pages.
  7. Great Britain won gold in 15 different sports, and medal in 19 different sports. USA won gold in 13 different sports, and medal in 22 different sports. China won gold in 10 different sports, and medal in 19 different sports
  8. Combined medal standings from the Summer and Winter Games. - Brazil top medal winner without a Winter Game Medal (18 Medals) Followed by Azerbaijan and New Zealand with 17 Medals - Lativia only country to medal in 2014 Winter Games, but not in 2016 Summer Games Strong Winter Countries: (More than as many Winter medals than Summer) Austria 17 Winter / 1 Summer Norway: 26 Winter / 4 Summer Finland: 5 Winter / 1 Summer Overall 2016 Summer Olympics 2014 Winter Olympics Gold
  9. Ahmed Mohammed finished 5th in the 5000m, was DQ, now Ahmed finished in 4th. The 4th place Ethiopian was DQed.
  10. USA DQ, Canada Wins Bronze, Japan still gets SIlver (Did the USA drop the baton at the finish line?)
  11. From the Newseum These are the front pages from newspapers from South America. http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/?tfp_display=gallery&tfp_region=South You can find front page covers from around the world. The front pages will change daily. If you want to grab covers from Opening Ceremonies grab them before they are updated Sunday morning. (Most likely around 5 am EST)
  12. Not a big deal but, I notice that during TV coverage the races finish on the right side of the TV. I could be wrong, but in almost every previous Olympics Swimming event the swimmers finish on the left side of the TV. I know I won't affect the swimmers, but most TV viewers are familiar in finishing the race of the left side.
  13. I notice the list on Wikipedia is now different that was posted before. Some of the countries are now in different spots. Here is the link to the updated list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Summer_Olympics_Parade_of_Nations Kuwait (between Yemen and India) is now listed as the 'Independent Olympic Participants' and given the IOC code KUW
  14. Greece First: Following by the countries in alphabetical order of the host country (Brazilian Portuguese) Refugee Olympic Athletes (New this year) Brazil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Summer_Olympics_Parade_of_Nations 1 Greece (GRE) 2 Afghanistan (AFG) 3 South Africa (RSA) 4 Albania (ALB) 5 Germany (GER) 6 Andorra (AND) 7 Angola (ANG) 8 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MKD) 9 Antigua and Barbuda (ANT) 10 Saudi Arabia (KSA) 11 Algeria (ALG) 12 Argentina (ARG) 13 Armenia (ARM) 14 Aruba (ARU) 15 Australia (AUS)
  15. Not the SI Picks, but AP http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2016/07/30/2016-rio-olympics-medal-projections/87779154/
  16. Now sure if this has been posted by the Sochi 2014 Official Report is out: https://doc.rero.ch/record/258116?ln=en I don't think Vol 2 is available. Contains Vol. 1 : Sochi bid campaign presentation = Présentation de la candidature de Sotchi Vol. 2 : Sochi 2014 commemorative book = livre commémoratif de Sotchi 2014 Vol. 3 : Olympic and Paralympic Games preparations = Préparation des Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques Vol. 4 : Official results of the Games = Résultats officiels des Jeux (English-French-Russian) Olympic Medals Paralympic Medals
  17. Twitter says it was Los Angeles https://twitter.com/hashtag/LA2024?src=hash Ignore last post, Will be posted at 6:30
  18. The best finish by Argentina in a Winter Olympics was a 4th and 5th place finish during the 1928 4 man-bobsled. Not including Bobsled they never had a top 10 finish. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina_at_the_1928_Winter_Olympics Their Men's hockey team. They lost to Mexcio 18-0. Can you manage if Argentina men's hockey played against Canada's Olympic Team. A Canadian team (not even close to an Olympic Team) beat Argentina 18-0, in the Pan American Ice Hockey Tournament. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Pan_American_Ice_Hockey_Tournament
  19. England has a good chance of making the round of 16. As it stands right now: Costa Rica 1G 3pts +2GD Italy 1G 3pts +1GD Uruguay 2G 3pts -1GD England 2G 0pts -2GD If Italy wins their next 2 games, and England defeats Costa Rica Italy win finish 1st with 9pts and Costa Rica, Uruguay and England will be tie with 3pts Using Goal Difference : Since a win would increase the GD 1 or more , and a lost would decrease GD by 1 or more Costa Rica would have lost 2 games and their GD will drop down from 2 to 0 or lower Uruguay would have lost to Italy and their GD will drop down from -1 to
  20. Houston is prone to hurricanes, such as Ike in 2008.
  21. Google Street View has stadium views of all 12 stadiums
  22. Another non-story on the 2022 games. http://www.theprovince.com/news/Vancouver+ready+another+Olympics/9890296/story.html
  23. One of the conditions for NBC to broadcasting the game, is for the IOC to make sure the premier events are broadcast lived in USA. Even if it means having athletics completing at 4 in the morning in Paris.
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