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  1. I don't think weather would be too much of an issue for Auckland, climate wise it's a bit warmer than Melbourne over the winter months. Would Auckland be a feasible host? No, not yet. The infrastructure just isn't there and I can't see the government justifying the exorbitant price tag that comes with the games anytime soon. Plus Auckland is still quite a smallish city (1.4 million) and NZ is still very under populated. But in saying that, Auckland is the fastest growing city in Australasia, I remember reading in a newspaper that the city is expected to be closing in on 2 million come 2020.
  2. Countries like Canada, Australia, NZ etc. are free and inderpendant in every way. It's just that we share a monarch with the United Kingdom. I fully support New Zealand becoming a republic but I dont want to see it leave the Commonwealth.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure the Chinese were well ahead of schedule a year out of 2008.
  4. Indeed, im starting to get a bit excited about this. Micheal, Matty, Alex and I finally might have some invested interest in a bid race!
  5. oh god and they have just under a year to finish all that? They better pull finger quick!
  6. It's a bit lofty for them to self lable themselves the front runners when the bid races hasn't even formally started. Don't under underestimate Auckland's potential, it's sporting/transport infastructure and international profile is miles ahead of the Gold Coast's, not to mention the fact that an Australian city just hosted the games 3 years ago. Taking jabs at Auckland's harbour and climate (relevance?) seems a tad unprofessional on their part.
  7. for a country full of IT experts it sure has a crappy website layout/desgin. has anybody else noticed the video that starts playing on the website hompage. the ome thats like: "come out, come out, get out and rise." for some reason i heard it as "come out, come out and get arrested"...thought that was quite fitting.
  8. I can't believe how well our team has done, gold in the men's sailboarding, 9 medals so far! I'd be thrilled with one more medal, nice even ten. Double what we got in Athens.
  9. well havent posted in a while but i just had to cause i cant believe how well the nz team is doing in beijing. Tom Ashley has just taken out the men's windsurfing olympic title. 3rd gold for nz, 9th overall. So far, our best result in 20 years and we still have the BMX and kayak finals to come!
  10. Clearly fellow member 'Xu Wen-Ting' was attempting to show is support in his post for the plight of Tibetan inderpendance but has been censored by the Chinese government...it's ok Xu, your two ellipsi say it all
  11. awwwwww the Sasquatch is sooo cute! I'm gettin me a plush toy of him asap
  12. As long as they aint channeling Cirque du Celine...
  13. As long as they aint channeling Cirque du Celine...
  14. I imagine even if Fiji got the green light to re-join the commonwealth, they wouldn't exactly get a warm eception in India with the persercution of ethnic Indians in Fiji.
  15. Air New Zealand has announced that starting in November 2007, it will start flying directly to Vancouver International from Auckland International. Previously all flights between Canada and New Zealand on Air NZ or Air Canada had to stop off in either Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  16. LOL, love the haka by the NZ athletes, cute
  17. oh I wouldnt call it a rivalry, its more like out right hatred
  18. “The Japanese have spent over $2 billion to welcome they’re guest and not a single tax payer has compaind…out loud” – lol I thought that was quite good
  19. Didn't Catalonia try to have it's own NOC reconized by the IOC in the lead up to Barcelona 1992?
  20. very true ok ok it was funny the first time..... and the second time..... and the third....but now its just lame ::
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