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  1. 10 hours ago, intoronto said:

    Canada would likely start in Vancouver. Toronto's stadium is going to be one of the smallest (if not, the smallest) so it won't be used I think for a Canada game.

    Though the Toronto Star did raise a possibility of a new stadium.

    This does give us a reason to build a new stadium that can be used as the centre piece for a 2028 Olympics as the article stated. I imagine those groups who previously tried to secure an NFL team a couple years ago would go at it again if stadium plans begin. It's all speculation now.

  2. I'm shocked that a joint 3-way bid is actually going to happen. I'm having conflicting feelings on this. On one side, I'm thinking I would rather be greedy and bid solo with a chance to host it by ourselves. But on the other hand, I have a feeling that FIFA would award this 3-way bid which atleast would give Canada a hosting gig and possibly a brand new stadium.

    Logistics may be challenging. I'd love to see their plan on that.

  3. 6 minutes ago, intoronto said:

    Canada has the same amount of gold/silver (7) it had in London, with more bronze. So our conversion rate is better. OTP might be helping as well, but a 3 medal improvement might be seen as a disappointment behind closed doors. Also 9!! finishes that were 4th in events such as swimming, or one win away from a guaranteed medal (combative sports). 

    I hope the investments in Swimming and Athletics increase after the performance at these games. This is where the bulk of the medals are. Penny Oleksiak and Andre de Grasse will be gold medal favourites come time for Tokyo 2020. And the great thing is they're so young and have lots of years ahead of them. Hopefully the male swimmers will fully develop and medal the next games.

  4. A new Canadian Olympic star is born. I never expected Canada to do so well in the pool. All these medals are bonus as no one predicted us to medal in the pool. Canada should surpass its medal total from London, or dare I say surpass Atlanta 1996 (22 medals).

    Faster, your probably the best person to ask this. How many legitimate medal chances are left?

  5. It would have been exciting to see Toronto enter the race but no one can fault John Tory for saying No at this time considering the tight time constraints. Had city council continued the study in 2014 instead of voting it down it would have been a different story now. Considering the city went through all this the past couple months, we can safely assume Toronto will be back for 2028.

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  6. Toronto NOT bidding for 2024:


    Guess we'll come back here in the run up to 2028! Allez Paris 2024!

    Let's see how Los Angeles pans out. I still don't think they'll win but you never know. If LA comes back for 2028 they'll probably be considered the front runners as its due to come back to North America and they bid for 2024. Toronto will be a not too far second

  7. Aubut confirms commitment to Toronto. The COC is pursuing a Summer Olympics and won't allow a Calgary or Quebec City Winter Olympic bid interfere.



    Should Toronto decide to bid for the 2024 Summer Games, Marcel Aubut says other Canadian cities interested in hosting a Winter Olympic Games should take a step back for the greater good.

    Both Quebec City and Calgary are rumoured to be considering bids for 2026.

    “It’s not possible anymore to have two cities bidding — one for summer and one for winter,” the Canadian Olympic Committee president said Tuesday. “This is just impossible. This is crazy. We have to get 100% focus on one. Not only the organizing committee, or the bid committee, but everybody in the country should be focused on one.”

    If Canada splits time, energy and resources by going after two Olympic Games, Aubut warns it risks losing out on both.

    “You don’t beat them with two cities — one in winter and one in summer trying to get the best of all of it,” he said. “You will never get anything ... It’s not only Toronto but it’s Canada, bidding for getting the Summer Games. We’ve had two Winter (Games) before. It’s time for the east part of the country and time for Toronto and time for summer sport.”

    Montreal is the last Canadian city to host a Summer Olympics in 1976. Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Calgary (1988) and Vancouver (2010.

  8. I would think gymnastics, at least artistic and trampoline, would be held in the Air Canada Centre along with basketball. Keep rhythmic gymnastics in the Direct Energy Centre. The biggest problem though venue wise is going to be the main stadium. What team needs an 80,000+ stadium in Toronto? Forget about the NFL too, that is unless the Buffalo Bills or Jacksonville Jaguars decide to pack up and move though with the new Bills ownership there's a renewed commitment to keeping them in Buffalo.

    The Jays come to mind as permanent tenants of the new stadium. It's well known they want a new home, baseball purpose stadium with grass. It will obviously have to be re-purposed for baseball afterwards.

  9. Video of CBC interview with Marcel Aubut: Will Toronto make a bid to host 2024 Olympics?

    Marcel Aubut, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, speaks with CBC News Heather Hiscox, as the deadline looms

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  10. I highly doubt that most of them could be expanded to accommodate Olympic capacity requirements. Toronto would have to build quite a bit from scratch, similar to Rio for 2016. I don't doubt the ability of Toronto to do so, but I don't believe that the public would support the Olympics with all the necessary construction needed to be done. And right now, the IOC is taking consideration bringing down cost more than ever.

    This article doesn't specify how much the Aquatic Centre can be expanded to but it does confirm it can be expanded from its 6,000 seat capacity.

    Quote from a news article. The Aquatic Centre capacity can be expanded.

    The shiny new Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatic Centre and Field House is world-class and can expand its 6,000-seat capacity.

  11. I see two issues.

    1) You've mostly listed the easy venues. I can make a comparable list for cities like Stockholm or Minneapolis that are simply too small to ever host the current bloated version of the Olympics. The issues Toronto hasn't figured out are the most important ones; the athletics stadium, aquatics center, a second big arena for gymnastics (I seriously doubt you could fit a 15,000 capacity arena in the convention center), etc.

    2) The sporting federations are going to raise hell about the size and facilities of many of the Pan-American venues. The velodrome in Milton, for example, would likely be the smallest in the history of the Olympics. (I can't find data for all of the early Olympic velodromes.) Toronto is going to have a hard time convincing the sporting federations to vote for them with small venues in its suburbs.

    I want the IOC to vote for a modest plan in a democratic, international city like Toronto. I just don't think they will. A project with 1) many temporary venues, and 2) many venues half the size of those in Beijing, London and Rio would seem to have little chance of winning a highly contested race.

    Looking at the 2008 bid, Gymnastics was supposed to be in the Direct Energy Centre. I doubt things would change this time around. As for the seating capacity of some of the Pan Am facilities, I agree with you it will be a hard sell if they're kept at the current capacities. As I've mentioned earlier, the veledrome and Aquatics centre would need to be retrofitted. Realistically, I see another new Aquatic centre as part of this bid. The Scarborough Aquatic centre will be used for Water polo.

  12. Some information I'm getting from urbantoronto. One of the guys is quite trustworthy. And he's one of the people who mentioned that the bid would be announced Tuesday

    Who told you about the Tuesday announcement?

    With a brand new administration, it's taken me almost a year to gain new contacts. I'm sure you'll understand that I'll provide news to UrbanToronto without outing who's tipping it. You're free to question whether those tips are trustworthy or not. Go back a few pages and you'll find that I laid out the timeline which is now coming to fruition.

    and someone else from UT. Seems to talk like he/she knows what's going down.

    This is just like the night before nominations cut off for the mayoral race. We all knew what Ford was going to do but the press played it like a bombshell...

    The bid letter needs to be signed by four people: Aubut (yes), Tory (yes), Wynne(?) and feds (can't until after Oct 19 so will get a pass). Therefore the announcement tomorrow is either that bid is a go, or that Wynne would support a bid should the city choose to proceed (and then have a formal celebration announcement later this week). There's no way that the press conference will be anything other than on the bid, so if there is a non-Olympic reason given expect a placed question from the press that lets her signal approval.

    Expect more of the "just an expression of interest" language etc...

    Don't forget that this is really Bob Richardson's bid - he was the man behind telling Tory to run for mayor and is a major internal force in the Liberal party. He's the guy who recruited Kouvalis to the Tory team, and who has been leading the TO2024 bid since 2011. What you have here is a master class in politics played by grownups.

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