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  1. I do not think there will be a conflict between Tokyo 2020-plus 1 and Birmingham 2021. There are few athletes and no sports that I am aware of that will be contested in both Games. 021,
  2. Does anyone know of any post-Rio tours by athletes and teams in the United States? I know the Final Five are doing the 2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions on September 15 through November 1. Are there any others? Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you. I was so looking forward to watching it tonight after Closing Ceremonies.
  4. Is the Olympic Channel up as of yet? All I get is an error on my computer. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Actually, the Festivals were very popular and successful. Every one made a profit with the money funneled into local sports programs. Then the NGBs decided they wanted to "control" their athletes and host their own events. As in many ventures, when groups go out on their own, they usually fail. The reason the Festivals were discontinued were some of the NGBs were unwilling to support the Festivals in favor of their own ventures. In the end, everyone lost. As far as the YOG, well, I think that was an ill-fated attempt to pump up the countries who have every little medal success in the Games. In fact, the USA sent very few athletes to compete, and some USA NGBs sent no athletes. As in anything, money is the motiviating factor. Look at LA84. They were the first Games to make a profit. Now everyone jumps in thinking they can make money and improved their city/country situation off the Olympic dollar. In fact, without the USA and its TV contract, everyone would have trouble making any Games a success. Thanks for your comment.
  6. Sir Rols: The USOC, when Bill Hybl was President of the USOC, tried to remarket the Festivals with the US Olympic Cup. The only one held was in Atlanta. I have posted some information on it previously in this thread. It seems the USOC os going in a different direction now and leaving most of the off-Olympic year events to the NGBs, which is a s shame. The Festivals were a great event to bring the Olympics (and their ideals) to the average American. Thanks again for your comment.
  7. David, thank you for the response. The Opening Ceremonies were good. I also have the fiber optic flashlight, but I do not remember which box it is stored in. I did go to the velorome but I did not take any photos. I had media credentials for that Festival and got to see Shaquille O'Neal lead the South Team to the gold medal. He had just finished his freshman year at LSU. It is a shame the USOC does not have events like this anymore. Take care and keep reading and posting on this forum.
  8. You did a fine job on all three relays (I attended all three). In fact, my daughter, who was 9 years old at the time, carried the torch in the 1986 US Olympic Festival Torch Run and handed it off to the next runner in front of the San Jacinto Monument (at the top of the reflecting pond). It was a great experience for her and our family. I wish the USOC would reinstate the Olympic Festivals, or a somewhat similar event. It would so wonders for the domestic Olympic image. Thanks for the post. It is hard to believe that the Festival in Houston was 24 years ago.
  9. I think we need to go back to the era of Jim McKay and the ABC broadcast of the Olympics. I have always felt that NBCs coverage of the Games was subpar at best.
  10. Thanks for replying to my post. What sport did you compete? Perhaps I saw you compete.
  11. Does anyone know if there are any Olympic related events going on in Vancouver during the last part of November 2009 (November 21-29). I will be in Vancouver during that time and wonder of anything will be going on? Thanks in advance.
  12. Single or similar sports multi-events festivals may be the way to go. The USOC and other sports groups need to get back to hosting these events. The NCAA held the Winter and Spring Division 2 Festival here in the past year, and the attendance was okay, but nothing close to the crowds they got during Olympic Festivals. Hopefully they will come up with something. It is a nitch that needs to be filled.
  13. Yes, the financial situation would make it difficult, but sponsorship money is always out there. The financial market here in Texas is not so bad. Except for gas prices, things are pretty stable and building is going on all over the area. We usually have 2-3 national and Olympic level events in the area every year. They never have trouble finding sponsors and as I stated earlier, sponsorship money will always be there. However, the competition for said money will be greater. More grassroots programs are needed. I was surprised with the IOC came forth with the idea of the Youth Olympics, which should enhance the visibility of the Games and the movement. I attended the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 2004 and 2005, as a coach and a journalist. They are, as far as I know, the only complete multi-sport games in the United States. The World Scholar-Athlete Games and their domestic version, the United States Scholar-Athlete Games are contested every four years, but the participation is limited to certain sports and participation is stressed more than competition. In any case, the United States needs to come up with something to keep interest high and eyes focused on the Games and its movement.
  14. Good Point, but BHO can be expected to do the unexpected, if he thinks it will benefit him and his. If he thinks it will enhance his image and/or the image of his agenda, he may think Vancouver is the place to be on February 12, 2010.
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