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  1. im not being hash, im being realistic I would not want to see a Auckland summer games at lest until the 2030’s but a I think that nz should bid for a winter Olympic games. Chile and New Zealand are probably the two most realistic contenders for the first southern hemisphere winter games but I would have to lean towards nz cos: 1. Mt. Hutt has the best powder snow facilities in the SH 2. New Zealand is a highly developed nation and has the 2nd highest GDP per capita in the SH 3. New Zealand has a very stable government and is one of the most safest places to live nowadays probably cos we ar
  2. I think you have it the wrong way around. I reckon it would be really hard to convince the IOC to award a Winter Games down south, but that Auckland would stand a chance to host a Summer Games. Its done a couple of excellent Commonwealth Games, done the Americas Cup, and NZ is in the middle of a tourism boom (due in no small part to The Lord Of The Rings) so hotels shouldn't be a problem. It's probably the best chance Oceania has of getting another OG in the next 50 years (I don't think Australia can get a repeat chance before 2050). I'm not saying it's ready straight away, but a bid from the
  3. I doubt that New Zealand (auckland) could host the SUMMER olympics. the SOG are just to large ofr auckland but when it comes to the WINTER games Im have little doubt in my mine that New Zealand can host a WINTER olympic games. The winter games would do so much for New Zealand and it would put NZ on the world skiing map. I think the SH countries that can host the WOG are: 1st: New Zealand and Chile (both have great skiing, good financing, NZ is a highly developed country and Chile is developing fast, I dont know about Chile but New Zealand has a big skiing culture. 2nd: Australia (they have
  4. auckland would have to nz candidate for a sumer olympic bid i cant belive some one said that wellington could bid. thats like Halifax, Canada biding for the olympic games and id say chirstchurch for the winter games but it dosnt snow much in christchurch but in Mt hutt (near CHCH) it was snowing this summer.
  5. hay guardian have you ever been to new zealand? cos you seem to have no dout that nz can host a games!
  6. well we dont like having winter games in our summer.
  7. it would be so great if nz could host a olympic games winter or summer. but the games would bankrup our nation nz just would not have the money and our population isnt big auckland has only 1.2m and nz has a total population of 4m
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