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  1. Actually, the Festivals were very popular and successful. Every one made a profit with the money funneled into local sports programs. Then the NGBs decided they wanted to "control" their athletes and host their own events. As in many ventures, when groups go out on their own, they usually fail. The reason the Festivals were discontinued were some of the NGBs were unwilling to support the Festivals in favor of their own ventures. In the end, everyone lost. As far as the YOG, well, I think that was an ill-fated attempt to pump up the countries who have every little medal success in the Games. In fact, the USA sent very few athletes to compete, and some USA NGBs sent no athletes. As in anything, money is the motiviating factor. Look at LA84. They were the first Games to make a profit. Now everyone jumps in thinking they can make money and improved their city/country situation off the Olympic dollar. In fact, without the USA and its TV contract, everyone would have trouble making any Games a success. Thanks for your comment.

    Just as the IOC fended off the USOC's attempts at having its own "Olympics" channel, I imagine the USOC did NOT return the favor by sharing its experience with its Olympic Festivals...which I liken to the new YOGs...and the short-lived success/failure it had with it.

  2. Sir Rols: The USOC, when Bill Hybl was President of the USOC, tried to remarket the Festivals with the US Olympic Cup. The only one held was in Atlanta. I have posted some information on it previously in this thread. It seems the USOC os going in a different direction now and leaving most of the off-Olympic year events to the NGBs, which is a s shame. The Festivals were a great event to bring the Olympics (and their ideals) to the average American. Thanks again for your comment.

    I';d never heard of the US Olympic festivals till I joined the board here, but I've seen over the years that there's a LOT of fond memories of it among so many Americans. Perhaps someone should start a campaign to the USOC to get them to restart it?

  3. I had the pleasure of coordinating the 1985 National Sports Festival (Baton Rouge) Torch Relay that began at Pikes Peak, stopped in Houston to tout the 1986 Olympic Festival there, and after arriving in Vinton, Louisiana, took the torch throughout the state arriving eventually in Tiger Stadium.

    Because of our success on a shoestring I also had the opportunity to direct the runs in Texas in 1986, titled a Run Through Texas History (it was also Texas' sesquitennial)that ended in the Astrodome, and in 1987 from "Manteo to Murphy" for the '87 Olympic Festival (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill)where we finally arrived in Carter Finley Stadium.

    This three year period was one of my most enjoyable event planning and management experiences of my career. I loved the states that I worked in and the many thousands of runners and the hundreds of communities we ran through produced lifelong friends and lifelong memories.

    You did a fine job on all three relays (I attended all three). In fact, my daughter, who was 9 years old at the time, carried the torch in the 1986 US Olympic Festival Torch Run and handed it off to the next runner in front of the San Jacinto Monument (at the top of the reflecting pond). It was a great experience for her and our family. I wish the USOC would reinstate the Olympic Festivals, or a somewhat similar event. It would so wonders for the domestic Olympic image.

    I volunteered for the 1986 Olympic Festival in Houston as a driver for members of the USOC. It was a blast! I also got to meet several well-known olympians. I'm sorry the games are not held any more as it was a great experience for the athletics in prep for the real Olympic events. Great memories from this event!

    Thanks for the post. It is hard to believe that the Festival in Houston was 24 years ago.

  4. I don't think events need to be multi sport to necessarily gain attention - the problem with multi sport events is they are expensive and are limited in where they can be held. Individual sports events might be a better way of raising participation as they are likely to reach more people.

    Single or similar sports multi-events festivals may be the way to go. The USOC and other sports groups need to get back to hosting these events. The NCAA held the Winter and Spring Division 2 Festival here in the past year, and the attendance was okay, but nothing close to the crowds they got during Olympic Festivals. Hopefully they will come up with something. It is a nitch that needs to be filled.

  5. Texsportpub any grassroots based Olympic event has to be a good thing - lets hope they reinstate something soon - although I guess the financial climate won't help pay for it.

    Yes, the financial situation would make it difficult, but sponsorship money is always out there. The financial market here in Texas is not so bad. Except for gas prices, things are pretty stable and building is going on all over the area. We usually have 2-3 national and Olympic level events in the area every year. They never have trouble finding sponsors and as I stated earlier, sponsorship money will always be there. However, the competition for said money will be greater. More grassroots programs are needed. I was surprised with the IOC came forth with the idea of the Youth Olympics, which should enhance the visibility of the Games and the movement. I attended the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 2004 and 2005, as a coach and a journalist. They are, as far as I know, the only complete multi-sport games in the United States. The World Scholar-Athlete Games and their domestic version, the United States Scholar-Athlete Games are contested every four years, but the participation is limited to certain sports and participation is stressed more than competition. In any case, the United States needs to come up with something to keep interest high and eyes focused on the Games and its movement.

  6. It really depends on the importance of the particular Olympics. Barcelona had like a dozen heads of state attending (including Castro and that Nicaragaun guy) because they had just concluded (and PURPOSELY TIMED IT THAT WAY) a summit of all Hispanic-speaking nations in Madrid two days before the Barcelona Opening -- and just so they could have that many number of heads of state come to the Barcelona Opening.

    It is REALLY NOT COMPELLING for someone of Barack's stature and schedule to have to attend Vancouver especially because the Winter Games are NOT as universal as the Summer Games. The Winter Games are the white countries' bailwick...that is so obvious. Occasionally, a Kenya or a Jamaica will make a token appearance but it does NOT make the Winter Games as UNIVERSAL as a SUmmer Games -- so why should a sitting U.S. president attend a foreign Winter Games when 2002 was the only time an incumbent U.S. president graced a Winter Opening? :blink:

    Good Point, but BHO can be expected to do the unexpected, if he thinks it will benefit him and his. If he thinks it will enhance his image and/or the image of his agenda, he may think Vancouver is the place to be on February 12, 2010.

  7. Vancouver happens 5 MONTHS after the 2016 vote...so Barack's appearance or NON-appearance in Vancouver is really a NON-ISSUE. Jeez!!

    Good point. The dates did not even occur to me. I guess one might think that the rumor that he may attend might help the Chicago. As you point out, his attendance in Van couver will be a moot point as fara s Chciago goes. In any case BHO does not do anything unless it helps him and his. Thanks for clearing up the dates for me (and everyone else).

  8. Even though it's not 2010, here is something I scored today at the local Value Village for $3.99:

    it's the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games Coca Cola Mascot Pin set! It does need some "restoration" work. The front plastic is a little dusty and scratched and the frame is separating a little bit. Also, a number of the pins have "yellowed" over the years. There's only three in the set that are still nice and white. I have a couple loose pins from this set and they too have yellowed. It's hard to find ones that haven't discoloured over the years. For 20 pins you can't beat a price of $3.99! I'm hoping we get some sets like this for 2010.



    Congrats on the find. One cannot beat a price like that. Are you planning on using the pins set for your collection or are your going to break it apart for traders? I have done both on inexpensive frames sets I have found at flea markets, EBay, etc. The old pins can be used as traders and as "extras" when someone whats an extra pin to make a trade.

  9. I attended the National Sports Festival in Baton Rouge (1985) and US Olympic Festival in Houston (1986) as a spectator. In 1987 (North Carolina), I had VIP credentials from the Greater Houston Sports Foundation and in 1989 (Oklahoma City), I attended with Official Observer credentials (also from the Greater Houston Sports Foundation). Having credentials sure gives one a different perspective of the Games. After that, the remaining Festivals, (1990: Minneapolis, 1991: Los Angeles, 1993: San Antonio, 1994: St. Louis, and 1995: Denver), I worked as a reporter-journalist for various publications covering the Festivals.

    They were great events and I wish the USOC would reinstitute something similar in off-Olympic years. There was an abundance of ideas for stories and I never had trouble finding a story line to write about.

    The USOC needs to go back to the basics in promoting the games. Events such as the National Sport Festival-U.S. Olympic Festival gave the grassroots fan a chance to see Olympic caliber-Olympic hopefuls. Many of said fans will never have a chance to attend a Summer or Winter Olympics and events similar to the Festivals would be a great chance to promote the Olympics and make many more people a fan.

  10. Well, when a nation, like America, is the powerhouse of the Olympiad, I think the upcoming American Olympians have enough things to worry about as it is. However, it was a great idea for the USOC to have these national Games, like the way Canada does with its Canada Games.

    Guardian: yes, I agree. The USOC has agreat deal to deal with. However they should try to support more of these type of events. With corporate money out there, even having a small version of these Games every year could keep their Olympic athletes in the public eye more often than every foru years.

  11. Does anyone here remember the National Olympic Festival (1978-1985) and the US Olympic Festival (1986-1995)? They were a great off-Olympic year event and did give a great many Olympic level athletics a jump on their Olympic careers.

    Please post if you attended any of them and what your feeling about them were.

    I attended every Festival from 1985 until 1995.

    1978: Colorado Springs, CO

    1979: Colorado Springs, CO

    1981: Syracuse, N.Y

    1982: Indianapolis, IN

    1983: Colorado Springs, CO

    1985: Baton Rouge, LA

    1986: Houston, TX

    1987: Releigh-Durham, NC

    1989: Okalhoma City-Norman, OK

    1990: Minneapolis, MN

    1991: Loa Angeles, CA

    1993: San Antonio, TX

    1994: St. Louis, MO

    1995: Denver-Colorado Springs, CO

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