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  1. Soooooo proud of how well our team has done these games. Completely exceeded all expectations!
  2. Haha thanks mate, back in NZ. Been in Auckland for a couple of years now.
  3. What a race! To go from 4th to 1st in 500m was a pretty epic achievement.
  4. I've spent most of friday and the weekend vulunteering at Auckland airport translating for Japanese tourist and students. There was a group of NSW police and US civil defence officers who came through on transit to Christchurch and the whole terminal erupted into cheers and applause. It was really quite moving.
  5. Earthquakes are quite commmon here in NZ but this one in Christchurch has occured on a hidden fault line which was unknown of until the quake in september last year. However becasue NZ is so sparsely outside of Auckland, deaths are quite uncommon. We've been expecting 'the big one' for ages but everyone expected it to be in Wellington due to it being built directly on the Ohariu fault line. 75 confirmed dead. 300 still missing.
  6. holy f#ck, PM just put death toll at 65!
  7. Pifft, like thats going to stop me.
  8. God, the more the infomation comes in the more tragic this appears. The TV is urging people all over the country to go give blood, just about to head up to the local hosptial to book in to donate.
  9. Kevin Rudd was just on TVNZ. multiple fatalities confirmed.
  10. Civil defence minister just said there are unconfirmed fatalities.
  11. Whoa ok, TV is showing pictures of whole office buildings having come down. Reports of bodies being removed. ****!
  12. Another huge quake just hit Christchurch, measured 6.3 and much more shallow and close to the city than the intial quake. Apparently buildings have come down.
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