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  1. Saw the Kiwi Sky News earlier today and they were reporting on the flood of silvers being won by NZ at the games...any good/bad vibes to be cited from our Aotearoan members? Are New Zealanders happy with the results or not that concerned?

    I don't think people are too fussed, it's quite funny really. Still it would be great if we could get the gold in sevens and the netball. To be honest I think Kiwis are more amped to see Samoa winning 3 golds so far, pretty awesome for them.

    - Also the games have been over shadowed a bit by the local body elections and a few scandals in the media.

  2. Just wondering Stevie. Do any of the schools in the alpine districts, or even close to the snow like Dunedin or Christchurch, offer winter sports in their sports curriculums?

    Yea they do and not just in the alpine district. My high school did and I grew up in hamilton. An indrustrial agricultural city and not a mountain in sight!

    I actually seriously think NZ should have a honest go at nabbing the Youth Winter Games. The regular Winter games are realistically just a pipe dream at present, but who knows what a successful WYOGs could spark? And the old seasonable problem may not be such a negating issue for those.

    Yes a good idea indeed. Plus we have the NZ International Winter Games in Queenstown to look forward to biannually and got crazy amounts of media coverage last year.

    Build a ski cross course in Cardrona.

    Cardrona is more suited to nordic skiing. Treble Cone in Wanaka is where most of the northern hemisphere powerhouses are based during their summer/our winter season.

  3. Isn't something comparable to the AIS in New Zealand?

    Yes, the NZAC (nz academy of sport) which has been extremely successful since its inception in 2001 but the vast majority of its funding goes to sports of national significance (i.e. rugby, netball, cycling, triathlon, sailing, rowing, kayaking, equestrian and athletics). There is a winter sports wing of the academy but its very amateurish.

    Anyway, I dont want to use this thread whinge about NZs performance. Australians should be extremely proud of their athletes. They truly are a great sporting nation and Ive always (as I think most kiwis do) really admired them for it. But Ive said it before and Ill say it again…build a bobsled run or a ski jump in queenstown and every true blooded adrenaline junkie kiwi will be lining up to throw themselves down it.

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  4. Wouldn't be so down on them Stevie...you gets what you pay for, and what you have as a starting pool of talent. Sad to say NZOC have failed to maximize either.

    What all NOC's like NZ (as shown by Australia) need to do when trying to crack the traditional powerhouses of Winter Sports is pick one or maybe two sports and pump in the dosh and talent cultivation there. Korea does this with short (and now long) track speed skating, Australia in freestyle skiing, Britain in skeleton, China in speed skating and aerials etc etc.

    Considering NZ's traditions in short track speed skating and alpine skiing, perhaps that's where the NZOC need to target the Kiwi winter Olympic program.

    I'm not getting down on kiwi athletes, I am so proud of our team. The fact that they put everything they have into their sport, cobble together what little funding they can, sleep on floors, borrow used equipment etc just to compete is really something inspirational. I’m upset with SPARC (NZ’s government sports funding agency) for not being consistent on funding allocations between the summer and winter games according to performance.

    Honestly, EVERYBODY in NZ skis/snowboards recreationally, curling is extremely popular in the South Island and Sliding sports? Come on! We are kiwis, we live for adrenaline sports! NZ consistently punches above its weight at the summer games but we treat our winter athlete with a complete lack of professionalism. We need a high performance development program, greater equity in funding for Olympics sport across the winter and summer games.

    The northern hemisphere is utilizing our alpine environment more than we are…we have to step up!

  5. Congratulations, Australia -- congratulations Torah! There's no need to deny it -- Australia is becoming a winter sports nation. If you look to other countries in the Southern Hemisphere, you see that it's really not self-evident that a Southern country wins at least one medal in every edition of the Winter Games. Especially not if it has at least one Olympic Champion in each edition.

    You have the AIS (australian institute of sport) to thank for that. They have one of the best high performance development programs in the world and australia's consistency at the winter games speak for itself. Well done Australia.

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  6. This thread hasn't seen a post in four years, but I decided to bring this matter forward. Something just came up on my mind and I think a redeveloped Adelaide Oval should be the main stadium for an Auckland Commonwealth Games. Auckland needs a 40-60K stadium if it wants to host a Commonwealth Games. Auckland also has a few other facilities, such as the Entertainment Centre, the Distinctive Homes Dome, and the Memorial Drive Tennis Centre. But I was thinking about letting Perth host the next Australian Commonwealth Games before Auckland does.

    Do you mean Adelaide or Auckland? Two different cities in two different countries.

  7. Why should you, New Zealand punches well above their weight in the sports world, just because you all are rubbish at winter sport shouldn't make you embarrassed. If I was a Kiwi I would be proud of the sporting accomplishments of the 4 million population, irregardless of how well/badly they do over the course of the entire spectrum of sports competition.

    Don't get me wrong, I am extremely proud of my country’s sporting achievements at the Olympic level, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept mediocrity when it comes to the winter games. I’m not saying NZ should be topping the medal table but the fact that I can count on one hand the number of times NZ has either came close to or medalled in an event at the winter games is disgraceful. The fact is winter sports don’t receive the proportional funding by our governments sporting body that they should and therefore we continually see our athletes not fulfilling their potential, with not sign of general improvement.

    I’m good friends with Ben Sanford, NZ’s top skeleton racer. Ben came in 10th place at the finals in Torino, yet he gets less than half the funding than a kiwi athletes who placed 12th-16th at Beijing would. This guy is NZ’s finest male winter athlete yet he’s still unfairly dismissed by NZ sports funding agency. It’s a common story among winter athletes in NZ.

    That’s what I’m embarrassed about.

    Annelise Coberger?

    My point exactly. 1 silver medal + plus a couple of 4th places in short tack in 1992/1994.

  8. Oceania

    • Brisbane… with Beijing's budget to fix the public transport and accommodation situation, maybe.

    • Would Auckland be feasible? How's the weather?

    I don't think weather would be too much of an issue for Auckland, climate wise it's a bit warmer than Melbourne over the winter months.

    Would Auckland be a feasible host? No, not yet. The infrastructure just isn't there and I can't see the government justifying the exorbitant price tag that comes with the games anytime soon. Plus Auckland is still quite a smallish city (1.4 million) and NZ is still very under populated. But in saying that, Auckland is the fastest growing city in Australasia, I remember reading in a newspaper that the city is expected to be closing in on 2 million come 2020. Who knows? Anythings possible with time.

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