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  1. Stunning photos Mr.X I know I will most definately enjoy taking in the view of Stanly Park and the North Shore that will be offered by those enormous windows... Although the glass appears to have a blue tint to it in some of the renderings... I wonder if this is done to simply achieve a 'glass' effect in the diagrams, or if it will indeed be coloured. oh... and I found a picture that I found may be pertinent to this discussion... I know thats advice I think I'll follow from here on in...
  2. While I ignore your pathetic north american slang (like who still uses the word soda… so lame) I’m sorry if your life is so incomplete and empty that you have to fill the void by going around abusing people via the internet… Shows how little of a person you are. I may be in the same boat. And with your comments about certain topics, it seems that I’m not the only one who lives in a “soda” can. boo-ya No no no, you have it all wrong... You are forgetting that he is a far superior intellect than all of us. You live in a soda can, he has decreed- be it so... Also, add soda to your vocabulary, lest you seem uneducated... Kerry reminds me a lot of wobbly headed bob: "Yes, magnificent, is it not? You are marvelling at the awsome force of brain that is my head, yes? Difficult to believe is it not, that the mind within is even mightier. Seems absurd for genius such as mine to be the product of random events doesn't it? And yet, my faith in some master artisian wavers now. For what form of superior being concieves of a design such as my own, only to have its power lost on those who look upon it? I am not heard. Screaming in a crowd, but no heads turn to understand. Doomed by my very gift." 'Wobbly Headed Bob' JtHM- Jhonen Vasquez
  3. I heard something about the Convention Centre using a lot of exposed wood as part of its interior design (much like Central City)... Some Pics of Central City (Highlighting the Wood Element) Before Kerry decides to go off on some sort of rant about how ugly western wood is and how an international city would used only Brazillian Mohogany, I feel it is important to add that Surrey's Centre City is amazing! The wood adds so much to the experience...
  4. Here's an image of part of PPG Place Pittsburg Plate Glass Place Its also in the image that DeathStarTrench posted
  5. The same type of "higher calibre intelligence" that resorts to name calling on a public forum... Oh I bow down to your spoon bending mental capacity. Here's an analogy: I like PPG Place, quite frankly, I think it is one of the most architecturally stunning towers built since the Chrysler Building. Many people agree with me, maybe not to the same extent, but they do agree it is great architecture. Many people disagree with me. Do you see me going around and attempting to belittle people for their difference in opinion? no! Why? Because I have the mental capacity to understand that it brings NOTHING to the table. We understand you do not like it, we accept that you do not like, heck, we even live our daily lives knowing that there are many people like you that have the same opinion. You are not the be all and end all, especially when opinion comes into play. There are 2.2 million other opinions in the lower mainland equally as important as yours... Although I'm not even sure your from the lower mainland, so there might be 2.2 million opinions more important than yours... And if you must continue your childish rants about how horrible this is, could you at least instill the tact that people such as DeathStarTrench... I find nothing objectioable about his post and accept it as an informed and mature opinion...
  6. Speaking of buildings that are aestecially unappealing, that should have never been built... Were there not people who said the exact same thing about the Eiffel Tower (to the point that it was almost taken down after the worlds fair)... Now, I'm not stupid, and I realise that comparing this stucture to the Eiffel Tower is laughable, but just think if the naysayers had won... I guess what I'm trying to say is that "At the end of the day" (as you put it) you're opinion means nothing to me. I like the building. Mr X likes the building. Many other people (as proven by polls) like it. Accept this and move on. Instead of whining like a baby because someone disagrees with you, try posting something productive... Maybe about all the great opertunities Vancouver will now have due to the increased convention facility size... And if you really feel so strongly that this building is going to ruin Vancouver forever and ever and ever (who knows, maybe the IOC will give the Olympics to Salzburg because of this eyesore :wink: ) then write to politicans, newspapers, or somewhere where your opinion is more likely to be heard by someone who is actually able to change something...
  7. Personally, I like the way the greenspace along coal harbour melds into the roof... Not to mention, that I heard rumour that they were going to use a lot of exposed cedar (a la Bing Thom's Surrey masterpiece) for the structural supports... (wheres the drool smiley when you need it) Let's face it kerrybymoonlight, your opinion obviously differs greatly from mine (as well as MrX), but that doesn't mean you are the only opinion that matters... Some people prefer the praries, some prefer the mountains... Some like bushes ontop of buildings... And telling us were stupid for it is far far from productive... Just accept that we like different things and let that be the end of it all...
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