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  1. DPRK enters. The presidential box on it's feet, including an American who I don't recognize.
  2. Cbc is cheating. Not live. Delayed to squeeze in commercials but not skip stuff.
  3. Well there you have it. A strong Swedish team beat an unusually off Korean team to capture gold. I was hoping Korea would won at home, but still pretty amazing top cine in second. King of Sweden was there, but the CBC commentators didn't say anything- I don't think they know who he is.
  4. Norwegian Mixed Doubles officially awarded bronze! Don't know if there was a ceremony https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/cn/game-time/results/OWG2018/en/curling/athlete-profile-n3024298-magnus-nedregotten.htm
  5. Well *I* feel bad for Eve. Tough to win a bronze at the last Olympics and want to improve, only to come in 4th place. 4th is the worst! There will be no Canadian team and 2 Asian team on Women's podium. On the men's side, I woke up the news that the Americans won gold?!?! They scored 5 (five!) in the eight end. I didn't catch them in the video but King Gustav of Sweden and Ivanka Trump were in attendance.
  6. Golden showers! Brady Lehman wins in ski cross!
  7. Wow. Canada is out of women's tournament! Team GB is in! When did Korea get so good?
  8. Virtue and Moir beat Papadakis and Cizeron by less than one point! Had Papadakis not had problems with her wardrobe they might have taken away the gold medal!
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