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  1. Well the timezone does suck for North Americans where the majority of the IOC's television contract $$$ is coming from. But I agree that Beijing shouldn't change it's schedule for TV stations. We'll all have to adjust to it even though NBC's Olympic ratings might suffer.
  2. I bet you wouldn't have the balls to tell me to **** off in person.
  3. When has Finance been your major little one? Pulling numbers out of your ass
  4. That's good news for the NHL players. They don't have to adjust to the international ice size.
  5. I'm just curious, does Vancouver have an underground subway line? If there isn't, is there any plans of one in the distant future?
  6. I hope Nelly Furtado gets integrated into it somehow. I would actually prefer her over Avril Lavigne. Nelly is very popular in Europe especially Portugal and Italy. She's also got a new disc dropping this year.
  7. She's not the best choice but we should make the best out of it. All this whinning and complaining is getting quite sickening actually. After all she is Canadian and I'm sure she feels really proud to represent Canada at the Torino Closing Ceremony. We all should support her, remember the Olympics are supposed to bring the people of the world together to enjoy diverse culture and sport.
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